Completing the Arizona motorcycle license renewal procedure is an important step, as riders must have a valid credential in order to legally operate their motorbikes within the state. However, as a general rule, motorists are not required to renew a motorcycle license on a regular basis in AZ, since the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) issues motorcycle licenses that do not expire until their holders’ 65th birthday.

With that in mind, senior riders will have to undergo the process of renewing a motorcycle license in AZ on a five-year basis. Moreover, the option to obtain a motorcycle driver’s license of limited validity is available for temporary state residents and visitors, such as military personnel or out-of-state students. In any case, it is important to note that the vision test and the license holder’s photo must be updated on a 12-year basis, regardless of the rider’s age. Conversely, the procedure to renew a motorcycle permit can be completed only once after its expiration date. To learn more about how to renew motorcycle license in Arizona, read the following sections.

When to Renew Motorcycle License in Arizona

Riders wondering when to renew a motorcycle license in Arizona must note that their first renewal procedure will take place whenever they reach 65 years of age. After reaching that age, motorists will be required to complete the process of renewing a motorcycle license in AZ every five years.

On the other hand, out-of-state temporary residents who have obtained these types of driving credentials must undergo the five-year Arizona motorbike license renewal procedure regardless of their age. It is important to note that drivers must keep track of the expiration date printed on their credentials, as the state DOT does not send out renewal notices as a reminder. Moreover, riders are eligible to renew a motorcycle license in AZ up to six months prior to the set expiration date.

Note: Riders who are younger than 18 years of age and would like to complete a motorcycle permit renewal can do so only once within a 24-month period after the conclusion of the credential’s seven-month validity.

How to Renew Motorcycle License in Person in Arizona

If you would like to know how to renew a motorcycle license in Arizona, note that you will be required to submit the necessary documents and fee payments in person through a nearby DOT facility or an authorized third-party provider. Furthermore, in order to finalize the motorcycle license renewal procedure, applicants will be required to fill out the standard driver’s license application form and submit it along with any existing bike credentials.

In addition, when renewing a motorcycle license in AZ, riders will also have to submit a secondary form of identification before having their photo taken and passing a vision screening test. After completing the bike license renewal procedure, motorcyclists will receive a 30-day temporary credential that can be used until they receive a permanent license, which typically arrives in the mail within 15 days. For that reason, if the DOT has your incorrect address information prior to you renewing your motorcycle license in AZ, complete a driving license address change procedure beforehand.

Despite the fact that you are not required to request a motorcycle license renewal on a regular basis, you will still need to update your photo and eye test results every 12 years. To remind you to update your credential, the DOT will send you a notice. If you do not update your photograph and obtain a credential that displays your identity more accurately, you will be disqualified from various DOT online services. To update your bike credential, you will be required to make an in-person visit, submit your previous license, provide a fee payment and turn in any identification paperwork. When updating your motorbike driving license, you also have the option to make changes to your personal information, such as changing your address.

Note: In the case that your driving credential becomes lost or is stolen, you must request a replacement motorcycle license instead of a renewal. However, different requirements and procedures may apply in the case of replacing a license.

Arizona Motorcycle License Renewal Fees

When renewing a motorcycle license in Arizona, riders will be required to pay the applicable renewal fee. Overall, the cost of this procedure varies depending on the applicant’s age and whether he or she has obtained an AZ motorcycle endorsement added to an existing driver’s license or a standalone credential.

For instance, to renew a motorcycle license in AZ as a senior rider, you will be required to arrange payment for the $10 five-year license fee. On the other hand, riders between 16 and 39 years of age who are renewing a motorbike license of a five-year validity period will have to pay the cost of $25. If you would like to complete the AZ motorcycle permit renewal as a minor applicant, you will have to arrange payment for the standard permit fee of $7. In general, the DOT accepts cash, checks, money orders and credit or debit cards.

Note: When updating your photo and vision screening, you will be required to pay the $12 fee for a duplicate motorcycle license.

Last updated on Wednesday, September 26 2018.

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