Idaho drivers can benefit from utilizing VIN lookup services when looking for a used car. By understanding the background information of a vehicle, residents can make qualified purchase decisions. A unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is assigned to every car. Using this number, a report about the history of the car can be requested. Information about previous accidents, major repairs, past owners and more is disclosed on the report. Drivers interested in purchasing a car can use this information to choose a well-equipped vehicle.

In Idaho, previous car information is available to residents in a few different ways. Requests for vehicle history reports can be submitted online, by mail, fax or in person. These methods are easily accessible for the convenience of car buyers and sellers in the state. Find important information about a vehicle’s VIN through online resources, or learn about additional options below.

Checking VIN Numbers Instantly Online in Idaho

Drivers can find VIN number lookup information by consulting a trusted online service. By using this method, the hassle of visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), mailing or faxing necessary forms is eliminated. Instead, reports are accessed easily from home. An online request is the fastest and most stress-free way to receive essential car information.

The online process starts with visiting our secure website and entering the necessary personal and vehicle details. A VIN code and valid email address are the only requirements to begin submitting a request. Through the email address, the comprehensive vehicle history report is instantaneously generated. The important background information on a car can then be used for your benefit.

How to Check VIN Number Information at the DMV in Idaho

To obtain the history of a vehicle, drivers can submit a request form in person at an Idaho DMV office. This method requires more time and effort than simply sending an online application. The VIN code lookup document must be filled out completely with information about the requestor and the vehicle in question. The name, drivers license number, address and phone number of the resident is required. Record request documents must be completely accurate in order to be validated. In addition, necessary payments should be provided. Note that cash payments are not accepted.

Unlike the online lookup VIN method, some of the information on a DMV record request is not received instantaneously. The title history and record summary data is sent by mail, email or by fax to the requester after the form is processed. This will generally take a week or longer.

Ordering a VIN Report by Mail in Idaho

Another way a VIN number check can be completed in Idaho is by mail. For this method, the motor vehicle record request form must be mailed to the state transportation department. This document requires the submission of valid vehicle and requestor information. In addition, the driver should indicate whether a response should be mailed, emailed or faxed. The payment for the mandated fee must be included with the request form. Cash payments are unacceptable, and will not be processed.

The mail-in method for receiving a vehicle history report takes the longest amount of time. Drivers in need of important car information within a short amount of time should consider using the online process. Additionally, any erroneous or missing information mailed to the transportation department will further increase wait times.

Getting a VIN Number Report by Fax in Idaho

Idaho VIN checks can also be submitted by fax. Drivers must submit their record request documentation by fax to the state transportation department. On the form, the name, drivers license number, address and phone number of the driver requesting information must be entered. Vehicle data that is necessary includes the following:

The only acceptable form of payment for the associated fees is by credit card. The vehicle history report is mailed, emailed or faxed to the requestor when the document is successfully processed.

What info is in an Idaho VIN history report?

A history report provides drivers with a wide variety of information about a vehicle. The lookup VIN code is entered to generate this report. A comprehensive history of the car will be displayed on the document. Important information listed includes:

  • Previous vehicle owners. Drivers can ensure the person selling the car is the actual owner.
  • Towing and impound information, indicating a vehicle may have mechanical issues.
  • Recalls or defects demonstrating previous structural problems with the vehicle.
  • Theft status, revealing whether a vehicle has been stolen in the past.
  • Accident history of a vehicle. This includes flood damage and car accident reports that may reveal potential complications for the driver.
  • Odometer readings, which disclose how many miles a vehicle has driven. Furthermore, odometer readings reveal if the mileage has been illegally turned back to hide the true vehicle wear and tear.

In addition to the previously stated information, car history documents reveal vehicle specifications, safety reports, sale prices and title brands.

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in Idaho?

Vehicle history reports are helpful for those buying or selling used cars. For buyers, purchasing a vehicle with a stable history and a clean record is more dependable. Generating a background report protects drivers from paying too much or buying unsafe cars. Without this information, sellers could unfairly increase the prices of used cars over the actual value. Additionally, important events in the history of a vehicle could be withheld from potential purchasers.

Looking up VIN number information is also beneficial to car dealers and individual retailers. By providing this information to buyers, sellers establish credibility with consumers. Drivers are likelier to pay closer to the asking price when the entire vehicle background is revealed.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

VIN numbers are found in various areas of cars, depending on the make and model of a specific vehicle. Generally, this number is found on a sticker or a metal plate on the driver’s side of a car. The driver side door and dashboard are also common places to find vehicle ID numbers.

Additionally, the number may be found under the hood, or in the trunk. Besides the car itself, the title and registration documents, as well as the auto insurance card, also contain this number.

Vehicle History Report Fees in Idaho

The mandated fee for requesting a record in Idaho is $7.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.