Drivers who choose to pay their New Mexico traffic tickets may be able to complete the procedure via various methods, which vary based on several factors. For instance, paying driving fines in NM of a ticket that is marked with the “Court Appearance” or “Traffic Arraignment” tag is a procedure that can generally be completed in person.

Also, if your traffic tickets payments are due to the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), you can even pay traffic fines online in NM. Learn how and where to pay traffic tickets in New Mexico by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in New Mexico
  • New Mexico traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in New Mexico
  • Dismissal of charges in New Mexico
  • Lost tickets in New Mexico

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in New Mexico

Paying traffic fines in New Mexico is a procedure that may be completed in person, by mail, by phone and via the internet. However, depending on the type of traffic citation that you have received, not all ticket violation payment methods may be available to you.

If you were penalized with a “Penalty Assessment” traffic fine, you can generally utilize the option to pay traffic ticket online in NM via the MVD online services portal.

Alternative methods of paying traffic tickets may also be available for this type of citation. If you must appear at court, on the other hand, you will generally be requested to submit your payment in person.

Paying a New Mexico Ticket Online

The option to pay speeding ticket online in New Mexico, as well as other types of traffic citations, can typically be utilized by drivers who were penalized with penalty assessments due to the state MVD.

To initiate the process of paying traffic tickets online in NM, motorists must first access the corresponding section of the MVD online services website. When completing the steps of the traffic fines online payment procedure, you will be requested to submit the following:

  • Your email address.
  • Your date of birth and your driving license number.
  • Your NM traffic citation number.
  • Your credit card or checking account information.

Paying a New Mexico Ticket via Other Methods

Motorists who are paying traffic citations in New Mexico that are marked with the “Penalty Assessment” tag may also be able to submit their payment via other methods. While courts accept NM traffic fines payments submitted by mail or in person at the address listed on the ticket, certain courts may also process your payment with a valid credit card over the phone.

Check your NM traffic ticket for information regarding the available payment methods prior to proceeding with the procedure.

New Mexico Traffic Ticket Attorneys

If you initiate the process of fighting traffic tickets in New Mexico, you can increase your chances of winning your case by engaging the services of a traffic citation attorney.

A good traffic ticket lawyer can guide you through every phase of the procedure to fight traffic tickets in NM. To find a capable traffic ticket lawyer, you may conduct a quick and efficient search online.

Simply submit an image of your traffic ticket and answer some simple questions about the information it contains to be instantly matched with a lawyer. A defense attorney can generally help you avoid the following consequences:

  • The accumulation of points and a traffic violation conviction on your driving record.
  • An immediate driving license suspension for more serious offenses.
  • An increase in your vehicle insurance rates.

Note: Prior to hiring a lawyer to help you dispute traffic tickets in NM, check his or her credentials and case history to ensure you choose the right individual.

Pleading Not Guilty in New Mexico

The procedure to fight traffic citations in New Mexico can be initiated at the moment the police officer issues the NM driving fine. If you decide to prepare a traffic ticket defense and plead “not guilty”, you can generally do so on the arraignment date displayed on your traffic citation.

When you inform the court of your decision to challenge speeding tickets in NM or other types of citations, the court will set your official court date. Note that, for certain types of cases, the prosecutor and the defendant may attempt to negotiate a plea agreement in order to avoid a trial.

When navigating these complicated court procedures, proper legal representation is an invaluable resource. You may find a lawyer to represent in court by conducting a search online.

If the traffic ticket matter proceeds to trial, the driver and/or his or her lawyer will be granted an opportunity to defend the case. After both sides present their arguments, any evidence and witness testimonies, the judge or the jury will render a decision.

Drivers who are found guilty to a traffic violation in NM may be subject to a sentence that includes several consequences, which vary based on the offense. First, you will be required to pay the full traffic fine amount, as well as any additional court-set costs and surcharges.

Then, the conviction will be entered on your driver’s record, which may lead to the accumulation of demerit points and license suspensions.

Note: More serious offenses may also result in community service and jail sentences.

Dismissal of Charges in New Mexico

To successfully dismiss traffic tickets in New Mexico drivers will be required to meet certain eligibility criteria. For instance, if you are unable to beat a traffic ticket in NM through the state court system, you can still apply for a ticket dismissal by pleading guilty to the charges and requesting a deferred sentence.

If the type of traffic violation qualifies you for a deferred sentence, you will generally be mandated by the court to satisfy certain conditions in order to dismiss your traffic ticket. For example, motorists may be required to meet any of the following requirements:

Note: If you were incorrectly issued a traffic citation in NM, you are eligible for a ticket dismissal as well.

Lost Tickets in New Mexico

Paying driving fines in New Mexico and contesting a traffic ticket are procedures that can successfully be completed by utilizing the information contained in your citation. Therefore, if you lose your NM traffic ticket, you may be unable to settle your citation issue.

The most convenient method to recover a lost ticket is to visit the official New Mexico Courts website and utilize the Case Lookup tool. The system searches for your lost traffic citation using your full name, date of birth and driving license number.

If you do not choose to retrieve the necessary information via this method, you can still contact the court that is handling the issue and complete the procedure via more conventional methods.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.