By conducting an Ohio background check, requestors can investigate the criminal, commercial, financial and federal public records of an individual or organization. Criminal history checks in OH may only be conducted by authorized agencies seeking to hire an individual for employment or volunteer work.

The state uses fingerprint-based records to keep track of an individual’s criminal activity. Requestors of background checks must obtain permission from the individual to view their criminal record via the online fingerprint database.

How to Get an Ohio Background Check

Getting a background check in Ohio is a process that may be completed through two main channels: online and in person. State-approved employers who wish to obtain a county-wide background report on an individual must visit an Ohio Sheriff’s Office in the county in which the subject of the investigation resides.

Requestors will receive a criminal record check for little or no fee. In regards to state-wide OH background check services, these may be requested online. Online background checks can be conducted in a few minutes from the convenience of your internet-enabled device.

Note: In Ohio, only authorized employment agencies and law enforcement officials may access an individual’s criminal record. Requestors may also be individuals applying for a copy of their own personal background search.

Ordering an Ohio Background Check Online

Requestors can order background checks online in Ohio in a few easy steps. Simply provide a few identifying details on the individual you are investigating.

Providing as specific details as possible, especially in a criminal record search, ensures the requestor of finding the record that matches the subject of their interest. The following details should be provided when requesting a background search in Ohio:

  • First and last name
  • Birthdate
  • Last four digits of Social Security Number

Additionally, applicants ordering a criminal records search of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) must provide a background check authentication number provided by the subject of the inquiry.

Who needs an Ohio background check?

Background checks in Ohio are required for securing employment at companies — both private and public — that operate in the state. As well, state law requires that job candidates undergo a criminal background check prior to being hired to work at institutions such as day care centers, schools and health care facilities.

Many licensing organizations also require applicants to include the results of their OH criminal record search in their application for professional licenses such as teaching or nursing. Only authorized employment agencies are permitted to request background screenings of individuals.

Individuals can obtain their personal background check from the Civilian Unit of the BCI.


Residents may be asked to complete an Ohio renters background check before leasing a new apartment. The landlord of the apartment has the right to conduct a rental background screening in order to check your credit history and possible financial issues such as unpaid rent.

Property owners are, however, not permitted to conduct a criminal record search in OH of a potential tenant without his or her permission. The landlord can verify the contents of an applicant’s criminal record with access to the authentication number provided by the individual.

The information gathered from renters background reports will give the property owner an idea of the type of person he or she will rent the apartment to. In case you have some issues that need to be fixed, order your personal background check and try to fix them before negotiating for the rental price.


Many companies order Ohio background checks for employment for the potential hires in order to find out whether they are responsible and dependable candidates for the job. The criminal and financial history of the candidate is a significant part of the hiring process.

It is a good idea for candidates for a job position to conduct their own job background check before an interview. Getting a background report in OH is also a way to prepare an explanation for details found on your record.

EMS/First Responders

Conducting a EMS background check for all first responders is an appropriate way to discover any criminal actions or financial problems of the candidates.

The clinic or hospital where they will potentially work seek to hire employees who will contribute to the safety of the public, therefore the medical background screening will help them to get to know the candidate better based upon their history.

Care Givers

Families searching for care givers are advised to conduct a complete background search for the person in question in order to check whether a person satisfies your criteria to be a care-giver. A full background check will help you in choosing the best caregiver possible.


People who apply for a job as managers, are advised to conduct a background check for a job in order to get the idea of what an employer might see that is part of their driving history. Some companies do background checks for employment as part of the interview process.

Employers who want to check the candidate’s criminal history perform a background history check in order to hire responsible and prospective employees who satisfy the standards set by the company.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Many individuals will need to complete a fingerprint-based background check in Ohio to satisfy the requirements of a perspective employer. Below are the most common reasons a person would need to undergo a background check:

  • To gain employment at facilities such as schools, day care centers and health care facilities.
  • To qualify as an adoptive parent or foster parent.
  • To rent a house or apartment.

Note: Ohio law does not prohibit employers from using a candidate’s conviction record in their hiring decision. However, the employer may not ask about arrests that did not result in a criminal conviction.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

When conducting an Ohio background search, organizations verify records in two main areas: criminal records and all other types of records including employment history checks, driving records and credit histories.

  • An OH criminal history report will include information such convictions, any criminal history and other legal issues.
  • A standard background check covers records such as the individual’s financial, educational and employment history including credit scores.
Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.