Alabama CDL training is the first step for many commercial vehicle drivers when they choose to begin a new, rewarding career. A commercial driver license (CDL) allows truck drivers to transport materials and products around the country, bus drivers to transport passengers, hazmat vehicles to remove waste and more. Not only are commercial vehicle drivers an essential part of the fabric of the United States, CDL school also opens the door to enjoy many unique benefits that come with the job.

CDL drivers often enjoy great pay with extra bonuses, benefits, independence and schedule flexibility. Plus, CDL school in Alabama requires little structured education and classroom time. Many individuals are drawn to the hands-on, active nature of the work. CDL jobs are the perfect fit for individuals who love to drive, travel and experience new places. Plus, Alabama truck driving school makes it easier than ever to get a CDL as it prepares drivers for a rewarding career on the open road.

What is CDL training in Alabama?

CDL school offers attractive job opportunities especially in contrast to more traditional education routes. Traditional education standards can be rigorous and cater only to the more academically-minded.

Not only does training not require a four-year college degree, even a high school degree or GED is not necessary. CDL classes in Alabama offer well-paying job opportunities for many individuals who may feel left out by other education routes.

Whether it’s an attractive alternative to an office job or college track or the first-choice career, the training makes getting a CDL much easier.

CDL schools in Alabama provide a thorough education, CDL prep and on-the-road training experience, guiding students through the process from start to finish. Most schools offer a choice of courses regarding different CDL classes such as Class A CDL training. Plus, most schools also provide job placement services.

Is CDL school required in Alabama?

In Alabama, CDL training is not required. However, in order to drive a school bus for an Alabama public school, training is necessary. This training is made available through the Alabama transportation system and local school system transportation officials.

Even if the driver doesn’t plan on driving for the public-school system, there are many benefits to CDL school and education to consider. School not only offers valuable guidance through the process of preparing for the CDL knowledge test, but also ensures drivers meet all requirements and obtain necessary experience, skills and knowledge.

Curriculum of Alabama CDL Classes

Alabama CDL school covers all of the necessary information and CDL prep necessary for drivers to obtain a commercial driver’s license. This includes general knowledge like shifting gears, vehicle control, hazards, emergency procedures and more. Learn the essentials like air brake parts, inspection and operation.

Alabama CDL prep also educates drivers on the different facets of the test like the pre-trip vehicle inspection. For this portion of the test, drivers must be able to recognize the various parts of the vehicle and their function.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

Alabama truck driving school includes in-class instruction to prepare for the written knowledge test. Instructors provide detailed information regarding the CDL written test in Alabama.

Information varies based on the class and endorsements being applied for. Some schools may offer separate education tracks for Class A CDL, Class B CDL, etc. Some schools may offer online prep options. Check with the school’s admission counselor to see if online training is available.

Drivers can expect to learn necessary information for the Alabama CDL general knowledge test on subjects like combination vehicles, trailers, tankers, hazardous materials and more.

Students will learn more about the test questions and other vital information regarding safety such as cargo securement, what to do in the case of an accident, railroad crossing procedures and how to identify hazards.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

Truck driving school also offers much needed behind-the-wheel training and instruction to help prepare drivers for the commercial driving test. Once a learner’s permit is obtained, drivers will be able to get behind the wheel and enjoy guidance from a trained instructor.

The Alabama CDL test includes a long list of maneuvers that need to be properly completed. Learn all the basic skills like how to alley dock, turn, change lanes, shift and back up.

Drivers will be able to practice entering and exiting expressways, parking and performing the pre-trip inspection portion of the CDL test. Students can do a run-through practice pre-inspection and identify the different parts of the vehicle.

How long is CDL training in Alabama?

The length of each CDL training program depends on the driving school you pick. Different schools offer different programs. For instance, some schools may have an accelerated program, night classes or an online CDL school option. Most training in Alabama lasts no more than six weeks.

Program hours may vary but each program will include a set number in classroom, parked vehicle, driving range and public roadway instruction with a qualified instructor.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Alabama

  • Truck Driver Institute: With a location in Oxford, Truck Driver Institute is one of the best CDL schools in Alabama. It is well-known and has been around for over 25 years. With a large facility and a well-studied classroom and behind-the-wheel approach, look no further for a driving school.
  • Affordable Truck Driver Training: If your main priority is finding CDL job placement after you finish the program, ATDT might be the perfect place for you. This CDL school is associated with more than 30 different trucking explorers like Trans Am and Central Refrigeration who visit the school regularly to recruit new employees. The school is located in Moulton and has over 30 years of experience with their comprehensive 160-hour CDL training program.
  • ESD School: This school offers Class A and Class B Commercial Driver Training as well as a structural welding and pipe welding course. This CDL school also has a string focus on job placement services for graduates. Plus, with multiple locations in Alabama, it’s a convenient choice.

Benefits of Completing Alabama Truck Driving School

CDL training has many benefits. Most notably, many Alabama schools offer job placement opportunities. Job placement assistance is not the only draw.

A proper education increases the chances of passing the CDL test, as well. Students enjoy hands-on guidance from qualified instructors as well as valuable classroom time. They have the opportunity to walk through the pre-inspection and other test facets so they are completely prepared and know what to expect before they are tested.

Most CDL schools in Alabama go beyond the basics and train students in other foundational basics for future CDL jobs such as how to record keep for deliveries, how to read maps and plan trip logs and more.

CDL Training Costs in Alabama

The cost for training depends on the school. Prices can vary but can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. The median cost at most reputable schools fall somewhere in the middle at about $5,000. However, some jobs will offer training paid for by the company for future employees, making it free for students.

Prospective students can call the school ahead of time to ask which trucking companies pay for CDL training and how to get free CDL training by having a company cover the cost.

How to Self-Prep for Alabama CDL Exams

Whether or not you choose to attend CDL school in Alabama, you will want to spend a lot of time studying and preparing for the test. The best way to study is to consult the state’s official CDL handbook and a practice test. If you choose to attend a school, you may be given a detailed study guide to use as reference or be given access to a free practice test to take online.

Last updated on Thursday, February 27 2020.