In the case of a Colorado registration sticker not received from the DMV, the driver must rectify the situation immediately. Registration fees in Colorado are typically based on the type and weight of the vehicle itself. Registration renewals are run and operated differently in each county. This means the rules and regulations associated with registrations may differ depending on the area you live in. For example, only a few counties allow renewals to be processed online. It is important to know what rules apply to your county and what services they offer when applying for new or replacement stickers.

Once ordered, your new or replacement sticker will be mailed within about two to three weeks of the transaction. For a missing DMV sticker not received within the applicable number of business days, applicants should contact the DMV. State laws require that all eligible vehicles be registered in full. Penalties may be applied if the correct documentation is not available to law enforcement officers if pulled over.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Colorado

One reason why your license plate sticker was not received could relate to the accuracy of the information you have on file with the DMV. If the Colorado DMV has the wrong address for you in its system, your stickers will not be sent to the right location. Depending on the county you live in, new addresses need to be updated before your registration is set to expire. Otherwise, the renewal notice will not be sent to your current address.

A renewed license plate sticker not received in the mail may have been caused by illegible handwriting. An application can be rejected by the DMV or sent to the wrong address if the information on it cannot be read.

For those who live in counties that allow online renewals, make sure all compliance issues are complete. Incorrect or missing insurance information, as well as missing emission checks, may cause your application to be rejected. When renewing your registration sticker online, make sure you read the information on the confirmation screen to ensure you have completed the process in full.

The Colorado DMV only accepts cash or checks for in-person payments. Some counties allow select credit cards to be used online. Make sure you have the right form of payment when applying for your stickers to avoid failed transactions and incomplete applications.

Can I legally drive if my Colorado registration sticker was not received?

While the state of Colorado has laws against operating an unregistered vehicle, there are grace periods for those who have submitted a car plate sticker renewal and are awaiting a new sticker to be sent. Typically, applicants are allowed one month after the expiration date of the previous registration to apply for a renewal.

If you are within a certain number of days of this initial grace period, you can use the receipt of your renewal as proof of your registration. However, this receipt must be shown alongside the expired registration and cannot be used indefinitely. The grace period will allow you to drive the vehicle while you wait for your new DMV registration sticker or replacement sticker to arrive.

There are varying grace periods for newly registered vehicles depending on the circumstances of the vehicle and the driver. Late fees may be waived altogether for very specific circumstances. Make sure you know when your late fees will be applied to help avoid unnecessary fines.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received in Colorado

If you have lost your receipt and do not have anything to show a law enforcement officer in the event of a traffic stop, you must visit a local office to get a replacement receipt. If you do not provide proof of your renewal or new car tag sticker, you may be subject to fines. Make sure you call ahead to your local DMV office to make sure you have all the correct documentation with you when you apply.

Steps to Take If Your Colorado DMV Sticker Was Not Received

If the standard mailing time for your documents has passed and your new stickers have still not arrived, you should contact your local CO DMV for a status update on your application. When you renew your registration online, you cannot collect the new stickers in person and have to wait for them to be mailed. When a DMV registration sticker not received in the mail has been deemed lost, you must order a duplicate. You can apply for a DMV sticker replacement over the phone or in person at a local branch. You may have to pay anywhere from $2.37 to $4.00 for replacement tabs, depending on the county where you live.

Please note: There are different DMV contact details for those who live in Denver and for those who live outside the city. You can search the CO DMV databased for the contact details of your local branch.

Where to Get Colorado Registration Sticker Replacements

Each county in Colorado differs in the method through which you can order a duplicate registration sticker. If a renewal application was sent but a license sticker was not received, applicants must contact their local office and clarify what replacement options are available to them in their county.

Applicants typically cannot replace stickers online and must visit a local DMV office to do so in person. The original stickers will be voided when duplicates are issued. A small fee may be applied for the duplicate, depending on the type of vehicle you have and the county where you live. It is advisable to call your local DMV office before your visit to clarify what documents you will need to bring with you.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.