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Drivers License Replacement

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Replacing Your Drivers License

Replacing drivers licenses is a mandatory procedure for drivers with damaged, stolen or lost drivers licenses, since driving without a valid credential is punishable by law throughout all U.S. states. Depending on the motor vehicle department, drivers can replace drivers licenses using various methods, such as online, in person, by mail or by phone. Regardless of the method, replacement drivers licenses cost a certain fee. In addition to payment for the duplicate drivers license, drivers will be required to submit several types of documents, including identification paperwork and application forms.

Certain motor vehicle divisions may require you to report a lost or stolen drivers license to a law enforcement official. If so, your application for copy of drivers licenses will be processed only if you submit a copy of the case report. A limited number of DMVs will also waive the fee for the drivers license replacement once you present the police file. Regardless of whether or not you are required to report the loss or theft of your credential, motor vehicle agencies advise drivers to still file a report in order to protect themselves against identity theft.

In addition to U.S. citizens who are currently present within the state, the procedure to replace driving licenses can also be completed by other groups of drivers. Licensees who are currently outside of the state, such as active military members or students, and non-U.S. citizens can obtain a replacement driving license as well albeit through limited methods.

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