SR-22 rates in Oregon are very relevant for many drivers in the state, but they may not always be aware of them. Although all drivers across America are required to have auto insurance, this special kind of coverage is not a fully developed insurance policy. Instead, it is more of a financial liability form that you may need to acquire in case your driving privileges have been revoked due to some kind of driving incident. Because learning how to get SR22 insurance in Oregon is important for many drivers, it is crucial to learn more about the program and all of the details regarding why you may or may not need it.

However, this program only applies to drivers who have an Oregon driver’s license and auto insurance, as not all states require such a liability coverage program. This article will inform Oregon residents of how this form may help them to regain their driving privileges and how they should go about getting it so that they can start driving legally and responsibly again.

What is Oregon SR22 insurance?

SR22 in Oregon is regulated and distributed by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), who themselves work with a number of private auto insurance companies in order to facilitate the liability insurance application process. If you apply for this service as an Oregon driver, your driver’s license has been suspended due to a driving incident in the recent past. By paying an insurance premium for SR22 to the insurer of your choice every month for a set period of time, you can slowly begin to work towards driving legally in the state again.

You can get SR-22 coverage in Oregon most easily by working directly with an insurance company, who will help you to not only fill out your insurance form, but also to send it directly to the Oregon DMV for processing. If your application is successful, it will allow you a temporary driver’s license, which you can use until your suspension is removed.

Typically, Oregon drivers must pay somewhere between $15 and $30 for their monthly premiums. On the other hand, that number can vary quite a bit depending on the insurance company that you choose, and how serious the reason for your suspension is.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Oregon?

Establishing who needs SR22 insurance in Oregon is simple, as it coincides with the many different reasons why your driver’s license might get suspended in America. You could need special liability coverage if you have a:

  • Moving violation, such as being convicted of a DUI or other type of driving misdemeanor/felony.
  • Insurance violation, such as being the driver of an uninsured vehicle at the time of an accident, or otherwise driving a vehicle without auto insurance of your own.
  • Traffic violation, such as receiving multiple traffic tickets in a short period of time, or not paying tickets in a timely manner on multiple occasions.

You may also need SR-22 in Oregon if you are applying for a hardship or probationary permit, which are used to allow some suspended drivers to use their vehicles for basic family needs only. Contacting the Oregon DMV with your specific liability insurance questions can allow you to determine if you are a good candidate for one form of this coverage or another.

Reinstating Driving Privileges with SR22 in Oregon

There are many reasons why an SR22 form in Oregon can be helpful to a driver with a poor driving history, but the biggest reason is the ability to regain your driver’s license over time. By signing this form, you are basically informing the Oregon DMV of your intention to maintain future responsibility while driving, and to avoid the incidents that led to your original suspension.

After receiving your temporary license, you will be required to pay your SR22 insurance premiums for a minimum of 12 months. However, if you have further incidents while paying for this coverage, you may be given additional fines, longer suspensions or worse. Therefore, it is important to be a responsible driver while under the coverage of this program and beyond.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Oregon

Getting OR SR22 insurance is also a relatively easy process, once you have made the decision regarding which insurer is right for you. It is critical to consider your possible insurance company options carefully, as some insurers will offer better rates than others. However, the best rates may not be the most beneficial, as it is also important to go with a company that you trust to get your information and payments to the Oregon DMV as quickly as possible.

Using discretion when getting SR22 insurance quotes can help you considerably, as making the right decision can prevent you from having to pay more time or money than you may have bargained for as a suspended driver in Oregon.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in Oregon

If you make the decision not to get this coverage when your driver’s license is suspended in Oregon, there can be sizable consequences for continuing to operate a vehicle in the state. Your Oregon SR-22 form can help to protect you from the following penalties put forth by the DMV, in the event that you have another driving incident:

  • Your vehicle being repossessed by the Oregon DMV
  • Receiving substantial fines
  • Arrest, if your incident is serious enough
  • Further suspensions, or revoking your Oregon driving privileges

Additionally, if you are a driver from a state other than Oregon, you may not be required to file this form of coverage. This largely depends on whether or not your state has a different form of liability coverage. Regardless of where your license was suspended, consulting your state’s DMV for specific instructions is highly recommended.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.