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Title Transfers or obtaining a New Certificate of Title in Texas

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Texas Car Title Transfer

A Texas car title transfer is required in four main instances:

  • If you are selling a car
  • If you are buying a vehicle
  • If you are inheriting a car
  • If you are gifting a car

Information Related to Title Transfers

Selling a Vehicle

Follow these steps to successfully sell a vehicle in Texas:

  1. Have your car examined by a mechanic to verify its condition.
  2. Research online websites to list your vehicle on.
  3. Post photos and an accurate description of your car.
  4. Offer a competitive price.
  5. Provide a vehicle history report.

Once the sale is complete, transfer car title to the new owner and fill out a TX bill of sale as extra proof of the transaction.

Buying a Car

New Texas drivers have three options when purchasing a vehicle:

  • Purchase a used car from a private seller.
  • Purchase a new vehiclefrom a dealership.
  • Buy a car online.

In any case, all buyers should purchase a vehicle history report to verify the car's condition. Then they must meet the following TX DMV requirements, in this order:

  1. Transfer car title.
  2. Purchase state minimum car insurance.
  3. Register the vehicle.

How to Transfer Car Title

If you are asking, "How do I transfer car title?" the answer is in the following steps. Additionally, the process for transferring car title for RVs is similar to that of passenger vehicles.

Sellers must:    
  1. Remove license plates to transfer them to their next car.
  2. Provide the following information on the back of the car title:
  3. Signature
  4. Date of sale
  5. Sales price
  6. Odometer reading
  7. Provide buyer with the car's most recent registration receipt and instruct them to fill out Application for Texas Title (130-U) form with your name, signature, address, date and sales price.
  8. If applicable, put the first lien date on the Application for Texas Title, along with the lienholder's name and address.
  9. In terms of where to transfer car title in Texas, instruct the buyer to visit a local county tax assessor office.
Buyers need to:    
  1. Ensure that the seller provides them with the signed and dated title document, including the sale price and odometer reading.
  2. Complete an Application for Texas Title (130-U) form, including the seller's personal information:
  3. Name
  4. Signature
  5. Sale date
  6. Have the seller provide a car registration receipt and any other related paperwork (release of lien, power of attorney, etc.).
  7. Visit a local county tax office with proof of car insurance within 30 days of the sale to avoid paying fines and complete the following tasks:
  8. Obtain standard or personalized license plates, if seller removed them.
  9. Pay standard presumptive value cost (if purchase from a private seller) or the motor vehicle sales tax of 6.25 percent of the purchase price.
  10. Pay title transfer and car registration fees.
    • Fees and acceptable payment methods vary by county. Contact your county tax assessor office for more information

To transfer title between states, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in the new state of the buyer to find out about their procedures. Note: If your vehicle title is lost, you must request a car title replacement before you can complete the transfer of title in Texas. This requires filling out an Application for a Certified Copy of Title (VTR-34) form and either handing it in at a regional service center office or mailing in the request.

How to Gift a Vehicle

Follow these steps for transferring car titlein TX as a gift:

  1. Give the new owner the signed vehicle title.
  2. Have them complete an Application for Texas Title (130-U) form
  3. Check the box in section 21 that says "$10 gift tax"
  4. Complete and sign an Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Gift Transfer (14-317) form.
  5. Instruct new owner to visit a local county tax office and present the following when he or she goes to register the car in their name:
  6. Proof of car insurance
  7. The title application
  8. The affidavit

The $10 tax for gifting the vehicle only applies to those who receive from a:

  • Parent.
  • Spouse.
  • Stepparent.
  • Sibling.
  • Grandparent.
  • Grandchild.
  • Guardian.
  • Estate of descendant.
  • Nonprofit organization.

Vehicle Donation

To donate a vehicle, drivers must complete the following steps:

  • Find a charity that accepts auto donation.
    • Not all organizations accept this form of charity
  • Take off your vehicle's license plates.
  • Check the box for "gift" on the Certificate of Title to transfer title.
  • Provide the following information on the back of the title document:
    • Date of transfer
    • Your name
    • Odometer reading
    • Signature

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Helpful commentary . I

Helpful commentary . I Appreciate the points - Does someone know where my company would be able to get a blank TX Form VTR-346 copy to fill in ?

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title is in mine & my fathers

title is in mine & my fathers name . what do i need to do to remove my father from title ?

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I am currently in the final

I am currently in the final stages of divorce in TX. The divorce decree states that a car currently in my name only that is free and clear shall be given to my soon to be ex wife. I have the title. What is the procedure and what form or paperwork is required. We are currently living apart.

Submitted by mscondomlady on 13th Aug 2015

I bought a cash car in Jan

I bought a cash car in Jan 2015 from a dealer. He closed/sold the dealership to another individual before giving me the title. By the time the new owner took possession, it was over 90 days and the new owner will not/can not transfer the title to me. Who owns the car? and What can I do?

