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Drivers License Replacement

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In the event that you have lost or misplaced your driver's license, you will be required to apply for a driver's license replacement at your state's DMV office. Most states require you to file a police report if your driver's license has been lost or stolen in order to prevent identity theft from occurring.

Did you know? If your driver's license has been stolen and you filed a police report, your state of residence may waive your driver's license replacement fee.

Every state deems it illegal to drive without a valid driver's license in your possession. If you are caught driving without a physical drivers license copy, you may face penalties including:

  • Tickets
  • Points added to your driving record
  • Drivers license suspension

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How to Apply for a Drivers License Replacement

Steps required to replace a driving license vary depending on which state you reside in. Generally, DMV offices throughout the country allow you to request drivers license copy either in person or online. Some states also allow residents who are out-of-state to request a drivers license replacement via mail. Documents you may be required to provide upon application, include:

  • Proof of identification:
    • U.S. passport
    • Birth certificate
    • Proof of Social Security Number
    • Social Security card
  • Proof of residential address:
    • Utility bill
    • Mail from government agencies
  • Proof of legal presence:
    • Green card, if you are not a U.S. citizen

Each state has a designated form required in order for you to be issued a duplicate drivers license. Additionally, you may be required to pay a drivers license replacement fee which varies throughout each state.

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