There is currently no Kansas demerit points program for your driver’s license, which means any moving violations or other traffic citations you receive will not result in a certain number of points in your driving record. However, this does not mean that certain violations will not affect your insurance costs or otherwise have licensing repercussions for you.

While other states do operate a driver point system to keep track of problematic drivers, the KS Department of Revenue (DOR) Division of Vehicles does not. The DOR section called Driver Solutions manages all driving records, which will still reflect any moving violations or other traffic violations and citations you receive, but you will not accrue points on a license in Kansas.

While Kansas does not use points, you should still understand the repercussions of any violations or citations you receive, as well as how you might be able to partially clear your driving record by enrolling in traffic school and how to dispute any citation you receive. Find out all the details in the appropriate sections below.

Moving Violation Penalties in Kansas

Moving violations will result in various levels of penalties. For example, driving under the influence or DUI penalties, also referred to as drunk driving penalties, can result in your license being suspended, monetary fines, community service hours and even potential imprisonment.

Note that a DUI or DWI are both used for alcohol- or drug-related offenses, meaning that you are under the influence, impaired or intoxicated. All of these situations can result in a moving violation conviction.

Similarly, charges related to reckless driving can include the aforementioned, and your driving privileges may be suspended for even longer if you have been convicted of three moving violations within a single year.

How to Fix a Driving Record in Kansas

If you want to know how to clear your driving record in Kansas, first know that you can access your driving record online or at any Kansas driver licensing office. You might be required to prove your identity first, and you will need to pay the fee. Reading your record might be difficult with all of the acronyms and various notes, so be sure you request help if you are unclear on any information on your record.

There is no Kansas online driving school, nor can you take any online courses to try to expunge any citations or issues from your driving record. Kansas only acknowledges accredited in-person training institutions for new potential drivers or for an improvement course.

You can request a hearing if you think there is something wrong with your record in order to keep it cleared of extra citations.

Disputing a Moving Violation Charge in Kansas

Fighting a speeding ticket in Kansas can be done by reaching out to an attorney or by contacting the Administrative Hearing section of the Division of Vehicles. You can request a hearing if need be for your specific infraction, which could be contesting a traffic ticket or other similar traffic citation.

Even disputing an alcohol-related violation can be done through the Administrative Hearing section. If your violation is a traffic crime, you should make sure you have legal representation since the ramifications are often harsher.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.