Residents should understand how to register to vote in Colorado most efficiently in the state. This important right is only granted to eligible applicants. These voters have the ability to shape the future by participating in elections. An approved voter registration allows CO residents to cast ballots in local, federal and state political races. Furthermore, voters can approve or deny upcoming laws on a ballot, helping to shape the future of their city, state and the country as a whole.

The process of obtaining a voter registration card in Colorado requires applicants to provide personal information to the state. Additionally, specific documents are needed to verify citizenship and residency status for voters. Familiarizing yourself with the rules and requirements of voting is helpful when completing this procedure. Continue reading to learn more about voting in Colorado.

Who can register to vote in Colorado?

Residents who can register to vote in CO must meet the minimum requirements for voters in the state. Failure to satisfy any eligibility standard will result in denial of an application. The following rules are established for Colorado voter applicants:

  • Must be United States citizens
  • Must be at least 16 years old, but 18 years or older when voting for the first time
  • Must be state residents for 22 days or more before voting in an election
  • Must not be serving a felony conviction sentence

Applicants should discover how to register to vote after determining whether they meet the aforementioned eligibility rules. Often, if you meet eligibility requirements for a CO drivers license, you will also be able to register to vote, with a few exceptions.

Colorado Voter Registration Deadline

When submitting a voter registration application, residents must meet the established state deadline. The method of application by a new voter affects these deadlines. Online submissions and mail-in applications should be turned in 8 days before an election, at the latest. If registering through a voter registration drive, the deadline is 22 days before an election.

How to Register to Vote in Colorado

Various methods for registering to vote in Colorado are available to residents. Applicants can utilize the procedure that is most convenient. Voter registration requests can be submitted online, by mail or in person to the CO Department of State. All methods require residents to provide specific information and documentation for evaluation. CO voting card applicants should be prepared to disclose personal details such as their name, address, party affiliation and license or ID card number.

Online applications are available to eligible residents who would like to apply to vote. However, a valid CO drivers license or identification card is necessary for this method. The form can be submitted after all relevant information is provided.

Paper applications can be sent via mail to local county clerk and recorder’s offices. Additionally, documentation should be included by the applicant. Government officials will review mail-in applications for approval or denial of voting rights.

Lastly, a paper voter registration request form can be turned in to a local DMV office or other participating government location. Voter cards are mailed to new voters when they are approved by the state to participate in elections.

Early Voting in Colorado

Early voting is available in certain states within the U.S. Colorado does not offer early voting to residents. However, mail-in voter registration ballots can be used in a similar fashion. Voters have the ability to submit mail-in ballots early.

Colorado Voter Registration for Active Duty Military and Out-of-State Residents

Military and overseas residents who must change their registration method can submit absentee ballots to vote in elections. The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) is available to provide these forms to service members and out-of-state voters. A Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) for military workers is accessible through this program.

Colorado Voter Registration for Absentee Voting

To register to vote using an absentee ballot, CO residents must meet state eligibility standards. Active military members and overseas voters are able to utilize this method. These groups should consult FVAP to obtain and submit absentee forms.

Voter Registration Cards in Colorado

CO voter cards are provided to eligible applicants once all requirements are fulfilled. While waiting to receive a response for an application, residents may ask, “Am I registered to vote yet?”

Once you receive a card in the mail, you will know that you have been granted voting privileges in the state. Registration certificates are important for voters because they establish credibility and provide a valid precinct address, determined by areas of residency.

How to Change Your Voter Registration in Colorado

In the event of moving residences, receiving a new name or changing party affiliation, voters should update their information with the state. To change your voter registration address in Colorado, name or party, simply resubmit an application for voting. This process can be completed online, by mail or in-person at various participating locations.

How to Replace a Lost Colorado Voter Registration Card

Residents who have lost a vehicle registration certificate should quickly obtain a replacement. The same is true with your voter registration card in Colorado. To do this, a regular voter application can be resubmitted via a preferred method.

Keeping your information up-to-date with state licensing agencies is helpful for avoiding voting issues in the future. When asking, “Where do I vote in my area?” residents can find the precinct address on their voter card.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.