Vehicle owners may change car registration address in Kansas by performing a procedure through the Division of Vehicles of the state Department of Revenue (DOR). The process of changing a car registration address may be performed when residents have moved from one to another residential address within the state.

Moreover, new residents need to also update their addresses when they move from an out-of-state address to a new one in Kansas. An address change is a procedure that must be performed within a given time limit from the date of the move to a new residence in Kansas. Therefore, vehicle owners who want to learn how to change car registration address in Kansas are encouraged to continue reading the sections below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Kansas Car Registration

When drivers decide to perform an address update on an auto registration in Kansas, they need to know that such a procedure must be completed through the KS DOR after their move to a new residential address. In addition, vehicle owners will be required to change the address on their vehicle documents, regardless of whether they have moved within the state or from an out-of-state residence to a new place in Kansas.

Individuals are generally required to perform a process of updating an address because the KS DOR must have the driver’s current information on file for future reference. Therefore, vehicle owners need to learn the instance when they need to update their addresses with the DOR prior to moving to another residential address.

Kansas Address Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

The process of changing a car registration address in Kansas must be performed within a certain time limit after the driver’s move to a new residence. However, in order to find out how soon you may change a car registration address, you are encouraged to contact the KS DOR and find out more information about the time limit and the procedure.

Failure to perform an address change on car registration within the given timeframe may result in certain penalties and even may prevent you from getting renewal notices on time. Therefore, the KS DOR encourages vehicle owners to update their addresses with the DOR before the given time limit expires.

How to Change Your Address on Your Kansas Car Registration

Vehicle owners may change car registration address in Kansas only in person at a local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office. An online process for the address change on a car registration is currently unavailable for drivers. Therefore, individuals need to first update the address on their driver’s license or ID card online, in person or by mail.

After that, motorists may update their car registration address at a nearby KS DOR location by providing their updated driver’s license, ID card or an official mail such as phone bill, electric bill or gas bill. Providing the required documents for changing auto registration address will update the driver’s registration records. Getting updated registrations with your new address can involve a similar process to that of obtaining a replacement registration.

Note: The process of updating your address for your vehicle documents varies from the one for updating the address on a driver’s license or ID card. Therefore, make sure to contact the KS DOR and learn more information about the difference between these two procedures prior to beginning one.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Kansas

Motorists may often wonder how to update auto registrations in Kansas or when to renew a car registration instead of updating the KS DOR records only. For that reason, individuals need to learn the difference between a process of address change on auto registration and a vehicle registration renewal procedure. Registration card holders who are wondering whether to update a car registration address or renew their credentials when approaching the expiration date are recommended to both renew their cards and update the address information with the KS DOR.

Therefore, prior to changing one’s address information, vehicle owners are expected to check the expiration date of their credentials and renew them if their cards are about to expire. Motorists who are still wondering how to update a registration address and when to renew their credentials instead of simply updating them may contact a KS DOR office and learn more information about both procedures.

Kansas DMV Address Change Fees

To finalize the process of changing car registration address in Kansas, vehicle owners may be required to pay certain fees. However, the fees for an address change on auto registration may vary from county to county, as well as depending on whether applicants want to get duplicate credentials at the same time or they strictly want to update their DOR records only.

For instance, motorists who are updating car registration address and replacing their credentials may be required to pay fees for the duplicate credential, but the exact cost varies depending on the county where you reside.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.