Traffic school in Oregon may be an option for motorists who received certain driving citations. While the state does have a driver improvement program for residents who amass a specific number of violations, each county possesses its own rules regarding the availability of these classes. In other words, there is no statewide mandate or requirement for motorists to take a defensive driving class in OR.

Counties that offer residents the option to complete a driver improvement course have particular criteria that must be met. Therefore, it is important to note that not everyone qualifies for ticket dismissal.

Drivers who wish to participate in a driver safety program must meet the requirements specified by their county court beforehand. Once approved, residents are able to complete the class online or in person. Then, applicants must receive a certificate of completion and submit it to their local court within a designated time period. Continue reading below to gain a better understanding of how to complete a driving safety course in Oregon.

Who can attend traffic school in Oregon?

Certain drivers are able to attend traffic school in Oregon to correct their driving violations. However, in certain counties, there is no option to complete a defensive driving course. For instance, driving improvement courses are not available in Multnomah and Clackamas Counties. On the other hand, residents in Marion County may be able to participate in driving school if they:

  • Have not been convicted of any other moving violation within the past three years, prior to receiving their current citation.
  • Do not possess any other pending violation charges in any Oregon court.
  • Do not possess a commercial drivers license (CDL).
  • Do not have a citation related to driving without insurance or a Class A violation.
  • Plead no contest to current traffic violation charge.
  • Have not participated in another driver improvement program in the past three years.
  • Have a valid drivers license or learners permit.

Essentially, Oregon motorists must receive a citation before they can participate in a defensive driving class. Furthermore, a driver improvement course is not required in many cases. However, some motorists whose licenses were suspended or restricted may be court ordered to pass a driving safety course. This is the case for drivers who, in the past 18 months:

  • Have been issued more than one traffic citation.
  • Have received citations for more than one preventable accident.

The specific requirements differ depending on whether a motorist is older or younger than 18 years of age. In general, older drivers can receive three violations before being required to complete a driver improvement program, whereas those who are younger can amass two. In addition, motorists who committed the following offenses may also not participate in defensive driving classes:

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Oregon

Oregon defensive driving courses can be completed either online or in person. On the other hand, depending on a particular court order or approval, motorists may be required to take specialized courses depending on their violation. While a defensive driving class is typically four hours long, a class for drivers with severe traffic violations may last eight hours and incur higher costs.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Oregon

Before deciding between completing in-person or online traffic school in Oregon, drivers should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each option. For instance, an in-person driver safety program is ideal for students who prefer learning by interacting with others and asking questions. However, going to a classroom may not be convenient for many motorists, especially those who with a suspended license.

On the other hand, taking a class for defensive driving online may not be the best option for students prefer instructor direction. However, taking a defensive driving course online is generally more convenient, as these classes can be completed anywhere and allow students to progress at their own pace. Furthermore, motorists who sign up for the iDriveSafely program will be allowed unlimited final exam retakes and receive free certificate of completion delivery.

How to Enroll in an Oregon Defensive Driving School

To enroll in an OR defensive driving school, drivers must first submit a request to their municipal court after receiving a traffic citation. That is because acceptance into a driver improvement program is dependent on several factors that must be reviewed by a county court.

After receiving court approval, motorists can research approved traffic schools in Oregon. Registration is often available online for both online and in-person courses. Drivers can conveniently sign up for a class on iDriveSafely, a court-approved defensive driving class online.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Oregon

There are several benefits to completing an Oregon traffic school course. These include:

  • Ticket dismissal
  • Car insurance discounts
  • Fulfilling a court order
  • Learning safe driving skills

Dismiss a Traffic Ticket

The primary benefit of partaking in a driving safety course in OR is to dismiss a traffic ticket. For instance, many motorists inquire about having to go to traffic school for a speeding ticket. While not all residents qualify, those who do may be able to avoid the consequences of having citations on their driving record.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

Certain motorists are eligible to enroll in a defensive driving course in order to receive a discount on their car insurance policies. However, only drivers who are 55 years of age and older can receive this discount in Oregon. To do so, they must send proof of their completion of a senior defensive driving course to their insurance company, which will then evaluate whether these applicants qualify for a discounted rate.

Fulfill a Court Order

Sometimes, drivers are mandated by local courts to complete a driving safety course. This applies more often to motorists with serious citations, such as driving under the influence, rather than those with minor infractions. Fulfilling this requirement may save convicted drivers from serving jail time or missing work.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

Completing a DMV traffic school course can enhance or correct driving skills as some motorists can develop unsafe driving habits over time. Relearning the appropriate techniques through a driver improvement school can improve improper driving habits and keep motorists safe on the road.

Oregon Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

An Oregon defensive driving class will take approximately four hours to be completed. While curriculums may differ depending on the provider, they typically focus on safe driving habits, behaviors and rules. Relevant topics may include:

  • Traffic laws
  • Impaired driving
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Highway safety
  • Defensive driving techniques

Driving safety courses usually have a final exam component at the end of the class. Moreover, certain programs may include quizzes at the end of each chapter.

Oregon Defensive Driving Certificates

Courts request a defensive driving certificate in Oregon upon completion of a drivers safety class. Motorists who choose or are required to complete a traffic course must usually do so within in 90 days. Exceptions may apply, such as in Washington County, where drivers are given 60 days to register and complete a program.

Many driving schools offer a certificate to students who successfully pass a driving safety course. Proof of completion must be sent to the driver’s court before the end of the 90-day period. Depending on the court’s specific procedures, motorists may have to mail or submit their certificates in person. It is essential to consult with the specific municipal court regarding proper submission guidelines.

Oregon Traffic School vs. Drivers Education

There is a difference between attending an Oregon traffic school and completing drivers education classes. The goal of driver’s ed is to teach new, inexperienced motorists how to drive safely. While it is often aimed at teenagers who are between 15 and 16 years of age, adults are also able to partake in a driver’s education course.

On the other hand, driver improvement courses are for residents who already hold a driver’s license but may need to refresh their knowledge and skills. A defensive driving class may also allow motorists to get their citations dismissed, whereas driver’s ed classes will not. Moreover, new drivers are not typically eligible to attend driver improvement school.

Oregon Defensive Driving Course Fees

Motorists who want to sign up for a defensive driving course in OR will be required to pay fees. The cost of classes themselves is typically between $30 and $60, depending on the class provider. In certain counties, there may be additional court and processing costs.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.