SR-22 rates in Alabama will likely be the last topic on your mind. However, you should know how to get SR22 insurance if you have gotten in trouble due to a DUI or a serious accident. If the state of Alabama determines that your driving is dangerous whether this is shown by a serious accident, drinking while driving or simply breaking the law enough to accumulate too many points on your record, then it will require you to get proof of insurance. It is important that you get SR22 insurance because if the government requires it and you do not, then you could have your licenses suspended.

What is Alabama SR22 insurance?

The SR22 form is not itself insurance. However, it lets the government know that you have insurance, which protects the other drivers on the road if your driving causes any damage or injuries. The SR-22 form is essentially proof that, if you are considered a risky driver by Alabama’s state government, then you have the insurance required to pay for any reckless behavior that you took while driving. This proof is helpful if your license has been suspended and makes it possible for your license to be reinstated, as it essentially protects other drivers on the road if you continue engaging in risky driving behaviors.

Note that this is not to be mistaken with Mandatory License Insurance, another auto insurance requirement in Alabama. Whereas SR-22 insurance is required if you run afoul of the law with a DUI, serious accident or other risky driving behavior, Alabama requires Mandatory License Insurance for the majority of Alabamians. These are two separate requirements, so your SR-22 insurance requirements are not automatically fulfilled simply by having Mandatory License Insurance. That said, if you are found driving without Mandatory License Insurance, you may be required to get SR-22’s proof of insurance.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Alabama?

Not everyone is required to get this form of insurance because not everyone engages in dangerous driving habits. You will typically be required to get SR-22 insurance in the following situations:

  • You were caught driving drunk
  • You were involved in a car accident that caused injuries
  • You did not have your Mandatory License Insurance
  • You have a number of points on your record that shows consistently dangerous driving habits

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in Alabama

There are three different ways that you can lose your driver’s license in Alabama. You will usually need the SR22 form if your license has been suspended. Reinstatement of your license will require fees, which will vary based on the nature of the offense and the timeliness with which you respond to Alabama’s request that you hand your driver’s license over.

Along with submitting an SR-22 form, you will also need to fill out and mail a reinstatement form to the Driver’s License Division of Alabama. This form will require you to give personally identifying information about yourself such as your Social Security Number, driver’s license number and address. You may also turn the form into the nearest DMV office.

The SR22 requirement may vary based on the type of denial of driving privileges you have. The following are the types of denials the state can inflict on your license:

  • Cancellation, which means the state of Alabama determines you should never have been given a license in the first place
  • Revocation, which means you will have to reapply in order to get your driver’s license back
  • Suspension, which means you will not have your license for a period of time but it will be given back to you at the end of the suspension

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Alabama

SR-22 insurance is a bit of a misnomer in that it is not actually insurance. Instead, it is proof provided by your insurer showing that you have the insurance that is required by the law. In order to find SR22 insurance quotes, you will want to check with your insurance company and see what their fees are.

Make sure that the amount of insurance being given to you is commensurate with the amount of insurance required by the state of Alabama. Once you have this insurance and are eligible to reinstate your license, you will want to fill out the reinstatement form. You should then submit the form. Make sure to submit the SR22 only after all of your legal issues, such as hearing or tickets, have been taken care of.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in Alabama

One of the ways that your license can get suspended is by not having the SR-22 insurance that the state requires. This requires you to not drive through your suspension period, the time for which will vary based on previous offenses and the severity of those offenses, and then go through the process of getting your license reinstated again.

These penalties will of course only occur if you are required to get this specific proof of insurance of in Alabama, due to any of the factors outlined above. If you neglected to get a different form of insurance such as Mandatory License Insurance, then the penalty will more likely involve simply getting SR22 insurance.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.