Residents must replace motorcycle licenses in Wyoming to legally drive their motorbike when their license is lost or stolen. Depending on the case, some motorists may obtain a regular Class A, B or C replacement card along with a motorcycle endorsement. In this case, applicants will obtain a regular license duplicate along with a Class M endorsement.

Moreover, drivers must also obtain a duplicate motorcycle license when they make changes to their personal information such as their name or address. They must provide all the required documentation to the Wyoming Department of Transportation to complete the process successfully. Drivers must check all the requirements to understand how to replace a motorcycle license and start the process as soon as possible to avoid potential fines and penalties.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Wyoming?

Residents need to replace motorcycle licenses or regular licenses with motorcycle endorsements in case they get lost or stolen. The license or endorsement allows drivers to legally operate motorcycles in the state and to avoid fines and other legal consequences.

Drivers must also apply for a duplicate motorcycle license in WY whenever they make any changes to their personal information. Moreover, in the event of a change of address, drivers must inform the DOT of their change of residency within 10 days.

Documents Required to Replace Motorcycle License in Wyoming

Class M drivers must provide the required motorcycle license replacement documents to obtain a new card. They only need to provide the following in case they have not done so before:

  • Valid U.S. passport or state-certified birth certificate
  • Provide proof of name change if applicable
  • Proof of Social Security Number (W-2 forms, Social Security card, etc.)
  • Two forms that prove Wyoming residency with the applicant’s name and physical address.

Additionally, non-U.S. citizens motorcycle license applicants must provide a proof of legal status such as:

  • Permanent resident card.
  • Employment authorization card.
  • Valid passport with VISA and I-94 stamp.
  • Any other documents issued the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS.

How to Replace a Wyoming Motorcycle License by Mail

To replace a motorcycle license via mail, residents must print and complete the application form and mail it along with all the requirements. Only U.S. citizens who are residents of the state qualify for this option.

Applicants who apply by mail must visit a vision specialist or a DMV office before completing the vision section of the application. They must send their application to:

Driver Services -WYDOT
5300 Bishop Blvd
Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340

Additionally, residents younger than 18 years of age must have their parents or legal guardian sign the release section within the application to replace their lost motorcycle license. Moreover, applicants must include a payment to cover the costs of obtaining a replacement card. Depending on if the applicant obtains a regular license with an endorsement or just wants to replace their Wyoming class M license, duplicate motorcycle license fees will vary.

Out-of-state applicants must include a forwarding request form along with two proofs of residency to have their replacement mailed to their address outside of state boundaries. Applicants should expect their application process to take up to 30 days. Furthermore, applicants may only obtain a replacement license through the mail once every eight years, otherwise, they must apply in person.

How to Replace a Wyoming Motorcycle License in Person

Motorists may apply for a duplicate motorcycle license or permit in person at their local driver exam office. There is no appointment necessary and they can visit their local office during its business hours to obtain a replacement. They must complete the application in person, pay the required fees and have a new photo taken for their replacement license.

Applicants must complete the vision test at the driver examination office as well to complete the process and must provide all required documentation as outlined above. Wyoming DMV office hours can vary by location, so it is best to call ahead to verify your local branch’s hours beforehand.

How to Replace a Wyoming Motorcycle License by Phone

Applicants who have lost their motorcycle license and are outside of the state may contact the WYDOT office to obtain a temporary drivers license. They may do so by calling 307-777-4806, where they will be instructed on how to obtain a temporary credential.

Motorists may only use this temporary WY Class M replacement if they are coming back within 60 days to apply for a duplicate license in person. Residents who do not plan to return within the 60-day period may only use the mail-in option to obtain a duplicate card.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in Wyoming

Applicants who are currently out of state have different options to apply for a motorcycle license replacement depending on how long they will be outside of the state. Residents may contact the WYDOT through the phone or email by filling the contact form provided on the department’s website. Applicants only qualify for this option if they plan on returning to apply in person within 60 days. These applicants will obtain a temporary license until they complete the process in person at a driver examination office.

Applicants who do not plan to return to the state within the 60 days must print and fill out the paper application and send it to the mailing address. They must include payment to cover the motorbike license replacement cost as well as the forwarding address form.

This form ensures that they receive their Wyoming motorcycle license replacement on their temporary out-of-state address. Applicants must also enclose two documents to prove in-state residency and visit a vision specialist in order to complete the vision section of the application.

Wyoming Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

Motorists must cover different fees to obtain a motorbike replacement card. Residents must only pay $6 to obtain a WY Class M replacement license. Otherwise, they must pay $30 for a regular class A, B or C duplicate card and an additional $6 to obtain the motorcycle endorsement.

This type of license will allow drivers to operate the type of vehicle specific to their license classes as well allowing them to legally operate motorcycles. On the other hand, Class M duplicate holders can only operate motorcycles.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.