Completing the procedure to change a car registration address in West Virginia is an important step after moving to another residence within the state or changing your mailing address. The state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers several methods of changing car registration address, including online, in person and by mail.

Note that, depending on whether you would like to complete the update for your mailing or your residential address, you will be required to fill out different forms. If you need to make changes to your physical address and obtain a duplicate registration card, you will be required to fill out the standard application form for a replacement car registration. To find out more about how to change car registration address in West Virginia, continue reading the following sections.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your West Virginia Car Registration

Updating a vehicle registration address in West Virginia is a procedure that must be completed on each occasion you change your place of residence. You will also be required to complete the update in the event that you change your mailing address, since it is used by the state DMV to send you important correspondence. Note that you will have to update your information with the state DMV under other unique circumstances as well.

For instance, if you have recently moved within Virginia with out-of-state registration documents, you will have to complete the address change procedure when you apply for your first registration card with the division. You will also have to complete the WV address change on your vehicle registration if you were issued a registration certificate with typographical errors.

West Virginia Address Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

Car owners must complete the process to update their information within a few days of any changes in their mailing or residential addresses. Failure to complete the update within the appropriate timeframe may lead to potential fines and penalties.

Vehicle owners who fail in changing an auto registration address in WV, for instance, may be subjected to a traffic citation or worse. Motorists who fail to notify the state DMV of their new address will also not receive a vehicle registration renewal notice, which may ultimately lead to a missed renewal date.

How to Change Your Address on Your West Virginia Car Registration Online

The best way to complete the West Virginia address change on car registration is to submit your request via the DMV Online Services section, accessible through the division’s website. Note that when updating your information, you will technically be utilizing the online service for a duplicate registration card, since it also allows you to make the necessary address changes. In order to access the service, however, applicants will first be required to certify that they are the owners of the record and that they have a vehicle insurance policy in effect.

After logging on to the system, you will be prompted to enter several types of information, such as your personal data and your new address, before paying the applicable fee. Once you successfully update your car registration address online in WV, the system will generate a receipt, which can be printed and utilized as an address change proof until you receive the permanent registration card by mail.

How to Change Your Address on Your West Virginia Car Registration by Mail

Vehicle owners who are unable to complete the change via the internet can mail a written form to the state DMV. Note that the address change on vehicle registration form will vary depending on whether you are only updating your mailing address in the DMV database or you are changing your physical address and requesting an updated registration card at the same time.

Note that the change of address form must be mailed along with a copy of your driver’s license or ID card to the DMV Records Section in Charleston.

If you would like to complete the WV address change on car registration and obtain a new document with your new address, on the other hand, you will have to fill out a different form and mail it to DMV Vehicle Services section in Charleston. Once the state DMV receives any of the two address change forms, it will complete the corresponding transaction. If you apply for a duplicate registration card with your new address, you will receive it by mail.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in West Virginia

Completing the West Virginia address update on auto registration when renewing your vehicle registration is an option that can only be utilized within your renewal period. Note that if you would like to update your information and renew your tags at the same time, you may be limited only to certain application methods. Regardless of the method chosen to change your vehicle registration address in WV and renew your current registration, you will be required to furnish your new address prior to paying the renewal fees.

West Virginia DMV Address Change Fees

Paying a fee when updating your information is a step that will only apply in the event that the vehicle owner orders a duplicate car registration or renews his or her license plates at the same time. For instance, if you complete the address change on a car registration with one of the two forms outlined above, the state DMV will not charge you a fee since it will only make corrections in its database. However, if you change your auto registration address and order a new registration certificate by mail or online, you will have to pay the standard replacement costs.

The fee to change your address online is $10. The same fee applies to requesting a duplicate registration card or decal. Note that if you request a duplicate decal, you will also receive a duplicate registration card. The online service also charges a $1.00 service fee.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.