A motorcycle endorsement renewal in Minnesota is necessary for any motorists who wish to retain their privileges to operate a motorcycle on the state’s roads. All renewed motorcycle endorsements are conducted through the state’s Driver and Vehicle Services Division (DVS), which is in turn overseen by the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Failure to renew a motorcycle endorsement can result in fines and penalties and repercussions for not having a current endorsement.

Renewing a motorcycle endorsement follows the same procedure as that of a standard driver’s license. This is because there is not a specific license for a motorcycle, but an endorsement that the DVS adds onto the existing driver’s license. There are other ways in which a rider may renew the endorsement, including retaking a skills exam. To find out more about renewing a motorbike license, continue reading the article below.

When to Renew a Motorcycle Endorsement in Minnesota

Renewing a motorcycle endorsement should take place every four years. The reason for this is that the endorsement is attached to a standard driver’s license in Minnesota, and the duration for a standard license is four years as well. For this reason, the date to obtain a motorcycle endorsement renewal is always in conjunction with that of a renewal for a standard driver’s license.

The date of renewal is set on the motorist’s birthday. An endorsement renewal for motorcycles for riders younger than the age of 21 must be completed on the day they turn 21. As long as the renewal takes place before the date of expiration, there will not be any interruption in the validity of the license. Those about to turn 21 should not renew until three weeks before the motorist turns 21 years of age.

Eligibility for Motorcycle Endorsement Renewal in Minnesota

Renewing a motorcycle endorsement in Minnesota is subject to meeting certain prerequisites before one may legally obtain permission to operate a motorcycle on public roads. The DVS mails a renewal notice to those whose licenses are set to expire. Requirements for renewal vary according to the status of a driver’s license. The requirements change according to the following status types:

  • Valid – Those with a valid license have no special motorcycle endorsement renewal You may check to see the status of your license and whether or not your license is valid by using the MN DVS Driver License Status Check. This is a free service.
  • Expired Driver’s License – It is vital not to drive on an expired license. Those who do have an expired license may be subject to penalty fees and/or be compelled to retake the written and road skills test.
  • Canceled, Revoked, or Suspended License – If your license falls into this category, the Minnesota DVS will send you a letter explaining why. The DVS does offer financial assistance to help with fines and reinstatement fees. Your local DVS office can help you with finding out more information about your license.

How to Renew a Minnesota Motorcycle License in Person

Firstly, You cannot renew your motorcycle endorsement in Minnesota if you have any active suspensions or revocations on your record. Renewing a motorcycle endorsement, as well as your regular driver’s license, can only be accomplished in person at a local Minnesota DVS office.

There is no renewal option by phone, online or by mail. When you visit your local DVS office in order to renew your motorcycle endorsement, there are items you must make sure to have with you to complete the process. Be sure to include the following in your documentation that you have with you:

  • Have your Minnesota driver’s license.
    • If you do not have your driver’s license, you will need to have a primary document and a secondary document such as
      • Birth certificate
      • Social Security card
    • Have a completed Minnesota driver’s license application form. These are available at the DVS office.
    • Be prepared to take a vision screening test.
    • Have your Social Security Number with you.
      • If you do not have one, check the appropriate box on the renewal application.
    • Be prepared to pay the motorcycle endorsement renewal fee in addition to your regular license renewal fee.

For those wishing to renew a motorcycle endorsement while out of state, you will need the following:

  • A completed Minnesota DVS out-of-state packet.
    • You can request one by email or by phone.
  • You must turn in a completed Vision Report. This is to be completed by you and a licensed vision examiner.
  • You must remit payment for all fees due at the time of renewal.

For motorcycle endorsement renewals for active duty members of the United States Armed Forces, the DVS does not require those stationed outside of Minnesota to renew their license within one year after being discharged. This also applies to your spouse if they are also outside of Minnesota with you while you are on active duty.

You must notify the DVS of your active duty status with a written statement and a copy of your military ID showing your entry date or a letter from your commanding officer. Send this information to:

445 Minnesota St.
St. Paul, MN 55101

Out-of-state packets can be mailed to the following address:

445 Minnesota St.
St. Paul, MN 55101

You should receive your new document within six weeks. For those who wish to have their new document expedited, please enclose a check for an additional $20. The DVS will not expedite your renewed motorcycle endorsement to a P.O. Box, an APO address, or a foreign country.

Minnesota Motorcycle Renewal Costs

The cost of a motorcycle endorsement renewal is $13. In Minnesota, the fee for the endorsement renewal does not include the cost of the renewal for a standard driver’s license.

However, the payment for the renewal fee for the standard driver’s license is also due when renewing a motorcycle endorsement and paying the fee for that document as well. The fee for a Class D license is $25.25. Fees may be paid with cash, check or money order.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.