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Missouri Car Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

How to Renew A Missouri Car Registration

The process of renewing car registrations in Missouri is handled by the Department of Revenue. To apply for a vehicle registration renewal in MO online, in person or by mail, you will need the following paperwork:

  • The renewal notice.
  • A document proving a passed vehicle emissions inspection.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Payment for the renewal fees.

To find out more about DMV vehicle registration renewals in Missouri, explore the sections below.

When to Renew Your Missouri Car Registration

Vehicle owners in Missouri can apply for an MO car registration renewal every two years for odd and even model year vehicles in an even or odd calendar year, respectively. In general, renewing car registrations is allowable up to six months prior the expiration date, but the credential must be renewed either before or during the expiration month, as late renewals may result in late fees. To remind drivers of their responsibility, the DOR will send out renewal notices, which will contain all the information needed for a DMV vehicle registration renewal, including the renewal deadline.

How to Renew Your Missouri Car Registration

The MO DOR offers three car registration renewal methods: online, by mail or in person. If you wish to renew car registrations in Missouri online, you must have a Personal Identification Number listed on your notice to be eligible. Otherwise, you will need to renew your car registration either by mail or in person. For each procedure, car owners will need to prepare the required documents and pay the renewal fees, which may vary depending on the application method.


If you would like to renew car registration online in Missouri, you must have a Personal Identification Number printed on your renewal notice. If you do, you can apply for an MO auto registration renewal using the DOR system or a third-party provider that will complete the task for you. You will need to enter the following information into the system:

  • The PIN number (as stated on your renewal notice).
  • Your license plate number (must begin with an alpha character).
  • Payment information for the renewal and convenience fees (e-check, credit or debit card).

Note: you can use the DMV vehicle registration renewal receipt as a temporary vehicle registration until you receive the original document in the mail.

In Person

For renewing car registrations in Missouri in person, vehicle owners must visit a Missouri license office and present a set of documents, along with payment for the renewal fees. To complete the MO car registration renewal procedure, applicants must submit:

  • The vehicle registration renewal notice or a completed Application for License (Form 184) if you did not receive a renewal notice.
  • A paid personal property tax receipt (for the past one year for one-year renewals and for the past two years for a two-year renewal) or a statement of non-assessment from your county.
  • Your vehicle insurance ID card (or another document as proof of financial responsibility).
  • Processing and issuance fees for the renewal..

By Mail

To renew a car registration in MO by mail, you will need to complete some fields in your renewal notice and send it to the address printed on it. Vehicle owners should enclose proof of liability insurance for the vehicle, a certificate proving a passed safety or emissions inspection, a statement of non-assessment or a paid personal property tax receipt (for the past one year for one-year renewals and for the past two years for a two-year renewal) and the required Missouri DMV vehicle registration renewal fees (by money order or check). Send the complete documentation to the main Department of Revenue office in Jefferson City.

Liability Insurance Requirements

Under Missouri laws, renewing vehicle registrations can only be completed if the vehicle owner can provide proof of proper liability insurance. The document can be either an insurance identification card or a document proving financial responsibility such as a liability policy, an insurance binder, a paid insurance receipt or a certificate of self-insurance. These documents can be originals, copies or in electronic form and must be presented along with an affidavit confirming that the car owner or insurance agent will maintain the financial responsibility throughout the duration of the vehicle registration.

Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees in MO

Missouri vehicle registration renewal fees are based on several factors such as the vehicle's taxable horsepower or weight, depending on the vehicle type. The total amount of fees to be paid for renewing car registrations in MO is calculated as follows:

  • The taxable horsepower for passenger vehicles.
  • The vehicle weight for trucks, commercial vehicles and other utility-type vehicles.
  • The body style for motorcycles.

Note that besides the regular vehicle registration fee, motorists may be subject to additional processing fees depending on the application method, as well as late fees ($5) for renewing expired car registrations past the expiration date. In order to renew car registrations in Missouri, all applicants must pay personal property taxes.

Missouri Vehicle Registration Renewal for Military Members

Members of the military who need to renew car registrations in Missouri can do so by sending the required documents and fees to the main Motor Vehicle Bureau office by mail. You will need to supply the following paperwork:

  • Your registration renewal notice (or a completed Application for License on which you will indicate that the vehicle has been outside of Missouri for over 60 days).
  • A personal property tax receipt or a statement of non-assessment from your country for MO residents.
  • A current Leave and Earnings Statement if your home of record is not Missouri.
  • A valid insurance identification card or other proof of financial responsibility.
  • Payment for the renewal fees, including late fees (if applicable).

Note: A vehicle must undergo a safety or emissions inspection within 10 days of the military applicant's return to Missouri. Any applicable late fees may be waived if the vehicle owner provides proof of military service (including the discharge date), but the vehicle cannot be operated with an expired car registration until the car registration renewal has been completed.