The causes of motorcycle accidents can be reduced or avoided if motorists take vital precautions while sharing the road with cars and other vehicles. After a motorcycle accident, it is necessary to remain composed and take the appropriate actions to handle such a high-stress situation.

A motorbike accident can have devastating consequences and lasting financial strains on all parties involved in the collision. Find out how best to avoid a motorbike collision and what steps to take if an accident occurs in the following sections:

  • Safety precautions when riding a motorcycle.
  • Steps to take when in a motorcycle accident.
  • Motorcycle insurance.

Safety Precautions When Riding a Motorcycle

Some motorcycle safety tips include having the proper equipment and attire for riding. Motorcycle goggles are recommended to help keep a driver’s vision clear and protect from dryness of eyes that may occur from high speed winds. A safety motorcycle jacket is also suggested to protect riders from outer injuries that can occur in the event of a collision.

The best motorcycle helmet to use when riding should be one that complies with the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS). According to the FMVSS, a satisfactory helmet will have a thick inner lining, comprise of sturdy rivets and chin straps, weigh a minimum of three pounds and agree with safety designs and styles.

Practicing motorcycle safety when riding on the road with cars and other vehicles is imperative so as to reduce the risks of causing or being involved in an accident.

Following basic road rules and complying with traffic signs and lights will ensure a safer ride for motorcyclists. A dependable anti lock braking system on a motorbike increases a rider’s ability to react to a sudden traffic change and avoid a crash.

Steps to Take When in a Motorcycle Accident

In the event of a motorbike crash, it is imperative to take a series of steps to ensure everyone’s safety and maintain accurate details of the occurrence. A motorcycle crash investigation will require certain documents and reports in order to proceed smoothly.

Seek Medical Attention

First and foremost, seek medical attention after an accident happens. Motorcycle injuries are severe due to the vulnerable nature of a rider’s position to other vehicles.

Some common motorcycle accident injuries include broken extremities, spinal damage, face and neck bruises and scrapes and head injuries ranging in severity.

Gather the Other Drivers Information

Obtaining information from the other parties involved in the motorcycle wreck is necessary to make accurate reports and have proof in case of contradictory statements made later.

Riders should gather details such as name, license number and plate and contact information. Motorcycle insurance information should also be exchanged for the purpose of making claims.

File a Police Report

Submitting a motorcycle accident police report after notifying the authorities of the collision is an appropriate action to take in order to keep driving records up to date and exact.

If a motorcycle accident investigation is needed, the police report will help in providing evidence for the inspection.

Preserve Evidence

Taking motorcycle accident pictures is the best way to preserve evidence of what occurred. If legal action is taken, visual proof can help a court decide the outcome of a case based on the damage found in photos.

A motorcycle crash investigation will also need details about the time, date and place of the accident that occurred, so it is a good idea to take note of these specifics.

Asking nearby individuals to be witness to the accident in case later testimony is needed is also recommended.

Motorcycle Insurance

Every state’s motorbike insurance requirements are different, but each state mandates that motorcyclists attain some kind of coverage. Motorcycle insurance covers costs incurred from accidents which include property damage done to a vehicle and medical bills incurred from injury, whether the harm is done to yourself or the other party involved in a crash.

A rider’s motorcycle insurance cost includes policies that cover bodily injury of one or more people and damage done to property.

Motorcycle accident compensation is offered by agencies in the event of a driver needing repairs made after a collision event.

Motorcycle insurance rules must be obeyed, otherwise riders are subject to consequences such as suspension of driving privileges or registration. Some states, like Georgia, even deem driving without motorbike insurance a misdemeanor.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.