A Tennessee DMV motorcycle handbook is a guide that assists motorcyclists to become better and more responsible traffic participants. The manual for motorcycles prepared by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TN DSHS) covers various topics, such as the state motorcycle laws and regulations, rider responsibilities, motorcycle knowledge and road tests, and many more.

Riders are recommended to study thoroughly this motorcycle manual in order to learn their responsibilities as traffic participants and . Moreover, motorists need to learn the imposed Tennessee motorcycle helmet laws prior to getting a riding credential. To discover more information about the TN traffic laws and regulations, as well as the helmet laws or the responsibilities that come with the motorcycle license, continue reading the sections below.

What Topics are Covered in the Tennessee DMV Motorcycle Handbook?

The Tennessee motorcycle DMV book abounds with information needed for current or new motorcyclists who are riding their motorbikes on public roads within the state. The information is divided into several sections which cover different topics, such as:

  • Road rules
  • Traffic signs
  • Motorcycle license requirements
  • Motorcycle knowledge and road skills tests
  • Riding a motorcycle under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) penalties
  • Consequences of underage driving while impaired
  • Laws for young riders
  • Equipment and gear requirements
  • Using roadway lanes
  • Sharing the road
  • Three-wheel motorcycle requirements

These are the major topics covered in the Tennessee motorcycle handbook that riders must study either prior to getting a full bike license or while holding one, in order to improve their skills and safety techniques.

Can a motorcycle handbook in Tennessee help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam?

Motorists may find instructions for a Tennessee motorcycle knowledge test or a road exam in the state-issued handbook for motorbikes. The manual provides license applicants with information and guidelines about how to prepare and what to learn for a motorcycle knowledge exam. Moreover, it gives motorcyclists the opportunity to check their knowledge by giving them sample questions, similar to the ones that they will have to answer on the actual test.

The knowledge test questions are based on information taken from the manual for motorcycles. In most cases, the questions are taken from sections on road rules and motorcycle safety practices.

What Other Materials can Help Applicants Prepare for a Tennessee Motorcycle Knowledge Test or Road Exam?

In addition to reviewing the information contained in a Tennessee DMV motorcycle manual, riders may also benefit from other materials that will prepare them for the appropriate knowledge exam. Taking a motorcycle safety course is one of the options for learning the topics examined by a knowledge test.

The Tennessee DSHS offers a Motorcycle Rider Education Program (MREP), which teaches motorists how to ride safely, how alcohol and drugs affect riding a motorbike and how to obtain a motorcycle license. Riders who complete the MREP course may get a motorcycle knowledge test and road exam waived by submitting a certificate of completion.

Another option to get prepared for a motorcycle knowledge exam is to take a practice test, which contains questions similar to the ones on the actual exam. Moreover, motorists are recommended to study from a motorcycle license study guide, because it contains information on how to pass a knowledge test for each type of credential, including a motorcycle license.

Who Else Can Benefit from a Motorcycle Manual in Tennessee?

In addition to the preparation for a Tennessee motorcycle knowledge test, motorists may also be able to get other benefits from reading the manual. For instance, new riders will learn how to apply for a motorcycle license and which requirements must be satisfied to obtain such credential. Moreover, motorcyclists will be able to learn the state laws and regulations, the road rules and the meaning of every traffic sign.

Reading a DMV motorcycle handbook may also prove to be useful for motorists who want to learn the penalties and consequences from riding a motorbike under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or riding while impaired. Furthermore, riders will also be given the opportunity to learn more information about the TN motorcycle safety, as well as about how to share the road with other traffic participants or what the mandatory gear equipment and requirements are. For more information about these topics and many more, obtain a copy of the manual today and begin reading the sections one by one.

How to Get a Tennessee DMV Motorcycle Manual

Motorists who want to get a Tennessee DMV motorcycle handbook may do so by using one of the offered TN DHSH methods. In other words, riders may obtain a motorcycle manual either online through the TN DHSH website, or in person at a local DHSH office. Motorcyclists who want to learn the motorcycle safety regulations and state laws, as well as the information needed for passing a knowledge test, may obtain the handbook here, from the comfort of their homes.

However, riders may also decide to obtain the manual from a nearby TN DHSH location. Regardless of the method for getting a manual in TN, residents need to learn all the covered topics and get prepared for taking the corresponding knowledge test and for riding a motorcycle in a safely manner.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.