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Nationwide, companies are ordering background checks to find out the criminal and financial histories of potential employees. It's the driving concern of hiring managers that responsible candidates are hired. With the detailed information found within a report, background screening has become a critical part of the interviewing process.

If You Are an Individual
A complete background check pulls your public records to produce a detailed list of information. Your criminal, commercial, financial and driving history are included. This also means that any arrest records, previous employment, credit scores, and tickets or driving violations that are public knowledge will be pulled in a background investigation. Get to know what’s on your background check before the information holds you back. There may be inaccurate information you need to fix. View your background check today.

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If You Are an Employer
Getting a background check on a potential new employee is encouraged by It is a commonly-used screening tool that many Fortune 500 companies use, so why not for your own business? Any criminal history will appear, and you will get insight on dangerous behavior. If there isn’t anything strange or concerning found, then feel confident in hiring someone new.

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