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Texas State-to-State Title Transfers

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Title transfers are usually necessary if you are moving states. The same goes if you are selling/buying a car to a person in a state other than Texas.To find information about instate ownership transfers, go here.

The cross state title transfer process differs in each state. Fill out the form above to see a guide for Texas title transfers.

For state to state title transfers to yourself, you will need to prove your residency in Texas. There are a number of things that can determine residency even if you are unsure of your length of stay in Texas. Driver's license changes, employment, housing arrangements, and university can all indicate status of permanent residency. Different situations might not require a title transfer, such as caring for a sick relative or travel.

For selling/buying vehicles that are from a different state, ownership would then be transferred, and a title transfer is necessary. The process is similar to a title transfer to yourself, but you will need additional coordination with the other individual

There are a few variations on requirements for a Texas title transfer depending on your type of vehicle and location. If you would like a step-by-step guide specific to your needs, we recommend TaxandTags is a professional company handling major clients such as the Bank of America. The consumer based products they offer are customized solutions to transferring your title in the state of Texas. All the forms necessary to undergo a title transfer are included in the guide.

The process isn't always easy, if you are performing a title transfer on your own. There are a number of questions that need to be solved before you can start. For example, does your vehicle require emission standard tests? A Vehicle Identification check? Is your auto insurance valid in Texas? You may or may not need these requirements depending on the location and type of your vehicle.

In most cases, Texas requires the title transfer to be completed within 30 days. It is important to transfer your title in a timely manner, as the process can be time consuming.