Wyoming drivers ed classes offer students a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a motor vehicle on state roads. Drivers education is required for teens younger than 17 years of age applying for an unrestricted WY driving license. Driving classes are offered at school districts located throughout Wyoming.

Benefits of Taking Drivers Education Courses

Wyoming driver education benefits include the following:

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Drivers Education Course Insurance Discounts

Drivers ed insurance discounts in WY are available to qualifying residents. To receive a driving school insurance discount, applicants must get prior approval from their car coverage provider. Contact a representative of your vehicle insurance company today to find out if you qualify for a safe driver discount.

Wyoming Drivers Ed Curriculum

Driver education courses approved by the Wyoming Department of Education are certified to provide teens with knowledge on the fundamental aspects of driving such as:

  • Defensive driving skills.
  • DUI regulations.
  • Idaho traffic laws.
  • Road rules.

Enrolling in Drivers Education Courses

How to Enroll in Drivers Ed

Enrolling in drivers ed in WY is simple. Teen driving classes are offered at many high schools located throughout the state. For acceptance into a driver education program, a student must apply through his or her local school district.

Enroll in an Online Drivers Ed course today!

Online Wyoming Driver Ed vs. in Person

Residents who sign up for driver education online classes may qualify for a discount on their auto insurance. Teen driving lessons completed at local high schools qualify participating students to apply for an unrestricted driver’s license following their successful completion of the course.

Cost of Drivers Ed in Wyoming

The cost of a drivers education is set by the provider of the course. To find out the price of drivers ed in your area, contact your local school district.

Wyoming Drivers Ed Requirements and Eligibility

Drivers ed is required for residents who have reached 16 years and six months of age and would like to apply for an unrestricted driver’s license. Residents must participate in state approved driving classes for teenagers in order to be eligible to take the drivers license test. In most cases the road test is waived for applicants who have completed drivers ed.

Drivers Ed Certificates

Wyoming drivers ed certificates must be presented at the DOT in order for a resident younger than 17 years of age to apply for a license to drive. The Department of Transportation only accepts driving school certificates from state approved providers.

Finding a Wyoming-Approved Drivers Education Course

Locating a state-approved Wyoming drivers ed course can be done in various manners. All drivers ed programs approved by the WY Department of Education are operated at area high schools. To find the teen driving school located nearest you, contact your local school district.

Last updated on Thursday, December 21 2017.

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