Background checks in Mississippi are special types of investigations that provide information about an individual’s criminal, professional, educational and financial history. MS background screenings generally vary based on the scope of the investigation. For instance, government employers often conduct full background checks in MS, as they must thoroughly assess a potential job applicant prior to offering him a position of trust.

While conducting a background search is an optional procedure in certain instances, several types of organizations are mandated by law to perform one. Individuals can also order their own background report in MS or authorize its release to a third party for other uses.

How to Get a Mississippi Background Check

Requestors can get a background check in Mississippi via several methods. The available application approaches may vary based on the type of MS background lookup that is ordered. Standard background screenings, such as professional, financial and driving records can generally be obtained via the internet (or other alternative methods if available).

Requesting criminal history checks from the state Criminal Information Center (CIC) is a procedure that can only be completed by authorized applicants with an online or a paper request form.

Ordering a Mississippi Background Check Online

The process of getting online background checks in Mississippi can be completed through any computer with internet access. Applicants will be required to supply several mandatory details when ordering a background check online, regardless of its type.

Requestors authorized to order an internet criminal history check will also be able to submit the subject’s fingerprints electronically. The following information will generally be required for any online background search in MS:

  • The record holder’s first and last name.
  • The record holder’s Social Security Number.
  • The record holder’s date of birth.

Note: Applicants may also be able to refine their search by providing additional information, such as the subject’s gender and/or race. After paying any applicable fees, requestors will generally receive the results of the search by email. Depending on the type of MS background screening that you order, the cost amount may vary.

Ordering a Mississippi Background Check With a Paper Application

Mississippi criminal background checks can also be obtained via several alternative methods, such as in person, by mail and by fax.

Requestors can order their MS police background check by submitting an authorization to release information to the Criminal Information Center of the state Department of Public Safety.

The request form will have to be signed by the subject of the record, and applicants will be required to provide a payment for the fees. Government agencies authorized to check individuals of interest may be required to follow a different procedure.

Who needs a Mississippi background check?

The most common requestors of Mississippi background checks are government and private employers. The usage of MS background reports, however, is not limited to employment purposes. Adoption agencies and government agencies in charge of resolving immigration issues may also request a background screening in MS.

Individuals can also authorize a search of their own record for several reasons, such as preparing for a job interview or assessing their chances of obtaining a good loan.


An MS renter background screening may be performed prior to renting an apartment or a house in this state. The rental background check will show the criminal actions and the credit history of the potential tenant.

Should any criminalities exist on the record, it may suggest that the candidate will not pay rent or bills on time. A clean background report in Mississippi, on the other hand, can indicate that the lessee will treat the property with respect.


Background checks for employment in MS are a common procedure for corporations when hiring an employee. Employers may need to order an employee background report to check the criminal, financial or professional history of the applicant first.

A thorough MS background investigation is much needed in such cases, as workers have access to confidential business information. Note that, when getting a background check in Mississippi, employers must stay in accordance with state laws. During an interview, recruiters may use only criminal records which are related to the job position.

EMS/First Responders

An EMS background check in MS is standard for individuals who want to offer their services to a hospital or a clinic. A complete medical background investigation will give a detailed overview of the applicant’s credit, professional or criminal past. As working in a hospital is a highly responsible job, candidates are expected to be clear from any suspicious activities.

Care Givers

A Mississippi full background search is also performed on subjects who are employed to take care of an individual in need. Caregivers must undergo a complete background screening to prove they are reliable enough to take care of a child or an older person.

In case the MS background report shows any previous misbehavior, the candidate will need to be excluded from the selection process.


An MS employee background check is also conducted on candidates applying for the top job positions in a company. The hiring personnel may request an employment history check before entrusting a managerial position to a future employee.

A Mississippi job background check will show the applicant’s criminal and financial history, and it will help recruiters decide whether the subject is qualified for the workplace.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Typically, a Mississippi background screening is requested by government agencies and private employers. The background check on a subject in this state is standard for a variety of situations, including the following:

  • For hiring purposes.
  • To initiate or to finish an adoption procedure.
  • To resolve an immigration issue.
  • To review the criminal or credit history of an individual.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Criminal history checks in MS may include details about the subject’s arrests or past convictions, which are controlled by the state’s Criminal Information Center.

Note that requestors may not conduct a criminal record search, unless authorized to do so. In case an individual needs to verify the professional history or credit scores of another subject, he or she may perform a standard verification.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.