The Ohio BMV motorcycle handbook was produced because operating a motorcycle is very different from operating any other motor vehicle, so motorcyclists need access to additional information. Additionally, there are certain laws in place specifically for motorcyclists that must be considered as well. The motorcycle manual is a collection of various different topics meant to educate current and future motorcycle license-holders about how to safely ride a motorcycle and be aware of the different motorcycle laws as well.

Also, the motorcycle BMV book is a great resource for anyone that needs to take the exams required in the state of Ohio before being able to get a motorcycle license. Because the information found in both the motorcycle knowledge exam and the on-cycle skill test is derived from the manual, it is crucial that the manual is used as a study guide. To learn more about how studying the handbook can be very beneficial for all kinds of different motorists, continue reading.

What topics are covered in the Ohio motorcycle handbook?

When you read through the motorcycle handbook, you will be presented with a wide variety of different information. This information encompasses topics ranging from wearing the right gear and motorcycle helmet laws to increasing conspicuity and avoiding crashes. A few of the topics found in the manual include the following:

  • Obtaining a Motorcycle Learners Permit or Motorcycle License: In the first section of the Ohio BMV motorcycle manual the actual steps for getting your permit, license or motorcycle endorsement are outlined. You will learn about the testing requirements and the Ohio Basic Rider Skills course that may be required as well.
  • Preparing to Ride: Before you even get onto the motorcycle it is crucial that you are prepared for your trip. This section provides you with information about selecting the right helmet, using eye and face protection as well as helping you to understand your motorcycle and its many controls.
  • Ride Within your Abilities: The following section in the motorcycle test book discusses the actual riding experience. You will learn about basic vehicle controls such as braking, turning and shifting gears; navigating safely through intersections; becoming more noticeable to other motorists; dealing with mechanical problems and much more. This section likely includes a large portion of the information that will be included on your written knowledge exam, so it is important that you study this section thoroughly.
  • Being in Shape to Ride: The next section of the motorcycle BMV book provides information about being physically and mentally fit enough to operate a motorcycle by ensuring that you are well-rested and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It includes information about the blood alcohol concentration laws in Ohio and the consequences of being convicted of driving under the influence. Also, you will learn about travelling with passengers or cargo and participating in group riding as well.

Can an Ohio motorcycle BMV book help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam?

Studying the handbook is one of the most effective ways that you can prepare yourself for taking both the motorcycle knowledge test and the on-cycle skill test as well. The maneuvers that you will be tested on in the skill test and the information that you must know for the knowledge test will all be taken from the manual, so as long as you spend some time studying each section, you will be well-prepared for the exams.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for an Ohio motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

As mentioned above, using the manual as a motorcycle permit study guide or a study guide for your license is a great idea. However, the motorcycle safety handbook is most effective when it is paired with other motorcycle operation resources. One of the best ways to prepare for the successful completion of the motorcycle exams is to enroll in the official Ohio Basic Rider Skills course as well.

This 16-hour course will help you gain the basic knowledge and skills that you need for safely and responsibly operating a motorcycle in Ohio. You should also keep in mind that completing a Basic Rider Skills course successfully will waive your need to take the on-cycle skills test.

Another option for becoming more prepared for the exams in addition to studying the BMV motorcycle manual is to utilize practice tests. A practice test can help you to study the materials in a more unique and memorable way while also helping you to get more comfortable with the format in which the exam is administered to you. Taking some time to complete a practice test can help you to understand what information you need to spend more time studying and can therefore help you to achieve a higher score on your official knowledge test.

Who else can benefit from an Ohio BMV motorcycle handbook?

The BMV motorcycle handbook can be a benefit to you whether you are trying to get your motorcycle license, already have your license, or even if you do not operate a motorcycle at all. As mentioned in the sections above, using the manual as a motorcycle license study guide can greatly help you with achieving passing scores on the exams and gaining the knowledge you need to safely operate a motorcycle.

Also, the Ohio motorcycle safety manual is a great resource for current motorcycle license-holders because it contains a variety of important information that should be re-read periodically in order to keep the information in-mind.

Even motorists that do not operate motorcycles can benefit from the contents of the manual because it provides an insight on the way that motorcyclists operate their vehicles and travel. This insight can help motorists to be more aware of motorcycles and their movements on the road.

How to Get a Motorcycle Operator Manual in Ohio

Getting a copy of the motorcycle handbook is highly advised. The easiest way to obtain your own copy of the Motorcycle Operator Manual in Ohio is by clicking here. You can also print the manual from this link so that you can have a physical copy of the handbook on-hand.

If you prefer, you may also be able to get a copy through your local Ohio BMV office. However, it is important to call the office ahead of time to ensure that they have a hard copy on hand before making a special trip to the office.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 6 2019.