If you are a Utah resident operating a motor vehicle, renewing your Utah DMV registration sticker must be done either every six or 12 months, depending on when the vehicle was registered. You will receive a car plate sticker renewal notice a few weeks before your sticker’s expiration date, but only as a courtesy. The sticker renewal notice is simply to remind you that it is time to renew your registration. The Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can also send you a reminder to your email if that is what you prefer. If you want to replace sticker online in Utah and receive an email renewal notice, you should submit a request through the DMV’s Motor Vehicle Portal.

When it is time to renew your sticker, you have three options. You can renew your registration sticker online, by mail or in person at the local DMV office in your county. A sticker renewal does not require you to have the renewal notice to obtain your registration. You can receive your registration by presenting the information found on your inspection certificates. It is important to note that the majority of motor vehicles, both on and off the road, require registration to be considered legal in Utah. This means boats, aircrafts and motor vehicles must all be registered before you can operate them. If you are interested in learning more about what to do if your registration sticker is not received, the consequences of driving without a sticker and what steps you should take if your Utah DMV registration sticker was not received, refer to the sections below.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received

In Utah car plate sticker renewal notices are sent out to residents. It is very common for renewal notices to be lost in the mail. To avoid the case of a license sticker not being received, you should not wait on a renewal notice before renewing your registration.

Another common reason for a DMV registration sticker not being received in Utah could deal with your address changing since your last renewal. Your address must be updated on your vehicle’s registration if you have moved since your registration was last renewed. To update your address, you should visit the Motor Vehicle Portal online or simply call your local DMV. You can also visit the DMV to change your address.

Whichever method you choose to update your address, it should be done before renewing your registration. If your license plate sticker is not received, be sure to contact your local DMV for clarification. They should provide the reasoning behind you not getting your renewed registration.

Can I legally drive if my Utah registration sticker was not received?

If you have not received your updated Utah car tag sticker after your tag has expired, it is illegal to drive in the state. In the event that your tag has expired and you are in the process of receiving a new one, you can obtain a temporary permit. If your registration sticker was not received, the DMV can lend you a permit for your passenger vehicles, motorcycles, motor homes and off-highway vehicles.

The point of a temporary permit in this case is to give you more time to operate your vehicle while having your other documents prepared for your updated registration tag. The temporary permit for your DMV sticker replacement is useful if you get pulled over because it replaces your car tag sticker and serves as proof that you are in the process of receiving your updated tag.

If your Utah DMV sticker was not received, you can also obtain a temporary permit for other documents, such as proof of ownership or supporting documentation (if necessary) or vehicle safety inspection certificates.

There is no grace period in the state of Utah. Because of this, you should be sure to renew your registration on time or obtain a temporary permit if your expiration date is approaching.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received

If you have not received your sticker and your tag has expired, you may receive a citation and ticket if you are pulled over. Depending on how long your DMV registration sticker has been expired, you also run the risk of your car being impounded. Before your car can be released, you must pay the necessary fees and taxes.

Steps to Take If Your Utah DMV Sticker was Not Received

If you have not yet received your Utah DMV sticker replacement, you should contact the Utah DMV and ask the representatives what needs to be done to obtain your original renewal or if you need to apply for a replacement. However, as a general rule, be prepared to give your vehicle identification number (VIN), as well as your license plate number.

Furthermore, the standard fee for a duplicate standard registration credential in Utah is $4.

Where to get registration sticker replacement?

Replacements for plates, decals and registrations can all be obtained at your local DMV. Fees and taxes are to be paid on the same day and you must have a copy of your current registration, license plate number and VIN when replacing your sticker. Registration replacements can only be completed in person at the DMV.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.