Idaho traffic tickets may bring serious consequences on a driving record, such as driver’s license suspensions or high car insurance premiums. Drivers have the options to either pay traffic fines or fight their citations in court. Failure to beat a traffic ticket in court will lead to higher fines and fees and to accumulation of demerit points on your driving record.

Moreover, failure to pay driving fines on time will result not only in higher fines and additional fees, but it will also bring you harsh penalties such as suspension or revocation of your driving privileges due to accruing too many demerit points. Drivers who are wondering “How do you contest a speeding ticket in Idaho?” are encouraged to continue reading the sections below:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Idaho
  • Idaho traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Idaho
  • Dismissal of charges in Idaho
  • Lost tickets in Idaho

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Idaho

Receiving an ID traffic citation signifies that you need to either pay the required fines and fees or to fight the citation in court. Pleading “not guilty” and failing to beat a traffic ticket in Idaho will require drivers to pay the applicable driving fines.

When paying traffic citations, drivers can use one of the following methods: online, by phone, by mail, via Drop Box or in person at the proper court.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Online

Submitting an online speeding ticket payment in Idaho is the most convenient and fastest method for drivers who face traffic citations. The Idaho iCourt online service offers drivers the option to pay driving fines and to search for your ticket information.

You first need to select the county where you received the traffic ticket and then choose the type of service you need. The iCourt service will lead you through the process of paying. Note that the online service will charge you a 3.5 percent of your credit card for the transaction.

Traffic Ticket Attorneys

When fighting traffic tickets in Idaho, drivers are encouraged to hire traffic attorneys who are specialized in citation laws and regulations.

A traffic ticket attorney will help you deal with your citation, regardless of whether you want to plead guilty or not. Such a law expert is needed when you want to avoid a driver’s license suspension or harsher penalties that may happen if you have committed a traffic violation while operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

In addition, an Idaho traffic ticket lawyer will help you reduce the number of demerit points on your driving record.

To find a lawyer, you may contact your State Bar association by phone or begin your search by visiting a big law firm in person. However, this method can take significant effort on your part. It may be easier for you simply to submit some basic information about your ticket and be matched with an experienced lawyer online.

Pleading Not Guilty

Drivers can fight traffic tickets in Idaho by pleading “not guilty” in court when they consider themselves innocent for the offenses they are charged with.

To challenge speeding tickets, drivers must appear in court before or on the due date of the ticket and dismiss the traffic violations they are accused of. If you want to find out how to schedule a court date for a traffic citation in Idaho, check your citation for further instructions.

Failure to beat a traffic ticket in Idaho may result in higher driving fines and fees, which must be paid in order to avoid harsh penalties such as driver’s license suspensions or revocations, and an increase in your car insurance rates.

Moreover, drivers have the traffic ticket defense option to enroll in a traffic school which will reduce the number of demerit points on their driving record, thus helping them avoid the above-mentioned harsh penalties.

For this reason, hiring a qualified attorney with experience fighting traffic tickets is essential. You can search for an experienced attorney easily online.

Dismissal of Charges

The Idaho traffic ticket defense option is available to drivers who want to take traffic ticket to court and dismiss the charges. However, before fighting traffic citations, drivers need to read carefully their tickets in order to make sure there are no errors.

They need to check information such as: the make and model of the vehicle, or the date, time and place of the ticket issue. Drivers may easily dismiss traffic tickets, if they find any unclear or incorrect information written on their ticket. Idaho traffic tickets may also be dismissed by attending a state-approved traffic school.

Attending such defensive driving course may reduce three demerit points from your driving record once in a period of three years.

Lost Tickets in Idaho

To dismiss traffic tickets or to pay driving fines in Idaho, drivers must hold the tickets in their possession. Losing your traffic citation may prevent you from contesting a traffic citation in a timely manner. When you lose your traffic ticket, you are encouraged to contact the court handling your case and request the information written on your citation.

The court handling your case may provide you with the necessary information. Therefore, you can restore your traffic citation information by providing personal information such as: full name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and/or license plate number.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.