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Missouri Cross-State Transfer of Title

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If you are moving to another state, you will probably need to transfer the title of your vehicle. It is the same if you are buying/selling a car to an individual in another state.If you are planning to do a title transfer within your state, check out our title transfers page.

Each state is different and has different laws and regulations with regards to state-to-state title transfers. See the steps above to receive a detailed outline for Missouri title transfers.

For state to state title transfers to yourself, you will need to prove your status of residency in Missouri. In cases where length of stay is uncertain, there a few things that can settle residency status, and therefore require a title transfer. Indicators include, but are not limited to, owning or renting a house, being employed full time, and going to school/university. Other situations may not require a title transfer, such as caring for a sick relative or travel.

For selling/buying a vehicle out of Missouri, ownership is transferred, and a title transfer is necessary. The process is similar to a title transfer to yourself, but you will need to coordinate with the other individual.

Rules vary depending on vehicle type, driver status, and location within Missouri. If you would like a customized guide, we recommend They are a leading, professional service with major clients across the US. They offer a comprehensive step-by-step process for title transfers in Missouri, and tailor their products to your specific situation. All the necessary forms to complete a transfer are detailed in the guide.

There are quite a few variables that can complicate the process if you are doing it without any outside help. Several questions need to be solved before you can begin the transfer. For example, does your car require emission testing? A VIN check? Do you have the necessary minimum auto insurance coverage for Missouri? These requirements may or may not be necessary depending on your type and location of transfer.

Transferring your title is important and in most cases necessary within 30 days of moving. The process can take some time so it is recommended you do not leave it to the last minute.