Submitted by Fsmith33 on 24th Jul 2015

My daughter was given an 81

My daughter was given an 81 truck by her mom. It needs to be repaired before I let her drive it. I want to get it in her name before I do so that her mom does not come back after I repair it and take it back since it is in her name. Tax assessor tells me in order to get title transferred it has to be registered which also requires inspection. It will not pass inspection at this time. The reason I need to fix it. Is there a way to transfer the title with out getting it registered?

Submitted by IeshiaRenee33 on 29th May 2015

i just bought a truck from a

i just bought a truck from a private owner and i didnt get the bill of sell. i have the titles but i dont think she signed them how do i go about getting them registered state requirement way?

Submitted by jd78eng on 18th Apr 2015

My car is registered in Texas

My car is registered in Texas but the title wasn't transferred from NY to Texas. I made an error filling out the NY title for sale in Texas. I cannot request a new NY title because the car is not registered in NY and I no longer have a NY license. Can I obtain a new title for the car but have it be a Texas Title? Would I go to the court house to apply?

Submitted by Haleyrt on 13th Mar 2015

I just bought a car and got

I just bought a car and got the title but the owner said he never transferred it to his name and the previous owner did not sign the title. Am I still able to transfer the title to me if its not signed?

Submitted by elenawcs on 25th Jul 2015

Question if I buy a car from

Question if I buy a car from someone in Texas with Arizona plates and try to transfer the title,would Texas DMV check if they have liens on there title? Would I be responsible for liens if they do have some even though I have the title because I payed for it?

Submitted by JessicaNicole on 3rd Mar 2015

What do you do if the new

What do you do if the new owner of my car has not transferred the title and is now racking up tons of charges on the tollways in Houston! The person is avoiding all contact with me now as well. Do I need to hire an attorney? The people at the tollways at talking about how I could be arrested when I am not the one driving the car... I do not even own the car anymore!

Submitted by Sweetpea1301 on 29th Apr 2015

You should have done this

You should have done this from the start, but most people don't know to do it. Do it ASAP- you can do it online! Hopefully you are within 30 days from sale. You should call the DMV to see what action you can take about the tolls.

From the TX DMV page:

"To protect yourself, file a Vehicle Transfer Notification. When a vehicle transfer notification is received, TxDMV updates the motor vehicle record to show the vehicle as sold. When you file the notification within 30 days from the date of sale, you cannot be held responsible for parking tickets and toll violations that have been committed by the person who purchased the vehicle.

If you submit a Vehicle Transfer Notification and are still receiving parking tickets and/or tolls, you may contact the department for a confirmation letter or submit a Form VTR-275, Request for Texas Motor Vehicle Information, that shows the month and year the vehicle was transferred."

Submitted by Tisiahiliza1918 on 28th Jan 2015

How do I add my name to my

How do I add my name to my spouse's car registration?

Submitted by mnic0841 on 22nd Jan 2015

My partner's father passed

My partner's father passed away suddenly in the spring. He left no will - the only copy in existence was destroyed at his request at the time of his divorce ten years ago, and he stubbornly refused to draft a new one with the assumption that he had plenty of time (he had ten years, so...) The four children have amicably agreed that my partner is allowed to keep the car in question, and we have the title, but there is no will stating that he can have it. What does he need to provide to transfer the title over to his name, since there is no will to display?

Submitted by harl3yqn on 16th Jan 2015

My fiance died last April and

My fiance died last April and I am still in possession of her car. I can't find the title among all of her stuff and she has no immediate family to hand off her belongings to... She has no "estate" per say, no outstanding debts and there was no will. Can I take ownership of the car without a title? It has been on my insurance since before her death. Where do I start?

Submitted by Curtis024 on 14th Jan 2015

So I bought a vehicle for

So I bought a vehicle for $300 from one of my brothers friends. The guy that gave him the vehicle passed away and now I don't know what to do because there is no title nor registration papers but I have the keys and the vehicle. What can I do to get the vehicle registered in my name.

Submitted by debw on 7th Jan 2015

How do I find out which of my

How do I find out which of my deceased grandparents the title of a vehicle is in?

Submitted by birdvest on 5th Nov 2014

My brother took my father's

My brother took my father's car when he became too old to drive. Now he claims that he got very little money for it and that money is his. Is there anyway to find out how much he sold it for?

