While you are required to schedule your DMV driving test appointment in New Hampshire, appointments are only available under certain limited circumstances since the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not implement a uniform appointment system. For instance, you cannot make a drivers license appointment to take your written exam and eye screening without an appointment.

You cannot make a DMV online appointment in NH since the division does not offer this online service. Therefore, you will be required to do so via more conventional methods if you are allowed to schedule your office visit. Even if you cannot complete certain procedures by appointment, you may still be able to finalize them via the division’s online services section. Continue reading the sections below to learn more about the situations that require you to schedule a DMV visit.

Driving Test Appointments in New Hampshire

While the division does not implement a DMV appointment system in New Hampshire for its written test and vision screening, you will still be required to make an appointment for your road skills exam. The division will schedule your DMV road test appointment on the same day you pass the written driving exam. You will then be required to revisit the state DMV and take the road skills test at a later date.

The division may not even require you to schedule a driving license appointment for your road test if an exam slot is available when you are taking the written test. In such cases, you will be allowed to take the road skills test immediately after passing the knowledge test. If you fail to schedule your driving skills examination when taking the written test, then you can call your DMV office at a later date and make a phone-in appointment.

You will be allowed to take the road test during your NH DMV behind the wheel test appointment only if you arrive at the testing location with a fully operational and registered vehicle. Your vehicle must have been recently inspected as well. Your examiner will test your ability to effectively complete several types of maneuvers. If you fail to pass the written or the road test exams, then you can request a retest appointment to take place at least 10 days after the current date.

Other Services Covered by the New Hampshire DMV Appointment System

Since the division does not implement a widespread DMV appointment system in New Hampshire, you may not be able to schedule an office visit for a large number of driver licensing and motor vehicle-related services. For instance, in addition to scheduling a DMV appointment for a road test, you may only be allowed to make an appointment if you an elderly or disabled applicant. However, this option is left at the discretion of individual DMV offices. You can simply walk into any DMV office to finalize any standard motor vehicle-related procedure or when applying for a new drivers license credential.

Another type of service for which you need to make an appointment at a DMV in NH is submitting your motor vehicle to a salvage inspection. You can schedule an inspection appointment for purposes of receiving a salvage title with the DMV Title Bureau. To learn whether other situations require and allow for the option to make an appointment, contact a nearby DMV location.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in New Hampshire

Scheduling a DMV appointment in New Hampshire is a procedure that must be completed via conventional methods since the division does not implement an online appointment scheduling system. For instance, you can schedule your road test when you are taking the written exam through a DMV office. You can also call the DMV appointment number at one of the DMV office locations in NH.

To schedule an NH DMV appointment for a salvage inspection, on the other hand, you will be required to call the DMV Title Bureau and pay the applicable scheduling fee with a valid payment card. When making an appointment with the division, you will be required to provide a convenient time, date and place for your visit, and you will have to honor that agreement.

What to Bring to Your New Hampshire DMV Appointment

Once you check DMV appointment availability and schedule a time, you will have to start preparing for your visit. The required documents and cost payments will vary depending on the reason for making the appointment. For example, during your DMV driving test appointment, you will be required to furnish:

  • Your learner’s permit if you were issued one.
  • The driving license of the motorists who brings you to the testing location.
  • A valid car registration.
  • A vehicle inspection sticker if required.
  • An official identification document if required.

Note: To get more details about what to bring to your DMV appointment in NH, contact the division prior to making your office visit.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in New Hampshire

If you would like to know how to reschedule or cancel an appointment with the DMV in New Hampshire, then that you can inform the division of your change of plans by phone. You can also reschedule or cancel your driver license appointment in person through a nearby DMV site. When you make an appointment, DMV offices will expect you to honor the agreement. If you are late for your appointment, then you will forfeit your slot. Therefore, inform the division of any change of plans as soon as possible.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.