Kansas boat registrations are required for all vessels powered by sail or motor, including gas, diesel and electric. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) processes initial boat registrations, renewals and registration replacements.

Boat registration is beneficial to all KS boaters because visible registration numbers help marine deputies identify vessels and their owners when help is needed. As you read the sections below, you will learn about registering your watercraft and the qualifications you need to operate your vessel safely on the state’s waterways.

Requirements for Boater Registration in Kansas

The first of the requirements to register a boat in Kansas is completing the proper form, which is called the Application for Certificate of Number Kansas Boating Act Form. It includes KS boat registration instructions and sections for personal information and details about the vessel being registered.

You can file your registration and pay the applicable fees in person at any boat registration agency, state park or KDWPT regional office. If you wish to send your application by mail, use the address below.

Certain supporting documents are needed to meet requirements to register a boat in Kansas, including proof of your sales tax paid. If you bought your boat from a KS dealer, you need a sales tax receipt or an STD8 tax form.

If it was purchased from an out-of-state dealer, you must have a bill of sale that shows the sales tax paid. Note that you will also need a bill of sale for private sales transactions, but you are exempt from proving you paid sales tax on your vessel purchase.

Mail your application, supporting documents and a check or money order for fee payment to:

KDWPT Pratt Operations Office
ATTN: Boat Registration
512 SE 25th Ave.
Pratt, KS 67124

Exemptions from Boat Registration and Titling in Kansas

KDWPT policies dictate which boats are exempt from registration in KS, but all boats are exempt from titling since Kansas does not title watercraft. Common boat registration exemptions in KS include:

  • Boats without motors propelled only by paddles or oars.
  • Vessels with valid out-of-state registrations that are not being used in KS for more than 60 days.
  • Vessels documented by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Kansas Boat Insurance

Call around to obtain boat insurance rates in KS that meet your needs for medical and damage coverage, noting that quotes sometimes vary greatly between insurers. Although many companies offer boat insurance programs in Kansas, the state does not mandate that boaters carry insurance on their vessels. Even so, insurance companies issue policies regularly to boaters who want the financial protection that boat insurance provides.

Kansas Boat Registration Fees

You should be aware that boat registration fees in Kansas are some of the simplest in the nation. The flat-rate boat registration cost in KS covers vessels of all sizes and is $32.50, both at the time of initial registration and when renewing it annually. Other costs related to boat registration fees in Kansas include a $12.50 registration replacement fee.

Renewing Your Kansas Boat Registration

You have several options for renewing your registration. You may renew boat registration online in KS if the owner of the vessel has not changed by visiting the boat renewal portal on the KDWPT website and following the prompts. You may also obtain boat registration renewal in Kansas by appearing in person at a state park, regional office or at an authorized boat registration agent. Your renewal notice will tell you when your registration is going to expire, and you will need to submit it along with your fee payment to obtain the renewal documents. You may mail your renewal to the Pratt Operations Office address shared above.

Replacing Your Kansas Boat Registration

Replace a boat registration in Kansas easily by going to your nearest regional office or state park. Furthermore, you should know that you cannot replace a registration online and be familiar with the fee schedule outlined in the section above.

Boater Safety Courses in Kansas

All boaters between the ages of 12 and 20 years must take a boater safety course in Kansas and obtain a Kansas Boater Education Card (KBEC) to legally operate any motorized watercraft or sailboat. There are two main Kansas boating safety course options: in person or online. Although taking an official boater safety course in Kansas is not mandatory for older boat operators, taking a class can make you a safer boater and even reduce the cost of boat insurance premiums.

Kansas Boater License

Although a boater education card cannot be officially referred to as a Kansas boating license, a boater education card serves the same purpose and must be carried any time the vessel is being operated by a person between 12 and 20 years old. Contact the KDWPT for information on obtaining an in-person or online boating license (boater education card).

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.