In Minnesota, the DMV motorcycle handbook is a valued source of information for all drivers who plan on riding motorcycles anywhere in the state. Produced by the Division of Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), the Minnesota motorcycle handbook was created in collaboration with the state Department of Public Safety to benefit motorcycle riders. This manual is the state’s most comprehensive collection of information about safely driving motorcycles and meeting the requirements of the state to receive the license endorsement necessary to legally operate a motorcycle in Minnesota.

The Minnesota motorcycle manual contains essential information for both motorcycle riders who must complete the state’s licensing requirements and for those who would simply like to review motorcycle policies in the state. In addition to reviewing licensing rules and state laws, the MN motorcycle DMV book includes specifics about the state knowledge exam and even sample questions to help drivers practice for the real exam.

While the handbook is one of the top sources of information for motorcycle riders, it is just one-way drivers can learn more about riding in the state. Keep reading to learn more about what a manual for motorcycle riders can do for you and how to get a copy today.

What topics are covered in the DMV motorcycle handbook in Minnesota?

The Minnesota DMV motorcycle manual includes a wealth of information about many aspects of gaining a license endorsement to ride motorcycles in the state and how to safely operate motorcycles and similar two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles. The manual doubles as a motorcycle test book for those riders who would like to practice for the motorcycle license endorsement exam, offering a number of practice questions and information about the structure of the exam.

In total, the manual contains ten separate sections:

  • Motorcycles
  • Motorized Bicycles and Mopeds
  • The Rider and the Motorcycle
  • Preparing to Ride
  • Ride within Your Abilities
  • Being in Shape to Ride
  • Earning your License
  • Three-wheel Supplement
  • Hand Signals
  • T-CLOCS Pre-Ride Checklist

The first section of the Minnesota motorcycle operator manual goes into important detail about the requirements for riders who would like to apply for a motorcycle endorsement on their MN license. All riders are encouraged to study the MN motorcycle permit study guide in order to pass the knowledge test, which is required by all riders requesting an MN endorsement. Topics concerning Minnesota guidelines for the motorcycle endorsement and obeying state laws include the following 11 sections:

  • Motorcycles License Endorsement and Permit
  • Permit Process
  • Skills Test
  • New Resident Information
  • Endorsement Renewal
  • License Fees
  • Motorcycle Registration/Insurance
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Operating Rules
  • Alcohol and Motorcycles
  • Red Light, Green Light

Can the MN motorcycle handbook help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam?

The motorcycle knowledge test consists of multiple questions about how to safely operate a motorcycle and road rules for driving on Minnesota roadways. The DVS manual includes important information about motorcycle laws and the consequences for breaking them, information that is relevant for new and experienced riders who plan on driving in Minnesota.

In addition to information about motorcycle helmet laws and similar policies, detailed information about eligibility requirements for motorcycle riders in the state and the format of both the knowledge and skills portion of the exam is covered in the manual. Reviewing these sections dedicated to the state exam is important for the success of the driver on the motorcycle endorsement exam.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for a motorcycle knowledge test or road exam in Minnesota?

Learning about motorcycle safety guidelines and best practices just begins by reviewing the MN DVS handbook. In fact, the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Program offers different types of motorcycle test manual prep courses to riders of multiple skills levels who live around the state. Overseen by certified instructors using the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum, over 30 different motorcycle driver’s education courses are offered every year to provide a wide range of skills training opportunities to state residents.

In addition to these state-approved courses, information on motorcycle permit laws and how to qualify for an endorsement can be found in other private programs and by searching online. Several online platforms offer specific details about MN motorcycle test rules and practice test questions to help drivers prepare for the knowledge exam and road skills test. Further on-the-road practice driving a motorcycle can also be gained upon request.

Who else can benefit from reviewing the Minnesota motorcycle manual?

The Minnesota DVS motorcycle handbook is not only useful for drivers who need to apply for a motorcycle endorsement. The MN motorcycle operator manual can be beneficial to anyone who would simply like to learn more about motorcycle ownership and operation along with those riders who may need to learn about the changes in the industry since the last time they were on a motorcycle.

Out-of-state riders who plan on visiting or even just driving through Minnesota are advised to review the manual to become familiar with any state policies that may change when the rider passes state lines. Even riders who are not resident in Minnesota will be held liable for breaking any state motorcycle driving laws as outlined by the DVS.

How to Get a DMV Motorcycle Manual in Minnesota

Minnesota riders can obtain a motorcycle DVS book in a couple different ways. Motorcycle riders who would like a print version of the MN motorcycle safety manual can contact a representative from the DVS to find out the best way to receive a copy.

It is recommended that motorcycle riders download their own copy of the Minnesota Motorcycle and Motorized Bike Manual from the state web portal to be read on a device or printed offline at the rider’s convenience. Interested riders can obtain the most updated version of the Minnesota manual here.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.