Submitted by eisenmk on 23rd Sep 2014

my husband sold our car in

my husband sold our car in texas he only did a promissay note and did not give the guy the title legally who ownes the car and can i get it back he will not be able to title or tag the vehicle correct i want my car

Submitted by 1Voice on 29th Oct 2014

Texas requires you to provide

Texas requires you to provide a good title at the time of purchase by another individual. If you are allowing the person to make payments (owner financing it), then you have the right to list yourself on the title application as a lien holder, giving you the right to repossess it in case of default on payments, but you still have to give him/her a title. As a lien holder, you should receive the negotiable title and he/she should receive a non-negotiable title as proof he is purchasing the car. Once the payments have been satisfactorily made, you must surrender the negotiable title to the purchaser after signing the release of lien on the back of the title and dating the release of lien. To sell the car without providing a negotiable title is cause for the purchaser to sue you, and it is a criminal offense in Texas.

Submitted by awebster on 7th Feb 2014

How do I transfer title of

How do I transfer title of Mexican owned 18 wheeler trailers to Texas buyers?

Submitted by bubbalactic78 (not verified) on 12th Jun 2012

I decided not to buy my

I decided not to buy my parents car but I already filled out the Title and the title certificate. I was transfering with the Williamson County Tax Assessor- Collector but the car will probably be sold in around greater-houston. What will be my parents next step to prepare the title for another buyer.

Submitted by mike650 (not verified) on 21st Mar 2012

Can i keep my motorcycle

Can i keep my motorcycle personlized plate when sell my bike? thnx

Submitted by thenumberweendupwith (not verified) on 5th Oct 2011

hi everyone, I'm looking at

hi everyone,

I'm looking at several cars right now, however one I am interested in has a Mexican title, is it easy to get a new title, and is it more expensive to do so?


Submitted by reniew2 (not verified) on 24th Aug 2011

I'm trading my 5th wheel

I'm trading my 5th wheel trailer for another vech. straight across. Will both of us have to pay transfer fees? If so what fees?

Submitted by jose orellana (not verified) on 9th Aug 2011

I recently bought a car and

I recently bought a car and the seller told me he would send the car title to my home address. Its been more than 1 month and I have not received anything. what can I do to get another tittle?

Submitted by Elderdan09 on 10th Feb 2014

My question is similar, but

My question is similar, but concerns a UTV for use in both Texas and New mexico

Submitted by bindu1988 (not verified) on 6th Jul 2011

There is a car my bro in law

There is a car my bro in law name. And i wanna get it from him and put my name on th title. How can i get my name on the title?

Submitted by rogerd (not verified) on 4th Jul 2011

i am buying an a trailer

i am buying an a trailer from Illinois, that is here in pharr, texas, the owner is trucking co. I have xerox copy of the title, the original is being sent to me, what do I need to do to register it here in Texas. and transfer it to my name.

Submitted by gacks2000 (not verified) on 8th Jun 2011

my nephew brought a car for

my nephew brought a car for 1500.00 cash, he can not get a hold of the guy who sold it to him, is there anyway he can register it without the title

Submitted by jimbeaux on 14th Sep 2014

I bought a 1964 complete car

I bought a 1964 complete car with a Bill of Sale from a guy. He's assumed to be at an address given me in Selma, Alabama. I was told the car was from Alabama and

prior to the 1970's the State of Alabama didn't issue or require titles of ownership. How do I turn this ownership by Bill of Sale, thru the DMV, into a Texas title?

Submitted by Cindinot (not verified) on 16th Jun 2012

What to do if you can't get a

What to do if you can't get a hold of previous previous owner because the previous owner never got title transferex

Submitted by 1Voice on 29th Oct 2014

You have to go to the last

You have to go to the last recorded vehicle owner on the title. You can find that out if you don't have the title by taking the VIN or license plate number to your local tax assessor and they can run a TWIX Sheet with the information on it. You'll have to locate the one on the title. If the title was filled out with the name of the one you purchased it from, and you can fill out an affidavit of fact stating the title was wrongfully assigned and should be (then put your name in the blank on the affidavit). You can draw up the affidavit yourself, but you still need to locate the person who is shown on the title as the legal owner. That person will sign the affidavit, and you need the same person to sign a TX 130-U (Application for Texas Title), and make sure they had signed the title previously.

Submitted by Anonymous on 6th Mar 2011

I need to get a new texas

I need to get a new texas certificate of title for my old car, i have misplace my old title. Where do i go to get a new one. Ford Focus 2001.

Submitted by 1Voice on 29th Oct 2014

In Texas, you can apply for a

In Texas, you can apply for a lost title. You can do that in person at your DMV or you can submit an Application for a Certified Copy of Title (form VTR-34 which is available online) You can print the Form VTR-34, fill it out, and provide a scanned copy or photocopy of EITHER your drivers license (front and back) or a valid US Passport, and a check or money order for the applicable fee for the lost title. (See the current form for the fee amount ($2.00 for mail in application, $5.45 if you go to the DMV in person) The fees and the mailing address if you want to do it by mail is on the form VTR-34. You can receive the title back in 7-10 days, sometimes even quicker. I've gotten them in 3 days in the past.