Drivers who are currently dealing with a stolen or lost car title in Colorado will need to apply for a duplicate document through the Division of Motor Vehicles of the state Department of Revenue (DOR). Initiating a process to request a replacement car title is important, as this form generally contains information that is essential for the completion of other vehicle-related procedures, such as title transfer and vehicle registration credentials.

Motorists wondering how to replace a stolen car title in CO currently have the option to submit their request via mail or in person at a motor vehicle office. The state DOR will require applicants to furnish specific documents depending on their circumstances. Learn more about how to get a replacement car title in Colorado by reading the below sections.

When do you need to get a duplicate car title in Colorado?

Drivers will need to know how to replace a vehicle title in Colorado in several instances. For example, you are eligible to request a replacement car title provided you have lost or misplaced your original title certificate.

Other reasons to replace a lost car title at the DMV include having a stolen document or a form that is mutilated, illegible or altered in any way. Regardless of your reason for seeking a duplicate, you must replace your title as soon as possible due to the various official purposes of this proof of vehicle ownership.

Documents Required When Applying for a Colorado Car Title Copy

Motorists will be subject to specific CO requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title, including submitting the corresponding application form and additional paperwork. The process to replace a lost car title at the DMV will first require them to furnish a completed Duplicate Title Request and Receipt form. If requesting a duplicate title for a vehicle that has been purchased on or after July 1, 2006, then the transaction will also require a secure and verifiable ID document (examples are listed in the DR 2841 form).

If the request to replace a lost auto title in Colorado is submitted by an authorized agent on behalf of the owner of the record, then a power of attorney (POA) will be necessary as well. Finally, these transactions require a lien release for all active liens, which must be on the lienholder’s letterhead.

A letterhead will not be necessary if the lienholder is an individual. A mandatory requirement for replacing a lost or damaged vehicle title is providing payment for the set fee as stated by the CO DOR. Since additional criteria may apply depending on the case, contact the department in a timely manner for verification of documents.

Available Methods for Replacing Your Car Title in Colorado

If you are wondering how to apply for a car title replacement in Colorado, then you must submit the required documents via mail or personally visit a CO county motor vehicle branch to present the application package. If you decide to request a replacement car title in CO in person, note that walk-ins are accepted.

If submitting a mail-in request for replacing your lost vehicle title, then you have the option to complete your transaction via regular mail or send your application via express mail to the state Department of Revenue. The department has the authority to reject your application due to lack of information among other reasons, in which case you are allowed to return your replacement title application form with the additional details included.

By Mail

Before initiating a procedure to replace a car title by mail in Colorado, applicants must make sure they have gathered all the documents required by the state DOR. Once motorists have the documentation for requesting a replacement car title ready, they will need to choose whether to send it via regular or express mail to the addresses listed on the replacement title application form.

The Department of Revenue asks drivers to mail separate application forms and fee payments for each request and either enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope or include a prepaid return express envelope. In order to arrange payment for the applicable CO lost car title prices, motorists will need to make checks or money orders payable to the state DOR.

In Person

The process to replace a lost car title in person in CO will require drivers to go to their county motor vehicle office and present the applicable documents in person. Prior to visiting an office to submit their replacement car title request, motorists will also need to ensure they have all the necessary paperwork on hand, including a replacement title application form and fee payment.

The additional documents may vary depending on who the applicant is among other circumstances. Motorists replacing a car title at their county motor vehicle must make their checks payable to the county clerk.

How to Fill out the Duplicate Car Title Application in Colorado

An essential part of the process to replace a lost vehicle title in person or via mail is filling out and submitting a Duplicate Title Request and Receipt. While you cannot replace a car title online, you can download the replacement title application form on the official DOR website. The application will require applicants to provide specific information in order for the DOR to conduct a car title search, including but not limited to the following:

  • A missing statement completed and signed by the person applying (owner, agent or lienholder)
  • Identification details of the individual signing the form
  • A witness signature
  • Details pertaining to the vehicle in question (vehicle identification number, title number, year, make and body style and more)
  • Lienholder information (if applicable)
  • A mailing address

Note: The sections in bold of the application to replace a lost car title at the DMV in CO are mandatory. If left blank, then the Department of Revenue has the authority to reject your request. Additional reasons for rejection are listed on the form as well.

Colorado Car Title Replacement Fees

Providing payment for the applicable $8.20 fee to request a car title replacement is a mandatory part of this application procedure. If you are wondering what are the fees to replace a lost car title in Colorado, then you will not that the fee may vary and is subject to change.

No additional fees will apply if your application has been rejected and you decide to return it via mail. Also, note that the DOR does not grant refunds for copy title requests.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.