You will need to renew your DMV registration sticker in Tennessee annually if you own and operate a vehicle. However, if your registration sticker was not received after to registration renewal process, you may face tickets or citations for driving without valid registration and plates. This decal lets authorities know that your plates and registration are valid, and that you have the approval of the Department of Revenue to operate the vehicle on state roads. Tennessee law requires that drivers renew their registration tags within 90 days of receiving a renewal notice, so that the car tag sticker does not expire while it is still in use. You can receive a ticket for driving with expired tags, so it is best to take care of the issue prior to your expiration date approaching. Registration must be done on motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and certain other vehicles driven on the highway.

It is important to note that you may not receive a car plate sticker renewal notice by mail in Tennessee if you sign up for email notifications. Additionally, some counties may prefer that you resubmit your license plate registration receipt from last year to verify the information asked on the renewal form. If you want to know more about replacing a lost registration decal and the reasons you did not receive it, continue reading the sections below.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Tennessee

If you are a Tennessee resident with a missing plate decal, there are a few things that can help you understand why you are in this situation. In Tennessee, a car plate sticker renewal notice is mailed approximately six weeks prior to your car tags expiration date as a courtesy.

You can find the expiration date indicated by the month decal on your license plate. It is important to note that even if you do not receive a renewal notice, you are responsible for renewing your plates and your registration on time. If your renewal notice for your documents and license plate sticker was not received, you can renew your registration with any document containing the Vehicle Identification Number or license plate number.

To avoid having a Tennessee DMV registration sticker not received situation, make sure you carefully review your expiration date and make sure all of your DOR records are updated. Many times, renewal notices are lost in the mail or do not go to the correct vehicle owner. Make sure to update vehicle address records as soon as possible to receive important DOR correspondence.

If you have changed your address within the last year, this should be updated through your local county clerk’s office. In order for an address change to be valid, you will need to tell the county clerk which vehicles are in your name. Your car plate sticker renewal notice cannot be forwarded to your new address if the new address is not in the system. It is also important to note that if you have failed your emissions test, you cannot receive a new registration tag.

Can I legally drive if my Tennessee registration sticker was not received?

If you have an expired tag or your Tennessee car tag sticker has not yet been received, it is illegal to drive without a registration sticker. However, in the event that you are pulled over, if you have proof that your Tennessee car tag sticker is in the process of being renewed, you may not be fined. Temporary tags will not be given to you if your vehicle did not pass the emissions test. Tennessee does not have a grace period in regard to driving with expired tags.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received

The length of time that you have gone without a DMV sticker replacement and what county you reside in both factor into the consequences that you may face in Tennessee. It is important to contact your local county clerk to verify fines and fees.

Steps to Take if Your Tennessee DMV Sticker was Not Received

If your Tennessee DMV registration sticker has not made it to your address, it is important that you contact your local county clerk office or go to the office in person. If you have already requested a replacement, your local county clerk office can tell you the status of your replacement. If your license stick was not received, the county clerk’s office may be responsible for replacement at no charge to you.

Where to get Registration Sticker Replacements in Tennessee

As a Tennessee resident, you may have three options for obtaining a DMV sticker replacement registration sticker that include mailing a replacement registration form, requesting to replace sticker online or visiting a local county clerk office in person. These options are only valid if you are eligible to renew your registration.

If you cannot renew your registration, you can submit a replacement request by mail to your local county clerk. In this request, you must make sure to include your car’s VIN, plate number and the replacement fees. If the decal was stolen, you must make sure to report it to the police.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.