Getting a copy of a vehicle registration in Colorado is a procedure that can be completed through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the state Department of Revenue (DOR). The DMV offers its vehicle services through the various motor vehicle offices in each county. Motorists can replace their stolen, damaged or lost car registration only through their county’s DMV site. Depending on the practices of individual sites, vehicle owners may be able to replace their registration via various methods.

The standard method to replace a car registration in CO is submitting an in-person request. Certain counties, however, may also offer a more practical mail-in option. Applicants will be required to furnish information about their vehicle and their personal data before paying the applicable fee in most cases. Depending on the application method, motorists will either receive their replacement registration card at the DMV or by mail at their recorded address.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Colorado?

Applying for a DMV copy of registration in Colorado is a procedure that must be completed under various circumstances. Replacing a lost or stolen car registration is the most common reason for requesting a duplicate document. However, you must also get a replacement vehicle registration in CO if and when you damage or destroy the original, since you must carry legible and valid vehicle documents when driving. Other less common reasons for applying for a duplicate registration include receiving a document with typographical errors or not receiving a registration card.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Colorado

To successfully replace a DMV lost registration in Colorado, you will have to submit an official request through the motor vehicle office in your county of residence. Most counties offer both an in-person and a mail-in application option. The state DMV also allows you to replace your damaged or lost car registration papers via its online services platform. If you choose to apply for a replacement registration online, and you will receive your duplicate card by mail.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration Online

Obtaining a copy of vehicle registration online in Colorado is the fastest way to apply for a replacement registration card. You can get a duplicate registration card through myDMV, which is the DMV’s online services portal. To successfully replace your car registration online, complete these steps:

  1. Access the corresponding service through myDMV.
  2. Log onto the system with your license plate number and your vehicle identification number or DMV verification code.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts, such as providing your personal information and data about your vehicle.
  4. Pay the applicable replacement fee.
  5. Verify your payment and print the confirmation page, if you choose to do so.

After processing your online request for a CO duplicate vehicle registration, the state DMV will manufacture a replacement card and mail it to your address on file within two weeks.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Mail

Most counties will also allow you to replace your vehicle registration in Colorado by mail. To get a copy of car registration by mail, you will be required to submit an application packet containing the following items:

  • A filled out application form containing your full name, address, drivers license number and vehicle information, such as:
    • The license plate number.
    • Vehicle identification number.
    • Vehicle year and make
  • A copy of a secure and verifiable identification form
  • The ID must be accompanied by the Supplemental Secure and Verifiable Identification Information and Attestation Clause (Form DR 2842).
  • The applicable fee payment

After your county DMV site receives your CO replacement vehicle registration application, it will manufacture a duplicate document and mail it to the provided address. Note that the form needed to get a DMV copy of registration may vary from county to county. For instance, Boulder county uses a unique Request for Duplicate Registration Application obtainable through its county motor vehicle website or select offices.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

If you are unable to replace your damaged, stolen or lost vehicle registration in Colorado via one of the above methods, you can always submit an in-person request through your county’s DMV office. The requirements for replacing your car registration in person are similar to those that apply for the mail-in option, outlined above. Therefore, you can get your duplicate registration card in person by filling out your county-specific application form, presenting an official identification proof and paying the applicable replacement cost.

Note: If another individual is applying on your behalf, you will also have to sign a Power of Attorney form.

Colorado Stolen Car Registration Requirements

You can replace a stolen car registration in Colorado without filing a police report with the authorities. However, while the division does not require a copy of an incident report when issuing replacement vehicle registrations, you should still submit one to prevent any potential identity theft occurrences.

Colorado DMV Sticker Replacement

The DMV also offers the option to apply for a Colorado DMV sticker replacement through its numerous motor vehicle offices. Note that the process to replace a DMV lost registration sticker may vary from county to county. In most cases, you will be able to obtain replacement tabs both in person and by mail. You will only have to indicate that you would like to replace your decals and pay a minor replacement fee. Note that you can obtain both a duplicate tab and registration card in a single transaction.

Colorado Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

One of the most important steps when replacing your car registration in Colorado is arranging payment for the applicable fees. Note that the total cost will vary depending on whether you are applying for a duplicate registration card only or additional registration items as well. The fees may also vary from county to county. A sample of the standard costs to replace car registration in CO are outlined below:

  • $2.20 for a duplicate registration in Douglas County
  • $2.37 for replacement tabs and registration card in Douglas County
  • $4.00 standard replacement registration fee in Boulder County
  • $4.00 for an online replacement card

Note: The acceptable forms of payment will vary depending on the chosen application method. Online procedures, for instance, require the use of a valid payment card. Contact your nearby DMV office to inquire about the acceptable methods of payment and exact fees.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.