Getting CDL training in Kansas may be a long and complex process, but it can also be important for certain driving professions in the state. Between truck driving, school bus driving and more, there are many practical uses for this training in the Sunflower State. Kansas itself is home to many open roads, and driving is a critical part of the state’s economy. However, truck driving school is also necessary for Kansans who wish to follow this career path. While you will need to take a number of tests in order to get your commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Kansas, taking one of the many education courses provided by the state has only been deemed necessary as recently as July 1, 2018.

You should go through CDL school in Kansas if you are looking to be as prepared as possible for your eventual driving tests and want to have a leg up on the commercial driving process. This education can be provided by the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR), the state organization that regulates these specialty driver’s licenses in the state, or one of the many different colleges and institutions throughout Kansas that cover commercial driving.

What is CDL training in Kansas?

Taking CDL classes in Kansas is a crucial element to driving an applicable vehicle in the state, but it can be helpful to learn more about these licenses before jumping straight into classes.

Commercial driving is a complex process, and requires a certain amount of prior knowledge in order to do it successfully. Luckily, there are a number of different options for drivers in the state who wish to gain employment in this field, which are separated into license classes.

Class A CDL training in Kansas is designed for driving large vehicles that are in excess of 26,000 pounds and towing smaller vehicles heavier than 10,000 pounds. This is the most common form of CDL for drivers in Kansas, as it can allow you to have access to most of the driving-related jobs in the state.

Class B CDL training in Kansas is a separate process, for commercial vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds, but are designed to tow vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds.

Finally, you can get Class C coverage if your commercial vehicle is designed to carry 16 passengers or more, or if you need to drive a special vehicle in order to transport hazardous materials.

Regardless of the type of training that you need in Kansas, getting the right CDL information can teach you about the many extra responsibilities of driving such big vehicles, and the precautions that you will need to take to keep yourself and others safe.

Is CDL school required in Kansas?

In Kansas, CDL prep has only recently been deemed necessary by the state’s Attorney General and the KDOR when applying for a commercial driver’s license. However, that is not necessarily the case in many other states, and you may be asked to get a different amount of training depending on the type of license and endorsements that you are being asked to get.

For example, the basic CDL instruction that all Kansas commercial drivers are required to get is from Truckers Against Trafficking, which provides a short, free course to CDL applicants.

You will also need to take this course if you are renewing an existing CDL license in Kansas, as outlined on your renewal notice. However, there are also additional training programs established by different schools and institutions that are not legally required, but can be useful in learning more about driving these vehicles in Kansas.

Curriculum of Kansas CDL Classes

CDL classes in Kansas are primarily concerned with making sure that all commercial drivers in the state have the right road knowledge, experience and preparation for safely driving their vehicles. While different schools offer different curriculums all across Kansas, interested drivers will usually have multiple options for how to best get the education that they need.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

Taking your KS CDL training online through the Truckers Against Trafficking program is the easiest and most widely preferred method of fulfilling your legal CDL responsibilities. However, taking one of the many supplemental CDL offerings in Kansas can be a smart move and can usually be done onsite at their campus or institution.

Before taking your CDL written test in Kansas, you can utilize an in-class instructional course in order to learn about all of the material that you will be expected to know for the test. By learning from instructors in a classroom environment, you can learn more about:

  • Driving a car vs. driving a commercial vehicle
  • How to properly obey special street signs for commercial vehicles
  • How to deal with driving emergencies while in a commercial vehicle, and more

This will help your eventual CDL general knowledge test in Kansas to be less unpredictable, as instructors will often try to give practice tests and review important materials. However, the Truckers Against Trafficking program is entirely online, and therefore provides a good way to study these materials from the comfort of your own home.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

Your Kansas CDL test will involve a driving portion, and so it is only natural that properly training for it also puts Kansas drivers on the road.

This driving training is comprised of learning how to shift gears, brake, steer and even park your commercial vehicle by doing it in front of a trained instructor. This can allow Kansans to practice their skills before taking on the driving exam.

How long is CDL training in Kansas?

Before taking your Kansas CDL driving test, you should be aware of how much time to factor in for the right amount of instruction.

While the Truckers Against Trafficking program is an online course designed to only take about 30 minutes, it does not cover many of the intricate details of commercial vehicle driving or provide hands-on experience. As such, most other courses of this nature often last roughly four to six weeks, with some variation.

You may take as much of this education as you like, as long as you feel prepared for your Kansas driving exam.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Kansas

If you are wondering, “Is a Kansas truck driving school near me going to provide the education that I need?” then there are many great ways to get the answer that you need.

There are many quality CDL programs scattered across the state, which can serve as additional test preparation beyond the mandatory Truckers Against Trafficking program. Some of these programs include:

  • Apex CDL. This program is designed for Kansans who would like a comprehensive training course in a short amount of time. With their four week program, you can learn about the most modern industry equipment in small classes, and take advantage of their high job placement rate after graduation.
  • White Line CDL. Another of the best CDL schools in Kansas, this accredited program can help students to learn about commercial driving from some of the top instructors in the state. They also offer financing options, so that anyone can get the education that they need for a reasonable price.
  • Seward County Community College. This is a community college program that provides a number of different CDL materials, such as getting your permit, performing maintenance and repairs, dealing with hazardous materials and more. These classes are structured around a six week, 264 hour program during normal school hours.

Benefits of Completing Kansas Truck Driving School

Getting CDL jobs in Kansas should be the primary reason for drivers in the state to be interested in this training. Luckily, going through the right program can help you in this regard tremendously.

Passing your final licensing tests is not impossible without training, but it can be very difficult and expensive to retake. Additionally, many Kansas training programs have job placement resources, and use these to provide driving positions to qualified students.

CDL Training Costs in Kansas

Your Kansas CDL training cost is an important factor in the commercial driving process, and it can vary based on a number of factors.

The KDOR’s Truckers Against Trafficking program is free of charge and can be found and completed through their official government website.

However, additional training can often be purchased from various schools and driving academies for about $4,000, or a different amount depending on the amount of training that you receive, the type of institution that you choose and more.

Certain companies allow you to get paid while training for CDL in Kansas, which is useful for drivers all across the state.

Using this service, you may be able to drive for a company as part of your training hours, and make some money on the side which can go towards your tuition. Finally, many of these programs also offer scholarships and extended financing options, which can allow you to pay off your debts over a period of time.

How to Self-Prep for Kansas CDL Exams

Taking a CDL practice test in Kansas is one of the best ways to prepare for your eventual driving exam, and these can be found from nearly any of the providers listed above.

This will allow you to see example questions that may be similar to the ones on your actual exam, and to go through the feelings and experience of taking a test without the result going towards your licensing decision.

The KDOR creates a CDL handbook for Kansas drivers each year, which should be referenced regardless of whether or not you choose to go through with additional training programs.

This book will inform you of all of the information that you may need to get your CDL in the state, and how you can prepare the right materials for your eventual CDL application.

Last updated on Thursday, February 27 2020.