The vehicle identification number (VIN) in Tennessee is associated with each specific vehicle, and acts like a serial number, tracking ownership, car accidents, theft and more. This information can then be revealed through a vehicle history report, which can be obtained online or by mail.

Performing a VIN Lookup Online in Tennessee

A VIN code lookup in Tennessee can be easily requested online. This is by far the most convenient way to obtain a vehicle’s history, and one that can be done regardless of whether or not you own the vehicle. Therefore, online reports are invaluable to both owners of a vehicle and potential buyers. A vehicle’s report can be requested from your home or from anywhere with access to your smartphone, allowing you to request a report when you need it.

Requesting a VIN Number Lookup by Mail

You can also look up VIN details by mail through the Tennessee Department of Revenue if you are a vehicle owner. However, you must wait until after you have registered the vehicle in your name to do so. Should you wish to request your vehicle’s history by mail, you will need to download and complete a form before mailing in your request. Please allow up to two weeks to receive your vehicle report.

What info is in a Tennessee VIN history report?

A Tennessee VIN number check yields an abundance of information about a vehicle. Some of this information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vehicle specifications.
  • Title history.
  • Ownership history.
  • Odometer records.
  • Safety recalls.
  • Open liens.
  • Accident reports.

Therefore, checking VIN numbers is an important step in purchasing a car, and even selling a vehicle.

A VIN report will provide you with the real-time history of a vehicle. Not only will you learn how many owners a vehicle has had, but you will learn about accidents and sustained damage the vehicle has faced, as well as minor incidents, such as hail damage. If a vehicle has previously been used as a source of income, such as a rental or taxi, this information will be provided within the vehicle’s report.

One of the most important parts of a vehicle’s report will cover whether or not the vehicle has ever been declared a total loss by an insurance provider. If a vehicle is declared a total loss due to unrecovered theft, an extensive amount of damage or flood damage, this is something that you will want to know about, as salvage titles are issued to these types of vehicles. Not only could these vehicles experience mechanical issues at a later date, but salvage titled vehicles are generally harder to insure, and there are several insurance providers who do not offer coverage, offer limited coverage or charge far higher premiums.

A VIN number report will also display:

  • Odometer records, which can help you determine whether or not the vehicle’s odometer has been intentionally rolled back in order to increase the value of the car.
  • Whether or not a vehicle currently has an unsatisfied lien on it.
  • Safety recall notifications from the vehicle manufacturer, which will inform you as to whether or not a vehicle may be safe to operate.

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in Tennessee?

A VIN history is invaluable in a number of situations, especially if you are ready to buy or sell a vehicle. Obtaining a vehicle’s report prior to the purchase of a vehicle can help you to make an informed decision about the vehicle, as well as ensure that the odometer has not been tampered with and that there are not any current lenders on a vehicle. A report is the best way to protect yourself – as a buyer –and can ensure that there are no unexpected issues that will immediately arise after the purchase of a vehicle.

Obtaining a report for a VIN can also help you sell your vehicle more easily. Not only that, but it will help you in the negotiation of the vehicle’s price. The ability to present a report to potential buyers will only add to your credibility and reassure potential buyers.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

A VIN number can be found in a number of places – both on and off a vehicle. This identification number can generally be found on the vehicle in the following locations:

  • Under the hood of the front of the engine
  • By the windshield washer unit
  • The interior dash of the driver’s side
  • Beneath the spare tire in the vehicle’s trunk
  • On the rear wheel well
  • In the driver door jam

Alternatively, this number can also be found off of the vehicle, itself. It can be located on the vehicle’s title and registration information, the auto insurance documentation and the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Vehicle History Report Fees in Tennessee

A complete vehicle history report in Tennessee costs $15.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.