A car registration renewal in Utah must be processed every six or 12 months depending on the length of your current registration. A renewal notice is sent from the UT DMV several weeks before the expiration date. However, residents must renew their registrations regardless of whether they receive a reminder.

Applicants may complete a DMV registration renewal online, by mail or in person at a local DMV office. Emissions testing may be required before a new registration can be issued. Similarly, a safety inspection may be required for select vehicles. DMV renewal fees vary and are based on the type of vehicle and registration being renewed.

Requirements for Car Registration Renewal in Utah

In some cases, a UT DMV car registration renewal can only be processed if a state-issued inspection has been completed. There are two types of inspections in Utah; an emissions test and a safety test. As of January 1, 2018, safety inspections are only required for renewals of the following vehicles. Exemptions may apply.

  • Salvage vehicles
  • ATV vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles

In addition, a vehicle registration renewal may require an updated emissions test. Only vehicles registered in Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah or Weber County are required to complete an emissions test. Depending on the age of your vehicle, you may be required to perform an emission test every year. See below for a breakdown of the testing requirements.

  • Vehicles under two model years old do not require testing.
  • Vehicles under six model years old require a car registration renewal test every two years.
  • Vehicles over six model years old must be tested every year.
  • Vehicles built before 1967 do not require an emissions certificate.

Inspections must be completed within two months of the vehicle registration renewal date to qualify. Diesel-powered vehicles adhere to separate rules. Restrictions may apply. Testing rules may be altered for residents living in Cache County.

What do you need to renew your car registration in Utah?

A vehicle registration renewal notice may be used to renew a registration but is not mandatory. Similarly, inspection certificates may be required to prove your vehicle has passed state-required tests.

Furthermore, residents must bring or submit the correct payment when renewing their registrations. Payment types vary for each method of renewal. If you renew car registrations online, you may use debit or credit cards. However, in-person renewals may be processed using additional methods.

Utah Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

Vehicle registration renewal notices are sent out as a courtesy from the state several weeks prior to the expiration date. Emailed reminders are also available for Utah residents. Applicants must enter their last name and information about their vehicle to request a reminder by email. Reminders may be stopped at any time.

Utah Car Registration Renewal Notice Lost or Not Received

While a DMV registration renewal notice may be used to complete an application, residents must submit a renewal within the correct timeframe regardless of whether they receive a reminder. A lost car registration renewal form does not require replacing. A renewal can be processed using only an emissions certificate and payment.

Utah Car Registration Renewal Options

Utah allows its residents to renew car registration documents online, by mail, in person and through the state’s On The Spot program. On The Spot programs are available at participating inspection centers.

Applicants can check their DMV registration renewal status by calling their local office or logging in to the state’s online portal.

How to Renew Car Registration Documents Online

A vehicle registration renewal online may only be completed by eligible applicants. The state’s online portal offers two options to eligible applicants; A full DMV registration renewal or a temporary permit. Full registration renewals are only available to applicants who;

  • Do not need to bring their vehicles in for an inspection or have already passed an inspection;
  • Have received a temporary permit and need to complete the registration process; or
  • Have completed a DMV registration renewal and need to return to the confirmation page.

In order to submit a DMV registration renewal online, applicants must enter their license plate number and pin number. These items can be found on your registration renewal notice. If you do not have a pin, you may enter your last name, zip code, license plate number and VIN. Follow the online prompts, pay the renewal fee and print the temporary registration. Your new decals will be mailed to you once the application has been accepted.

If you have an expired vehicle registration decal, you may still be eligible to renew online. A temporary 15-day permit may be used to operate a vehicle that requires repairs or is close to the expiration date. Applicants may use the online portal to obtain a permit if;

  • Their registration has been expired for less than six months;
  • Their registration will expire within seven days and they need to operate their vehicle while finalizing the registration renewal; or
  • They have already purchased a permit and need to return to the confirmation page.

Temporary car registration renewal permits are only valid for 15 days and cannot be renewed. Follow the online prompts to print a temporary permit and carry it with you in your vehicle. Once you have successfully completed the appropriate tests, you may finish the registration process. You may either complete a renewal online or at an On The Spot testing center.

How to Renew Car Registration Decals by Mail

Residents may submit a motor vehicle registration renewal by mail if they have been sent a renewal notice. Mail the notice, any applicable testing certificates and the renewal fee to the below address. Additional postage fees may apply.

Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Where to Renew Car Registration Decals in Person

Residents may submit a vehicle registration renewal in person at a local UT DMV office or at one of the state’s On The Spot stations. On The Spot stations conduct emissions tests and renew registrations at the same time. If this method is used, you will be given a new decal the same day.

If you are renewing your registration at a local DMV office, you must provide an approved test certificate, if applicable. Whether you are renewing car registrations at a DMV office or at an On The Spot center, you must pay the renewal fee in full.

Military & Out of State Vehicle Registration Renewal in Utah

If you need to renew car registration decals while outside of the state, you may be exempt from completing an emissions test. There are three options for out-of-state applicants.

In all cases, applicants must complete an Exemption of Utah Emission and Safety Requirements for Vehicles Not In Utah form and return it to the county DMV. You must choose one of the following options to renew a car registration when outside of Utah.

  • Option One – If your vehicle is registered in a county that does not require emissions testing, you must return a completed exemption form, as well as any applicable DMV registration renewal fees to your county health department.
  • Option Two – If your vehicle is registered in a county that requires testing and you are currently in a state that also requires testing, you must include an emissions certificate from that jurisdiction, as well as the completed exemption form and registration renewal fee to your county health department.
  • Option Three – If your vehicle is registered in a Utah county that requires testing, but you are currently based in a jurisdiction that is exempt, you need only send the completed exemption form and registration renewal fee to your county health department.

Utah Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

Utah’s car registration renewal cost is based on the type of vehicle and the length of the registration. A passenger vehicle weighing under 12,000 pounds costs $44 to renew for one year. A six-month registration for the same vehicle costs $33.50.

In addition to the standard renewal fee, testing fees and temporary permit fees may be applied. The following DMV registration renewal fees are applied to emissions test in the counties below:

  • Cache County: $20
  • Davis County: Varies.
  • Salt Lake County: $25 on average.
  • Utah County: $25 on average.
  • Weber County: $30

A temporary 15-day car registration renewal permit costs $6 when purchased online. Additional renewal fees may also be applied.

Last updated on Monday, April 4 2022.