If you have recently moved to a new home within your state or changed your mailing address, you may update your car registration online, by mail or in person. To do so online, you must fill out an electronic application on your state DMV portal and pay for the applicable fees. Generally, this electronic form will ask you to identify yourself and your vehicle. Our guide contains everything you need to know about changing your address on a car registration. In it, you will discover all of the details you need to provide during this procedure. You will also learn how to complete other important registration transactions, such as renewal and replacement.

2. By Mail

Certain states allow you to change your car registration address by mail. However, keep in mind that this method is not always available to all vehicle owners. Eligible motorists may change their car registration addresses by filling out an application form and sending it to a specific DMV mailing address, along with identification documents and an acceptable payment method for the applicable fees. This option may take longer than others, as processing is required. To reduce wait times, make sure to attach the necessary documents to your application package.https://www.dmv.com/az/arizona/car-registration-address-change

3. In Person at a DMV Office

When updating your car registration address in person, you will be asked to fill out an address change application and to submit the appropriate identification for you and your vehicle. Then, you must provide an acceptable payment method for the applicable fees, which will include the fee for replacement if you want a new registration document. Note that visiting the DMV unprepared may result in the failure of your transaction. To avoid long wait times or having to visit a DMV twice, make sure that you have gathered enough information about which documents you will need to take with you before your visit.

Vehicle owners who want to change car registration address in Arizona need to perform a procedure through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the state Department of Transportation (DOT). The process may be performed by drivers who have recently moved from one to another residential address within the state or have lived out of state and moved to Arizona.

Performing an address change on car registration must be completed within a given time frame from the move to another residence. Therefore, individuals who are still wondering how to change car registration address in Arizona are highly recommended to continue reading the sections below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Arizona Car Registration

Updating car registration address in Arizona is a process that may be completed by vehicle owners in a certain period of time after moving to another residential address. Motorists may be required to change their addresses with the MVD, regardless of whether they are moving within the state or from an out-of-state residential address. An address change on car registration or other credentials may be required because the AZ MVD must have the driver’s most current address on file for future reference. Therefore, you may need to update and replace your registration if you are a new resident who has just moved from out of state or if you are a current resident who has changed the residential address within the state borders.

Note: When changing car registration address with the AZ MVD records, individuals may get their address automatically changed on their driving record and on every vehicle record where the registration is to be received.

Arizona Address Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

Motorists who are wondering how to change their auto registration address in Arizona are usually expected to update their MVD records within a period of 10 days after the move. Failure to change car registration address in the given timeframe may result in penalties or fines. For instance, forgetting to update your car registration address may cause you to miss the renewal date of your credential and driving with an expired auto registration card may bring you certain penalties. Moreover, a police officer may issue a traffic citation when you fail to change the address within 10 days after the move.

How to Change Your Address on Your Arizona Car Registration Online

The fastest method for changing car registration address in Arizona is to perform an address update through the official online ServiceArizona of the MVD. To update auto registration address, vehicle owners need to complete the following steps:

  • Provide personal information
  • Change and verify address or email information
  • View and print or email the confirmation

After performing an address change, applicants may need to request a duplicate credential and provide feedback on the online service. If you want to learn more detailed information about updating your car registration in Arizona, consider the methods available to complete the process.

How to Change Your Address on Your Arizona Car Registration in Person

Vehicle owners may also change car registration address in Arizona by appearing personally at a local AZ MVD branch. In most cases when changing car registration address, the state MVD requires applicants to submit documents that contain their personal information in order to perform an address change of the MVD records. Individuals may be required to provide their name, date of birth, and valid Arizona driver license or identification card number.  Therefore, before visiting the AZ MVD, vehicle owners are encouraged to consider if they need to provide additional documents. Learn more information about the procedure and then visit a nearby location prepared.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Arizona

Motorists who are wondering when and how to change car registration address in Arizona are recommended to do so immediately after a move to a new residential address within the state. Moreover, vehicle owners may also often question themselves whether they should change car registration address or perform a vehicle registration renewal at an MVD location.

Holders of registration cards that are approaching the expiration date may renew their credentials and at the same time update their address with the AZ MVD. Therefore, vehicle owners are encouraged to check the expiration dates of their credentials and decide whether to renew them or simply update the information.

Learn How to Change Your Car Registration Address Arizona DMV Address Change Fees

To finalize a process of updating car registration address in Arizona, vehicle owners may be required to pay a certain fee under specific circumstances. In general, when performing an address change on car registration without getting a duplicate credential, vehicle owners are not required to pay any fees. However, when individuals want to change car registration address and obtain a replacement credential at the same time, they may be mandated to pay a $4 fee for the duplicate document. Therefore, motorists who are wondering how and when to pay the required fees are encouraged to find out that information prior to beginning the address change procedure.

Last updated on Thursday, February 14 2019.

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