To replace a lost car registration in Missouri, vehicle owners must complete an application before submitting it by mail or in person at a Department of Revenue (DOR) license office. Additionally, motorists must pay a fee to do so. However, two types of applications are available depending on whether customers wish to replace their registration receipt or license plate tabs. To get a copy of vehicle registration receipts, for instance, motorists must complete a Request for Receipt of Title or Registration (form 2519).

To replace car registration tabs, vehicle owners must complete an Application for Replacement Plate(s) and Tab(s) (form 1576). If their license plate stickers are stolen from them, motorists may obtain replacement tabs at no charge. However, all customers must pay a processing fee, even if their tabs are free. To learn more about replacing registration materials for motor vehicles, review the information below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Missouri?

Replacing Missouri DMV lost registration materials is important, as these documents serve as proof of your vehicle’s licensure and registration. For instance, two popular types of registration credentials include a receipt and license plate tabs. If these registration materials are lost, stolen, damaged or mutilated, it is important to replace them as soon as possible.

Moreover, failure to present these documents when asked upon may result in penalty fees or traffic tickets. After a police officer pulls a Missouri driver over, the motorist generally needs to present his or her registration receipt, driver’s license and automobile insurance card. If a driver does not comply with these rules, he or she may receive a ticket.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Missouri

To obtain a DMV copy of registration receipts after they sustain damages or go missing, vehicle owners must complete a signed and notarized Request for Receipt of Title or Registration (Form 2519). When completing the application, vehicle owners or joint owners must provide the following information:

  • The type of document they wish to duplicate by checking the box for registration receipt
  • A reason for the request by checking the box for destroyed, lost, mutilated or stolen
  • The legal name, address and telephone number of the vehicle’s owner
  • The registered vehicle’s identification number (VIN), year, type, license plate and title number and year of expiration
  • Credit card payment information, if paying with a card rather than a check
  • The vehicle owner’s signature, printed name, and date of application
  • Notary information, including the name and signature of the public notary

When replacing a car registration receipt, applicants may provide a mailing address, fax number or email address if they wish to receive their duplicate credential using any of these delivery methods. However, applicants must provide a mailing address, fax number or email address if they wish to do so.

After completing the application to replace MO car registration receipts, motorists may submit the form in person or by mail. Learn more about submitting an application in the sections below.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Mail

To apply for Missouri DMV registration replacement by mail, customers simply need to complete an application and send it along with payment to the following address:

Motor Vehicle Bureau

P.O. Box 2048

Jefferson City, MO 65105-2048

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

To replace lost car registration papers in MO, vehicle owners may also choose to complete an application before submitting it to a local licensing office. To find an office in their area, customers may refer to the Motor Vehicle and Driver License Office Location Map under the DOR’s website.

Missouri Stolen Car Registration Requirements

Before ordering MO DMV duplicate registration stickers that have been lost or stolen, vehicle owners must contact the State Highway Patrol or a local law enforcement agency to submit a report. However, vehicle owners do not need to notify the police if their registration receipt is lost or stolen, as these requirements only pertain to license plate tabs.

Missouri DMV Sticker Replacement

To replace a DMV lost registration sticker in Missouri, customers must complete an Application for Replacement Plate(s) and Tab(s) (Form 1576), and they must pay a processing fee. When completing this application, motorists must provide:

  • Information about the vehicle owner. This includes the full name, telephone number, and address of the vehicle owner.
  • Information about the registered vehicle. This includes the vehicle’s year, make, VIN, body style, type, license or tab number and month and year of expiration.
  • Information about the credential they wish to replace. Under this section, customers must select the box for “tabs only” if they wish to replace their license plate stickers.
  • A reason for the stolen or lost car registration sticker Applicants may check the box for lost, stolen, mutilated, destroyed, never received or seized by law enforcement. If customers wish to obtain enhanced security tabs to protect themselves from future instances of theft, they may check the “requesting enhanced security tabs” box as well.
  • Notary information. A public notary must complete this portion of the application. Additionally, motorists must sign the application while under the presence of a public notary.

After completing the application for DMV sticker replacements, vehicle owners must mail it to the address below or submit it in person at any license office in the state:

Motor Vehicle Bureau

P.O. Box 100

Jefferson City, MO 65105-0100

If vehicle owners wish to obtain enhanced security tabs, they must submit their request in person at a participating license office, as they will need to sign an affidavit that indicates their plan to destroy their current license plate stickers, if available. However, not all license offices issue enhanced tabs, so it is important to call before heading in.

Note: If you apply for replacement DMV stickers that have been lost or stolen, but find your original credentials after doing so, you must immediately surrender the old materials to the Missouri DOR. The original credentials will become null after you apply for a replacement.

Missouri Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

To replace vehicle registration materials in Missouri, customers must pay a nominal fee, depending on the type of credential they wish to duplicate. For instance:

  • The fee to replace a registration receipt is $12 per transaction. This amount includes a $3.50 processing fee and $8.50 for the duplicate registration credential. If customers wish to receive their duplicate receipt by fax, they must pay an additional $0.50.
  • The DMV replacement sticker fee in MO is $8.50 per set, including enhanced security tabs. However, vehicle owners may obtain up to two free sets of license plate tabs per year if their stickers are stolen from them.
  • When ordering tabs, all customers must pay an additional $3.50 processing fee, even if their license plate stickers are free.

To order replacement stickers in person or by mail, applicants must submit a check made payable to the Missouri Department of Revenue. However, checks must also include the applicant’s driver’s license or identification card number, daytime telephone number and their date of birth.

When replacing a car registration receipt by mail, customers may choose to pay by personal check or Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card. If replacing registration receipts in person, applicants may pay by check, money order, cash or credit or debit card.

To learn more about these fees and payment methods, motorists may call 573-526-3669.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.