All residents who plan to fly internationally must first complete a passport application in Kansas to obtain a U.S. passport. A passport is a resident’s ticket to international travel.

It is the only document that allows a resident to exit and re-enter the U.S. and serves as proof of U.S. citizenship and personal identity. Furthermore, a passport card can be used to travel by land or sea to certain countries.

Obtaining a U.S. passport is fairly simple and requires a few important documents depending on each resident’s eligibility. For example, a resident will have to provide a name change document if he or she has undergone a legal name change. Furthermore, costs vary depending on the type of passport being requested and whether it is an expedited passport.

Where to Get a Passport in Kansas

You can get a passport card and a passport book at a local acceptance facility or regional agency. There are plenty of acceptance facilities located across Kansas, with the most notable being the post office.

However, you can also get your passport at a public library, courthouse or county clerk office. If you have urgent travel plans and need a passport within two to three weeks, you must visit a regional passport agency in person to request an expedited passport in KS.

While there are no regional agencies in Kansas, the nearest are the Colorado passport agency and Arkansas passport agency. Make sure to call before visiting a local acceptance facility as you may need an appointment to submit your passport application. Some offices offer a designated hour for walk-ins.

Note: If you are visiting a regional passport agency, you can make an appointment on the U.S. Department of State site or by calling the National Passport Center.

Kansas Passport Books vs. Cards

If you are asking “What is a passport book?” you may be wondering how it is different from a passport card. A passport book is a travel-sized booklet used as a formal document to exit and re-enter the U.S. It consists of an identification page with a passport photo and personal data, as well as pages designated for visas.

When most people think of a passport, they think of the book. A passport card, however, is a pocket-sized REAL ID-compliant card that can only be used for domestic air travel and for crossing the border to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and certain places in the Caribbean by land and sea.

The passport card cost is much cheaper and convenient than a passport book. However, you must obtain a book if you plan to travel internationally by air.

How to Get a Passport in Kansas

To submit a KS passport application as a first-time applicant or a minor, you must visit a passport office in person. Make sure to bring the following documentation to avoid having to leave and come back to complete the process:

  • A qualifying color passport photo
  • The proper US passport fees
  • Your photo ID or driver’s license along with a photocopy of the ID’s front and back
  • Certified proof of U.S. citizenship and a photocopy of the document
  • Proof of parental relationship, if you are applying for your child’s passport (U.S. birth certificate or adoption decree)
  • A form of parental consent if neither parent can attend the meeting
  • Proof of parental awareness for those 16 or 17 years of age and a photocopy of one parent’s ID

While you cannot apply by mail or online, you may fill out and print the appropriate passport application online at the U.S. Department of State’s website.

U.S. Passport Renewals in Kansas

To renew your KS passport card or book, you must do so by mail. However, keep in mind that a facility will accept a passport renewal request only if the following apply to your U.S. passport:

  • It is undamaged and remains in good condition.
  • It contains your current name.
  • It was issued when you were 16 years of age or older.
  • It was issued within the past 15 years.

If your passport does not meet the above qualifications, then you cannot renew your passport and will need to apply for a new passport. To renew your passport, you will need to mail a renewal application with the proper supporting documents. This includes your most recent passport, a new photo and payment for the correct fees.

How much does it cost to renew your passport? Fees will vary depending on if you are requesting an expedited passport. In this case, you will label the envelope “EXPEDITE” before mailing it to the National Passport Processing Center.

How to Replace a Lost Passport in Kansas

If you are looking to replace a lost passport in KS, you must first report your passport as lost or stolen to the U.S. Department of State. This will void your passport and prevent anyone from using it illegally. Submit a lost passport form as soon as possible online, by mail or phone.

Once you have completed this step, you may move forward with replacing your lost or stolen document. This will require that you submit a new application in person at a passport acceptance facility. You must provide proof of identity, U.S. citizenship, a color passport photo and the appropriate replacement fees.

If you are looking to replace a damaged passport, you will need to complete the same process in person with the above documentation. However, you will also need to provide your damaged or mutilated passport and a signed statement explaining its current condition in detail.

How to Complete a Passport Update in Kansas

If you recently changed your name or gender, you will want all of your important documentation to accurately reflect your new information. This will require that you complete the appropriate passport update. Furthermore, you may update your document if you notice a misprint, such as a misspelled name, discoloration or crooked printing.

Name Change

If you are changing the name on your passport to match your current name, you will need to fill out the appropriate application depending on when your passport was issued. Additionally, you will need to provide the following documentation.

  • Current valid U.S. passport card and/or book
  • A color passport photo that meets requirements
  • Certified proof of name change (divorce decree, marriage certificate, court order)
  • The appropriate US passport fees, if you are updating your passport after a year

If your passport was issued less than a year ago, you will need to submit a passport corrections form to the National Passport Processing Center by mail. You must provide all of the legal names you have previously used as well as your current legal name. If your passport was issued more than a year ago, you will need to submit a passport renewal form by mail when getting a new passport.

While you do not have to pay a fee for the corrections form, you will need to pay a fee for the renewal application. If you are not eligible to renew your passport by mail, you must complete the standard application instead and submit it in person at a qualifying passport office. In the event that you cannot provide evidence of legal name change, you will need to apply for a new card in person with a valid ID that reflects your current legal name.

Sex Marker Change

If you have changed your gender or are in the process of doing so, you may obtain a passport card or book that displays your new gender. To obtain a full 10-year passport, you must have completed clinical treatment as deemed appropriate by your doctor.

If you are currently receiving clinical treatment, you may obtain a two-year renewable passport that reflects your corrected gender. To obtain a new passport, you must submit the following documentation with your passport application.

  • Updated photo ID card resembling your new appearance
  • Qualifying passport photo that reflects your current appearance
  • A medical certification that states the status of your transition
  • A legal name change document, if applicable

Passport Misprint

If your passport card and/or book was issued to you with a printing error, you may obtain an update at no charge. You may receive a passport that is valid for up to 10 years if you report the misprint within a year of its issue date.

If you apply for a passport correction after a year has passed, your updated passport will remain valid until the expiration date of the original. Simply submit a passport correction form, passport photo and evidence of the error by mail to the processing center. Evidence may include a birth certificate with your current name spelled correctly.

Kansas Expedited Passport Service

While routine passport service typically takes four to six weeks, you can obtain a KS expedited passport if you have immediate plans to travel. At an additional price, you can request a passport card and/or book in less than four to six weeks at your local acceptance facility.

To get your passport quicker, you must visit the Colorado or Arkansas passport agency. If you are in a life-or-death emergency, call the U.S. Department of State to obtain an emergency passport in as little as 72 hours.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.