As a general rule, an Idaho VIN inspection is responsible for verifying the unique vehicle identification number (VIN) of a particular car, confirming that it matches the supplementary documentation that is attached to it. A VIN verification also ensures that the vehicle has not been tampered with or stolen. All vehicles that are recorded as stolen will come up in local and national databases with specific VIN details. Furthermore, cars with altered VINs will be flagged for further investigation.

In order to verify a VIN number in ID, vehicle owners must provide an official inspection with the necessary documents that are required for this procedure. Overall, a vehicle verification must be completed prior to the registration of your car. It is only after your vehicle has been properly registered that it can be legally driven on public roads.

Moreover, all vehicles must be registered according to the requirements set by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). As such, make sure that you comply with all of these requirements and pay the applicable fees based on your type of vehicle. To learn more about this type of car verification, read the sections below.

When is an Idaho VIN verification required?

Overall, a car verification in Idaho is required prior to the registration of the vehicle. In addition, this procedure is particularly necessary whenever a vehicle’s history is uncertain. The most significant purpose of a vehicle VIN verification is to assure the state’s Transportation Department and local law enforcement agencies that a vehicle is actually yours, and that it was not stolen or altered illegally. Furthermore, this procedure will be particularly necessary prior to the registration of a vehicle if you are transferring an out-of-state title or if you do not have a valid title in your possession.

An inspector will use the DMV VIN verification form to identify all of the relevant details regarding your vehicle. Since each VIN is unique to a particular vehicle, undergoing a VIN number validation includes confirming all of the identifying characteristics that verify that the car in question is what you claim it to be. Therefore, the vehicle’s make, model, year, color, odometer reading and additional specifications will be included on the form to match up with your other supplementary documents.

Where can I go to obtain a VIN inspection in Idaho?

A new vehicle inspection that is conducted prior to registration of a car must include confirmation of the VIN for that specific vehicle. This procedure can take place at numerous car inspection stations located throughout the state, making it easy for you to complete this necessary verification.

In general, a vehicle inspection can only be conducted by a qualified law enforcement officer or an authorized agent of the Idaho Transportation Department. It is important to note that a state car inspection may not just be for a VIN confirmation, but it could also include a safety check and/or an emissions test. In any case, make sure that you understand the specific requirements you must meet in order to complete this inspection, including the necessary paperwork you will be asked to submit.

What to Bring to a VIN Number Verification in Idaho

If you need an Idaho vehicle inspection form because you do not have a valid title for your car, make sure to bring various supporting documents to prove the vehicle’s history and ownership. As such, note that the VIN inspection form alone does not include details provided by other types of documents. Thus, this supplementary paperwork can help you prove your ownership rights in regards to the car, if necessary. As an example, you may benefit from bringing any or all of the following:

  • Proof of purchase: You could bring a bill of sale, a purchase agreement or a copy of the title signed over to your name.
  • Proof of current ownership: Aside from the documents that relate to the purchase of a car, you could show proof of auto insurance in your name for the vehicle in question. If applicable, you may show current registration documents and copies of a car title or tag.
  • Vehicle history information: Bring any paperwork you have that traces the lifespan of the vehicle, which could include details about previous owners or your own history of maintenance and repairs.

Completing a VIN inspection means that the vehicle will be confirmed as your own and that it will be cleared of any theft or damage claims that were previously attached to it. In order to complete the VIN verification procedure, you will be asked to pay $5 per inspection assessment.

This fee can be paid to the city or county law enforcement officer, or to any other designated agent that is approved by the ITD. With that in mind, make sure to confirm which types of payments methods are deemed acceptable. Generally, cash and checks are accepted by the department.

What to Do After Completing a VIN Inspection in Idaho

After the VIN inspection is complete, you will be able to register your vehicle in accordance with the regular requirements established by the Idaho Transportation Department. When submitting your registration application to the IDT, make sure to include all of the required paperwork, which includes a “Vehicle Identification Number Inspection Certification.”

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.