If you are a Texas resident owning a motor vehicle, you must have a Texas DMV registration sticker that includes your car’s license plate number, partial vehicle identification number and county of registration. Your Texas car tag sticker will help guard you from possible theft or fraud. In Texas, you should receive registration tickets by mail from your local county tax office. If you’re in a situation with your car sticker not received, you should contact your local DMV office with your vehicle identification number and license plate number. The DMV should tell you why the DMV sticker not received situation occurred.

Texas vehicle owners should know that their DMV sticker replacement does not belong on their license plates. Your Texas car tag sticker should be placed on your front windshield right beside the vehicle inspection sticker. You should track the status of your registration replacement or registration sticker online in the event of your sticker not being received. Your registration sticker provides proof that you are operating a legal vehicle. To replace a sticker online, you will need your license plate number and the last four digits of your vehicles VIN to track the status. If you are interested in learning about the reasoning for registration sticker not received, where to obtain a new car registration sticker for a license plate sticker not received and consequences for not obtaining an updated registration prior to the expiration date, refer to the sections below.

Common Reasons for not Receiving a Registration Sticker in Texas

When ordering your Texas car plate sticker renewal, some common reasons for a missing registration car sticker can include a change of address, the sticker getting lost in the mail and many other situations.

If you live in Texas and operate a vehicle, you should make sure your car plate sticker renewal happens annually and your file is up to date with current changes. Renewing your registration sticker online or in person can be done up to 90 days prior to your sticker expiring. There is always the possibility that your sticker was not received because you did not renew it. Before you can renew for your DMV sticker replacement, your vehicle must pass an inspection.

You will have to pay for the inspection services, but not the fees for emissions and state inspections fees. After your inspection, you will receive a vehicle inspection report. It is important to keep up with the report that you were given because when it is time to replace your vehicle stickers in Texas, it will prove that you passed your inspection and emissions test.

Copies of your vehicle registration can be found online or through any Texas Registration Station. Not completing an inspection prior to renewing for a new car tag sticker is a major error that will result in you not obtaining your registration sticker.

Another reason you may not have received your stickers involves your name and address not being changed in the event that you moved or underwent a name change. Make sure that your motor vehicle records are always updated. You will be able to apply for the auto registration stickers once your address or name is updated. It is against the law to forego renewing your registration and can result in you having to pay a fine.

Can I legally drive in Texas without vehicle registration stickers?

In Texas, after your car tag sticker has expired, you are granted a five-day grace period. In this limited time, you are allowed to operate a vehicle with no repercussions. However, after those five days have passed, you may receive a citation. It is critical that you contact your local county’s DMV office if your license sticker was not received and the expiration date is approaching.

You will then receive a temporary copy of your updated registration. In the event that you get pulled over, you will need to show the police this paperwork to prove that you have renewed your registration sticker.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received in Texas

As stated above, after your five-day grace period has ended, there is a possibility of you having to pay a citation for not having updated the DMV registration sticker on your vehicle. It is important to note that renewing your TX registration is your responsibility, even if you never received a renewal notice through the mail.

Steps to Take if Your Texas DMV Sticker was Not Received

Whether you renewed online, by mail or in person, if you do not receive your Texas car tag sticker, you must contact your county office and provide them with your VIN and license plate number.

If you have renewed your DMV registration sticker, you can track the progress of your renewal online. To track your car tag sticker, you will need to provide the last four digits of your VIN and your license plate number.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in Texas

In Texas, you can only obtain your Texas sticker replacement in person. Replacing your registration in person requires that you visit your local county tax office and submit a completed Vehicle Registration Sticker Plates and Vehicle Registration Sticker form.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.