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New Hampshire Car Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

How to Renew a New Hampshire Car Registration

Drivers looking to renew car registration in New Hampshire may currently only do so in person at the town clerk's office. To renew at a local county tag offices, drivers will be required to take the necessary steps for renewing car registrations including filling out the correct application, presenting the requested documents and paying the registration fee. Drivers attempting to complete a NH vehicle registration renewal process, will be required to present the following documents:

  • A lease agreement (if vehicle is leased).
  • Vehicle title.
  • Lienholder information.
  • Proof of residence (such as bank statements, lease agreement or driver's license).

Note: These documents are required in order to complete the auto registration renewal at the town clerk's office.

To learn how to renew car registrations in New Hampshire, read the below sections.

When to Renew Your New Hampshire Car Registration

Drivers must begin renewing auto registrations in New Hampshire prior to the expiration of their current registration in order to avoid any traffic fines or late fees. Those looking to complete their DMV vehicle registration renewal in NH early may do so up to 4 months prior to the current vehicle registration's expiration date. Drivers that renew their registration late will be required to pay a late fee. The NH DMV does not give any grace period for expired registrations.

As vehicle owners' date of DMV registration renewal approaches, the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles will send a courtesy notice by mail to all registrants. Drivers must have this notice or a current motor vehicle registration in order to complete a renewal. Contact your county's tax commissioner's office in case you do not receive the renewal notice.

Note: Drivers that do not receive the renewal notice, for whatever reason, are still required by law to renew their registration in a timely fashion.

How to Renew Your New Hampshire Car Registration

Renewing car registrations in New Hampshire can currently only be completed in person at a local DMV tag office. Drivers may only complete the car registration process, within the county they reside. The driver may be required to handle any outstanding issues such as traffic fines or emission tests prior to registering their vehicle.


Currently, the option to renew vehicle registrations in New Hampshire via the internet is unavailable. Drivers must complete their auto registration renewal, in person at a local NH DMV.

By Mail

Unless serving as an active member of the US Military, residents are unable to renew DMV registrations in New Hampshire by mail. For more information on how to renew your registration as an active member of the US military please read on to "Military Renewals".

In Person

Drivers renewing vehicle registrations in New Hampshire must do so in person at their local tax commissioner's office. Residents are only able to renew car registrations in NH within the county where they reside. To renew a vehicle registration in NH, drivers must take the following documents to their local NH DMV Office:

  • Current vehicle registration.
  • Registration renewal notice.
  • Payment for renewal fee.

Note: Payment for the NH car registration renewal fee will vary depending on the weight of the vehicle.

Liability Insurance Requirements

In order to complete the New Hampshire DMV registration renewal process, vehicle owners must be able to present valid proof of a liability insurance policy on their vehicle. This insurance is required for both registration and legal purposes. Drivers that are pulled over and are unable to present any proof of insurance may receive a traffic fine or citation. In order to renew expired car registrations in NH, all citations and fines must be resolved.

Note: As proof of NH car coverage, the MVD accepts: paperwork issued by your insurance company, a car rental agreement, a fleet insurance policy card, a bill of sale with an insurance binder page or a valid self-insured insurance card.

Vehicle Registration Fees in NH

Part of the renewing DMV registrations in New Hampshire process requires drivers to pay a vehicle registration fee. The cost of this fee is dependent upon the weight of vehicle being registered. The standard DMV registration fee for a regular passenger vehicle (with a weight between 0 to 3,000 pounds) is currently set at $31.20. Vehicles weighing 3,001 to 5,000 pounds are required to pay a fee of $43.20. Drivers completing a NH car registration renewal for a vehicle weighing between 5,001 to 8,000 pounds will have to pay a registration fee of $55.20. Finally, vehicle's weight between 8,001 to 73,280 pounds must pay $96 per 100 lbs. If you are renewing an expired car registration in NH, you will also be required to pay a late fee.

Note: Drivers may be required to pay additional fees such as city fees, license plate fees and duplicate registration fee with ranges from $3- $15.

NH Vehicle Registration Renewal for Military Members

Military members stationed out-of-state are not required to complete a New Hampshire auto registration renewal as long as they are on active duty. However, if a military member does choose to renew car registrations in NH prior to their return, they may do so by mail or fax up to 4 months prior to their vehicle's registration expiration. To do so, military members must send in their current vehicle registration or registration renewal notice, along with the payment for their renewal fee to their local NH city clerk office.

New Residents

New residents of New Hampshire have 60 days to register their vehicle and receive a New Hampshire driver's license, New residents completing New Hampshire auto registration renewal must do so in person and are required to submit all out-of-state title and registration information, along with proof of residency (such as a bank statement or lease agreement), lienholder's name and address and payment for all applicable fees. The process of registration may vary depending on whether the driver purchased their vehicle from a car dealership or through a private party.

The town clerk shall oversee the preparation of all the paperwork once the required documentation has been submitted.

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