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All US states require drivers to have a drivers license but getting it and keeping it up to date can be a hassle. It doesn't matter whether you're just taking your learner's permit test or an experienced driver - helps you solve your license issues fast.

We cover the following driver's license issues for every state:

  • Learner's permits
  • Practice DMV tests
  • Written test information
  • Driving test information
  • License renewals and replacements
  • And more ...

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Your Driver's License

Each state has different rules and regulations for how to get your license and what you need to do to keep it. Typically there are few steps that you need to follow. First, you start by studying for your learner's permit and it helps to make sure to take a practice test first. After you pass your test most states give their drivers a junior license that has restrictions such as driving with an experienced driver in the car. After a certain period of time you will be able to take a driving test with a DMV evaluator who will decide if you have the skills necessary to be safe on the road. Sometimes there are options to take driving school as well. If you pass, you go on to the third step which is to become a full driver. Now you will have to renew your license regularly and replace it if it is ever lost, stolen or badly damaged. You may have to get new ID if you have a name or address change as well. All this information is covered thoroughly for each state in our how-to guides and articles. Simply click on your state on the map above or select it from the links below to begin. Good Luck!