aspires to provide US drivers more than just timely and useful information about how to handle driving and DMV related issues. Over the last 2 years we have undertaken a series of primary and secondary research studies designed to help educate drivers and benchmark state agencies. Our mission with the Education Center is to provide independent, compelling and timely commentary on issues that matter to US Drivers. Below you will find links to a number of our research studies and projects. For more specific information about your state, please visit your state’s page:

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Distracted Driving

With the proliferation of cell phones and other mobile devices distracted driving has become a huge concern for US drivers and legislators. undertook a study of the nation’s wide array of different distracted driving laws and surveyed thousands of US drivers. Our research shows not only a huge disparity in the state regulations of distracted driving but also a huge gap in drivers’ knowledge of these regulations. Here is more on our findings: Distracted Driving Research Study

Based on research from’s Distracted Driving Survey which generated responses from 4000 across all 50 states include wide cross-section of ethnicities, age groups, and genders. The study results show that while drivers are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, they are more likely to engage in the behaviour than other dangerous driving acts such as driving under the influence. The data suggests a need for stronger penalties and increased enforcement to help reduce distracted driving.

How US States Categorize and Regulate Distracted Driving

Distracted driving laws come in many different shapes and sizes. Distracted driving is about more than just texting while driving and can include talking on your phone while driving or using a GPS or even using hands-free devices. Also, some states have different laws for novice and experienced drivers. To help you understand the law in your state and across the US we’ve developed a helpful table of every US state’s distracted driving laws.

Distracted Driving Penalties by State

Just like the laws on distracted driving vary significantly across states the penalties for getting caught differ too. This is a list of all the different states’ penalties and fines for distracted driving.

Environmentally Friendly / Green Vehicles

Green Vehicles Study by

Following a survey of US drivers thoughts on green and environmentally friendly vehicles released our findings in the Green Vehicles Study. Major findings include a large gap between the demand for green vehicles and the actual rate of purchase leaving it up to auto makers to find out how they can tap into this unmet demand.

2014 State DMV Customer Satisfaction and Wait-Time Survey

Ranking the State DMVs by Customer Satisfaction

Based on a comprehensive primary research survey, ranked the best and worst of the state DMV agencies. The results are based on responses regarding wait-times, in-person service, online services, accessibility, price and other factors.

Rankings the State DMVs by Wait Time

How long do users typically have to wait in line at their state DMV? How do the different state DMVs compare when it comes to wait times? Find out more in’s Wait Time Study.

2015 State DMV Website Rankings Project

2015 State DMV Website Rankings Homepage developed an online scorecard for reviewing and ranking the 51 ‘DMV’ websites of each state and DC. Each DMV type agency (they can be called many things like DMV, BMV, DOT, MVA, etc) has been ranked based on the design, usability, content and the online services they offer. See all of the content and articles related to the DMV Website Rankings project here.

2015 State DMV Website Rankings Table

See a complete list of the scores for each state DMV agency website here.

DMV Hours of Operation Study

Every year, $13.8 billion dollars in productivity is lost resulting from trips to the DMV. There are currently huge savings to be had by reducing the amount of work people need to miss in order to go to the DMV. 40 per cent of people surveyed said it is mandatory to miss work every time they go to the DMV, so what’s the solution to reducing the amount of money lost in productivity each year due to trips to the DMV?

Last updated on Wednesday, December 5 2018.