Paying driving fines in Rhode Island is one of the options to respond to an issued traffic citation following specific driving or non-driving offenses. Motorists who decide to pay traffic citations in RI may finalize the process via several methods. Another option to answer to RI traffic fines is to fight the ticket in court.

Find out more about where to pay traffic tickets in RI and how to challenge Rhode Island traffic citations in the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Rhode Island
  • Dismissal of charges in Rhode Island
  • Lost tickets in Rhode Island

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Rhode Island

Prior to submitting RI traffic tickets payments, drivers must ensure they are eligible for the procedure. Certain traffic violations require motorists to appear in court and settle their case in person.

If you have received a third Rhode Island traffic fine within a period of 12 months, for instance, you are not allowed to pay by mail, but must appear in person at the corresponding tribunal or municipal court. If eligible, however, you may submit your ticket violation payment online, by mail or in person depending on the court handling your case.

Paying a Rhode Island Ticket Online

Before initiating the procedure of paying traffic tickets online in Rhode Island, you must first check whether the presiding court offers such option. While the Traffic Tribunal allows traffic fines online payment submissions, municipal courts may have different payment policies.

To pay traffic fines online in RI, you will need to access the official website of the Rhode Island Judiciary, locate the provider and follow the given instructions. First, you will be required to find your case, after which you may submit your payment.

To finalize your Rhode Island traffic tickets payment process via the internet, you must also provide a valid credit card. Traffic fines and additional assessments must be submitted on time, otherwise you may incur harsh penalties, such as immediate license suspensions and state income tax withholding.

Note that points will not be placed against your driving record, since this state does not implement a point system to regulate motorists’ driving habits.

Paying a Rhode Island Ticket via Other Methods

Motorists may also pay their traffic tickets in RI via mail (if eligible) or in person. Should you choose to answer to your traffic citation by providing mail-in payments, you must do so within 20 days of issuance of your summons, thus avoiding further penalties.

When mailing your RI ticket violation payment, provide a copy of your ticket along with a check and include your summons number on the check and all other correspondence. The Traffic Tribunal also offers an in-person payment option and accepts credit cards in such instances.

If the Rhode Island traffic violation court handling your case is a municipal court, contact its offices to inquire about its current payment policy.

Rhode Island Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Drivers who are unable to pay speeding tickets or other types of citations, or simply believe they have been falsely accused of an infraction, have the option to fight their summons in court.

When contesting a traffic citation in Rhode Island, motorists may consult with a lawyer, thus increasing their chances of winning the case.

Though RI traffic fines do not result in points on driving records, an experienced traffic ticket attorney may still help drivers avoid suspensions or revocations of their driving privileges, as well as large court-imposed fines and surcharges. To find the best attorney for their particular circumstances, drivers should conduct a quick and easy online search.

To do so, they will need to take a picture of their traffic ticket and provide answers to a few simple questions.

Pleading Not Guilty in Rhode Island

You may initiate the process of fighting traffic tickets in Rhode Island by requesting a court hearing and entering a plea of “not guilty” on the day of your arraignment.

You should then wait for a trial date to be scheduled. To successfully beat a traffic citation, you may hire a trustworthy lawyer online, collect evidence in your favor and contact any relevant witnesses. You must submit the allotted RI traffic ticket fines and other costs immediately after your hearing, provided the judge finds you guilty of the committed offense.

Dismissal of Charges in Rhode Island

To be able to dismiss traffic tickets in RI, motorists must prepare a successful defense. In the event of a strong traffic ticket defense, your citation will be dismissed and you will not be expected to pay any fines or surcharges.

You can also request dismissal of your Rhode Island traffic ticket provided you have maintained a clean driving record within a period of three years prior to the current offense.

You must appear in court to inquire about such procedure. Traffic ticket dismissal may also be achieved by completing a defensive driving course, however, you will need to contact the corresponding court to check whether you are eligible for such option.

Lost Tickets in Rhode Island

Drivers who have lost their Rhode Island traffic fine may not be able to settle their case without the details listed on the form. The best way to recover lost traffic tickets in RI is by contacting the Traffic Tribunal or the corresponding municipal court.

Important details contained within the form generally include the citation number, date and time of the violation, date/amount due and more.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.