Vehicle registration problems, like a registration sticker not received on time, are dealt with by the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) in the state of New Mexico. When a New Mexico DMV sticker is not received, drivers cannot legally operate their vehicles unless they have been issued a temporary registration document to substitute the sticker. NM drivers normally receive their license plate sticker when they apply for a new vehicle registration or registration renewal document and are required to place it in the corner of their license plate.

In most cases, a license plate sticker is not received by the appropriate driver due to a mailing problem or other logistical error. In some cases, however, a car sticker is not received because of a problem with the processing of the New Mexico driver’s registration application or MVD record that has prevented the mailing out of the driver’s necessary documents. To order a new NM license plate decal, drivers must order a renewal or replacement registration and decal. Keep reading for more information about where to get a registration sticker and how to apply for a duplicate decal in New Mexico.

Common Reasons for not Receiving a Registration Sticker in New Mexico

A replacement DMV registration sticker may be required by an NM driver because of logistical issues or problems with the driver’s registration. Most people who need to replace a sticker online in New Mexico did not receive the sticker they originally ordered due to a technical error of some sort. This could be an error at the postal office or a mistake in the address as recorded in the MVD system. In the rare case that an NM driver’s license plates are stolen, he or she is required to replace both his or her plates and the associated registration decals that were originally attached to it.

When a DMV registration sticker is not received in New Mexico, it could also be because the driver recently changed addresses. If there was a delay in updating a driver’s change of address into the MVD system, for example, it could result in the decal being sent to the driver’s previous address instead of his or her new location. Some NM drivers may also look into getting a new registration sticker online if they need to change important information linked to the registration, such as the renewal and expiration dates.

Can I legally drive if my New Mexico without a registration sticker?

New Mexico vehicles without a valid car tag sticker cannot legally be driven. New Mexico drivers who are waiting for a license sticker not yet received can operate the vehicle if he or she has a valid temporary registration document issued by the NM MVD. If stopped by the police, NM drivers in this situation can show the officers their temporary registration document as a substitute to the registration sticker.

Additional Consequences of not Having a Vehicle Registration Sticker in New Mexico

A DMV sticker replacement in New Mexico is required by any driver who has somehow lost his or her original car tag or whose car tag has expired. NM drivers who do not order a car plate sticker renewal before the car registration’s expiration date will face fines that increase after the driver is more than 30 days late renewing his or her car registration.

Driving without valid car registration is illegal in the state of New Mexico and could result in further fines and more serious legal penalties for drivers who do not follow the law. NM drivers who have valid registration but do not have a valid car tag face less serious penalties than drivers who simply do not have any registration at all.

Steps to Take If Your New Mexico DMV Sticker Was Not Received

In most cases, NM drivers can expect to receive new, replacement or renewal car tag stickers and registration documents in the mail not long after submitting their registration application to the NM MVD. In New Mexico, a driver who is dealing with a registration sticker not received can apply for new car decals either online or in-person at his or her nearest MVD location. Whether applying online or in-person, the NM applicant should be prepared with the same documents and information, including but not limited to:

  • A valid NM driver’s license
  • Proof of valid auto insurance
  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Payment of the applicable $8 fee

Driver’s requesting a new MVD registration sticker through a registration renewal must also provide the Control Number as shown on his or her MVD renewal reminder postcard. Car plate sticker renewals in New Mexico can be carried out online, in-person or through the mail. Processing fees for registration renewal and registration replacement are not the same in New Mexico.

NM residents who recently tried to replace their sticker online or in-person and who would like to know the status of their application can contact their nearest MVD office for application updates. If updated information about the application is available, MVD representatives should be able to help the driver know when to expect the decal in the mail and how to receive another temporary registration document if another is needed to keep the driver’s documents valid throughout the waiting period.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in New Mexico

Once the NM driver with the missing registration sticker has gathered the abovementioned documents, he or she must decide whether he or she wants to submit the application for a new registration and decal online or in-person. The online car registration and DMV sticker replacement platform offers NM residents a fast and convenient way to submit their application and track its progress.

New Mexico applicants who would like help completing the application or have any questions about the application may benefit from working with a MVD representative and submitting a paper application at their nearest MVD office. While paper applications sometimes face slower processing times, the temporary document received by the driver for the meantime should last throughout the waiting period.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.