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License Plates in Texas


As soon as license plates are lost, stolen or illegible they must be replaced. In order to replace your plates you must:

  • Visit your local county tax office.
  • Fill in an application for replacement plates. Please see the list below for links to the appropriate forms for each type of plate.
  • Pay the license plate replacement fees of $ 5.30 and in counties with a population of 50,000 the fee is $ 6.30.


Regular Series

These are the different types of plates in the regular series: Auto, Commercial, Trailer, Motorcycle, Permanent Trailer Identification, Disabled Person, Disabled Veteran, and Foreign Organization. When you have completed the forms, take them to your county tax office and submit them with the appropriate fees.

Special Interest Plates

The following is a list of some examples of special interest plates: Arts, Collegiate, Firefighter, Ex-Prisoner of War, Memorial, Parade Vehicles, Veterans, Professional sports teams like Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans, Organ donor or YMCA, Airborne Parachutists or Vietnam Veteran. You need to show proof of belonging to these special groups to take advantage of Special Interest Plates. You have to apply to your county tax office and submit them with the appropriate fees (see below). You can also apply online at [under maintenance Texas Online].


The fees for replacing a license plate or getting new plates vary depending on the type of plate you need. For more information on these fees please follow the link here.
Note: For disabled drivers, please see here for disability plates and information.


Under Texas Law it is not mandatory to retain standard license plates from a vehicle when selling. The plates will remain with the buyer once the ownership of the vehicle has been transferred; however, if the plates are special interest or personalized then there are two options for the seller. One, keep the plates for another vehicle which is of a similar type and two, release the plate to the buyer. The first options require the seller to get in touch with the county tax office who will make the necessary transfer. You however, cannot transfer any plate which has served seven years and as such they have to be manufactured again.


Submitted by mrgillette on 19th Jan 2016

I am a retired service member

I am a retired service member with service connected disability (disabled vet (DV)) and authorized DV plates. I am in the process of buying a new car and the dealership is charging me $79.25 fee for license plates. The last new car I purchased, I retained my original DV plates. I believe I will be able to retain my DV plates now, but my question is this: Do I have to pay the $79 license plate fee?

Submitted by OKJEAN on 2nd Oct 2014



Submitted by invalidalias (not verified) on 16th Apr 2012

can plates be resold for

can plates be resold for decorative purposes like at a flea market, wholesale, resale shop, or Texas style store

Submitted by Anonymous on 11th Apr 2011

I am about to buy plates for

I am about to buy plates for a classic 1955 car. Is MD (with D directly beneath the M) indicative of a physician?I am not familiar with the placement of letters /numbers during that period.

Thank you

Submitted by Anonymous on 14th Mar 2011

My car and I are outside the

My car and I are outside the US, today my front plate was stolen and I would like to know what I need to do to get a replacement.

Thank you

Ana P.

Submitted by Anonymous on 28th Mar 2011

Ana, I had the same thing


I had the same thing happen to me last year. You need to report it stole to your local police department I think. That is what I did. So that if there are any crimes committed with your license plate you are definitely not a suspect. Then you need to fill out the stolen license plate form and take it to your county tax office with proof of insurance on your vehicle and pay the fee to get NEW license plates.


Submitted by Anonymous on 22nd Jan 2011

I don't want personalized

I don't want personalized plates anymore. What do I do?

N. Williams