You must have a West Virginia DMV registration sticker and title to operate a vehicle, whether you drive a motor vehicle, a trailer and certain other types of vehicles. This decal is an important part of the vehicle registration process, as it shows that you paid fees and are permitted to drive with the authority of the Division of Motor Vehicles. If your WV registration sticker was not received after you paid for registration or renewal, you must make sure to replace the document as soon as possible to maintain your driving privileges.

After your vehicle is registered, you will obtain a car tag sticker, as well as a license plate. You must have registration documents in your vehicle at all times, along with your insurance certificate. Registration fees will vary based on the vehicle classes and types. You can expect to receive a renewal notice 30 days prior to your expiration date. To ensure accuracy, the Department of Motor Vehicles usually prints off the vehicle registration renewal documents months ahead of it being sent out. It is important to note that this notice is only a reminder that your expiration date is coming up.

West Virginia car plate sticker renewal should happen regardless of if you receive a notice or not. It is best not to wait to receive one if your expiration date is coming up. If you need a DMV sticker replacement, you may be able to renew your registration instead of simply requesting a replacement decal. In West Virginia, you are able to renew your registration sticker through four different methods. You can renew and request a registration sticker online, by mail, in person at a DMV office or at a participating local county sheriff’s office. The last option depends on the county in which you live. If your DMV sticker was not received, you can read the sections below to find out how to order a replacement and the various reasons for lost decals.

Common Reasons That a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in West Virginia

If your WV car sticker was not received in the mail, it may be the result of your failure to renew your vehicle registration and license plates. To avoid this particular situation, it is best to renew your registration as early as possible. In the process of renewing your vehicle registration, you must pass an inspection every 12 months for safety purposes. You must have an unexpired decal and registration document in your car to complete the inspection transaction. Without proof of inspection, registration documents and a decal, your vehicle cannot be operated.

Another reason you did not receive your decal for vehicle registration is based on an incorrect address.  If the reason your DMV registration sticker was not received is due to old address information, you must make sure to change your mailing and/or residence address with the DMV online or by mail. Per DMV requirements, you should make address changes no more than 10 days after moving or changing your mailing address information. This is to ensure that you get all DMV correspondence, not just registration details.

Can I legally drive if my West Virginia registration sticker was not received?

In West Virginia, it is illegal to drive with expired registration and license plates. Even if you submitted your renewal but never got the decal, you can still be pulled over if law enforcement sees that your tags are expired. When you drive under these conditions, you are more susceptible to receiving citations until the issue is resolved. It is best speak with the DMV as soon as possible if your decal is delayed or missing, as there may be an error with the DMV office.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received

In addition to you being more susceptible to police pulling you over, the longer you wait to get decal, the more difficult it will be to obtain your updated car tag. West Virginia has no grace period and temporary tags are only issued to vehicles purchased through West Virginia dealers.

Steps to Take if Your DMV Sticker was Not Received

In the event that your West Virginia decal is lost after you submit your renewal request, you should contact a regional office in West Virginia or the local sheriff’s office, when applicable to your county or location. They will confirm where your tag is in the process of getting to you, or if you need to make any changes to your information.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in West Virginia

You may get a DMV sticker replacement in West Virginia if the registration tag is lost in the mail, or if your plate and/or decal was stolen or destroyed. You may also be given one if you undergo an address change and update your registration information.

In West Virginia, it is important to take care of your car plate sticker renewal  before your expiration date approaches. This can be done by renewing your registration sticker online if you have a valid form of payment. If you want to request the replacement online, you must make sure you have the proper documents ready. You can also renew your vehicle car tag through mail using the renewal notice, assuming you are eligible to submit a renewal request. Make sure that the renewal is sent with the correct fee amount, personal property tax receipts and information verifying your insurance.

Obtaining your West Virginia DMV registration sticker can also be done by renewing through your DMV regional office. This method requires you to bring your insurance information, property tax receipts and a proper form of payment.

In West Virginia, there is the possibility of your County Sheriff’s office being able to process a vehicle registration for you. If the office does process registrations, you will need to bring your car tag sticker renewal notice, property tax receipts, a form of payment and insurance information. It is important to note that the sheriff’s office can only grant renewals to Class A passenger vehicles and motorcycle registrations, known as Class G.

If you are not eligible for renewal but your registration decal was not received, you can submit a request for a duplicate online or by mail. For online replacement, you must pay with a credit card and you must print out the temporary registration. The temporary registration should be kept in your car, and it will expire in 60 days. For a by-mail request, you must submit a check with the completed application. With this new decal, you will also receive new registration paperwork.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.