About Traffic School

A driver may enroll in a state-approved traffic school for insurance discounts, or traffic ticket or point reductions. Traffic school courses are also available for drivers who want to voluntarily improve their driving skills. To learn more about traffic school, read more below.

What are defensive driving courses?

Defensive driving courses, also known as driver improvement and point reduction courses, are court ordered and need to be completed to resolve any issues regarding your drivers license. Topics covered within these traffic classes include: your state’s traffic rules and regulations, the dangers of driving under the influence or while tired, crash statistics and prevention skills, and the importance of vehicle safety equipment.

Drivers Education

Drivers education is a requirement in most states for teen drivers. As part of your driver’s license requirements, enrolling in a drivers ed course will aid in safer driving habits and assist you to become an overall better and more responsible driver. Drivers ed covers important topics such as road rules and regulations and techniques to improve driving skills.

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Benefits of Traffic School

Whereas the main benefit of driver school is that it allows you to apply for a learner’s permit, traffic school benefits, depending on your state of residence, typically include:

  • The removal of demerit points from your driving record.
  • The removal of traffic tickets.
  • The reduction of auto insurance rates.
  • An increase in professional driving opportunities.

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Benefits of Defensive Driving

By taking a court ordered defensive driving course, you may help prevent your license from getting suspended. Other benefits for successfully completing a court ordered driver improvement course, typically include:

  • No points on your driving record for that violation.
  • No record of the conviction.
  • Insurance rates won’t increase.
  • The removal of demerit points from your driving record.

Where to Take Traffic School

Traffic school courses are available all across the United States and can be taken either online or in person at local schools. DMV.com offers online state-approved traffic school for your convenience.

Whether you decide to take traffic school online, or in person, the course you take will depend on your state of residence and other factors such as: whether you need to take a court-ordered defensive driving course, complete traffic school, lower your insurance rate, or fulfill a drivers ed class in order to apply for a state learner’s permit.

Why do I need traffic school?

Traffic school courses can aid in removing points or tickets from your driving record, and may lower your auto insurance premiums. The completion of defensive driving classes conveys your dedication to safe driving, presenting you as a low-risk customer for insurance companies. As insurance providers prefer to insure safe and responsible drivers, you will be rewarded for your safe-driving practices with more affordable rates.

Additionally, drivers ed classes must be completed in each state to obtain a learner’s permit. Resident drivers will be unable to apply for a driver’s permit or license before completing the necessary driver safety courses.

Does my state offer traffic school?

Traffic school programs are offered all across the country, in each and every state. To remove tickets or demerit points from your driving record, or to reduce your car insurance premiums, submit your traffic school registration today. Depending on your state of residence, you may even have the option to enroll in online traffic school. In addition, as each state requires resident drivers to complete drivers education, these courses are also offered throughout the United States.

Who can take a defensive driving course?

Any licensed driver, who has been sentenced by the court due to a citation or traffic violation, may enroll in local defensive driving school. In various states, resident drivers can take traffic classes in order to remove points or tickets from their records. In states that do not allow drivers to remove points/tickets, DMV traffic school students may still complete defensive driving courses. Completing these courses can reduce their auto insurance premiums or increase their chances of obtaining a driving-related job.

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